100% Financing Offer

Are you considering undergoing a transformational treatment? But the main hurdle that seems to be interfering with your final decision-making and taking a step forward is the cost factor. The reason why cosmetic procedures are high cost is because they come with high-quality equipment. Due to maintenance and safeguarding your well-being, our top priority is to keep the machinery updated for the next use. We understand your needs and requirements. And this is why we have some splendid offers and pocket-friendly options according to your budget.

What Is Our Financing Plan?

We are offering high-value loans to our high-value patients. There is no need to stress out about money anymore. You will be amazed by the fact, you can undergo any cosmetic surgery at our clinic, that too without having a single penny in your bank account. This is how our policy works – your health over wealth! You can sign up for a loan with smart payment methods. All you got to do is; swipe your credit card into our system. You will get a notification about your registration for the required treatment. Or you could also pay back in easy installments. There are absolutely no pre-payment procedures or penalties to worry about. It is as easy and simple as that!

How To Sign Up?

You are required to be a credit card holder from the Emirates National Bank of Dubai. This is our privileged bank and one of Dubai’s largest banking groups in the UAE. The registration procedure is processed by consulting the bank’s consent regarding the loan plan. Eventually, after undergoing the required treatment, you are paying in easy installments on a monthly basis of 3 – 6 – 9 and even 12-month’s period. All this with 0% interest and without any hidden or additional taxes deducted and imposed on your credit card. Furthermore, even in the rarest case of a minor policy change in our terms and conditions, you will be immediately notified and informed about the new bank policies and plans.

Emirates NBD:

  • Any transaction of AED 10,000 or above will eligibly require a 0% EXP.
  • The tenure for 0% EXP bookings is for 6 months only. On top of that, you can also consider the financing plan if the bill for surgical costs is higher than the total amount of AED 10,000.

Book A Free Consultation:

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