Composite Veneers in Dubai

When a person meets anybody the first impression is smiling and this smiling gesture exposes the teeth. So everyone desires to obtain teeth that can attract people towards them because everyone currently wants to be the center of attraction. Although there are other treatments but these particular Composite Veneers in Dubai is a versatile procedure as they will treat issues either are broken crooked teeth, stained yellow teeth, or teeth that are not properly sized. So to treat all the problems at once people go for this procedure.

How to Define Composite Veneers?

Composite Veneers in Dubai are made particularly from resins that match the natural tooth color. These shells are actually of your teeth’ shape and size. They set on the damaged original teeth like a natural real tooth. 

We can define them as shells that cover the faults in teeth. Certain types of teeth bonding cause these veneers to get connected to the real one. These fronts are different from the porcelain coverings as their material is completely distinct.

Kinds of Composite Veneers?

Two types of shells can be obtained to treat your damaged and chipped teeth. The sort of externals that can be achieved by a patient are mentioned below:

  • Direct Composite Veneers:

As clear from their name these do not require any extra preparation time and will be applied to the teeth directly. These appear as plastic covers and are made up of loaded resins. Prepared during the procedure they get deposited on the teeth. You don’t need to wait for appointments as this will be applied in one consultation only.

  • Indirect Veneers:

They are specially formed in the laboratory according to the measures of the patient. Also, the quality can be improved if the individual wishes for that by making it harder to use more plastic. To acquire the indirect shells the patient will have to visit the clinic more than once as in the first consultation the doctor will take the size of the shells and then the application will be done on the next visit. Porcelain veneers are similar to composite coverings. 

  • Pre-fabricated Veneers:

To produce these shells, modern laser technology is utilized and the veneers are produced according to the color and size of the patient’s teeth. The laser technology used in the making of these masks causes them to keep their attractiveness and glimpse for a long time. These are also formed and applied on the same day in one consultation.


The outcomes of these surfaces are similar to the results that a patient thinks to gain. You will fetch attractive and glossy teeth. Your teeth will be of the same size and fascinating color. The results of composite veneers after 5 years will remain the same, mainly depending on the skills of the doctor who carries out the procedure. Although, generally the results last for ten to twelve years.


  • The patient will obtain teeth that will be white and free from stains
  • The procedure is a swift one as you will go with damaged crooked teeth in the clinic and will come out with a clean and mesmerizing smile
  • The treatment is inexpensive is affordable for everyone
  • Your confidence level will get a boost up
  • Natural and pretty smile
  • Perfect alignment and no plaque or tartar deposits

Ideal Candidate:

People who have the following defects in their teeth can opt for the Composite Veneers in Dubai & Abu Dhabi:

  • Dark white stains on teeth 
  • Want to achieve an aesthetic look
  • Broken and chipped teeth
  • Yellow teeth
  • Teeth which are of different sizes
  • Have gaps between the teeth 
  • Want to enhance your smile 
  • Option for healthy gums


Prior to starting the process, the dentist will check the patient’s teeth to know them completely. Then the size and dimensions of those particular coverings will be taken to sent to the laboratory for preparation. 

Patients will need to quit smoking and alcohol consumption to obtain treatment. An individual should brush his/her teeth properly before going for the procedure. If required then X-rays will be done. Otherwise, it is not required to do. 

The composite veneers will be checked after their production to avoid any sort of inconvenience during the procedure.

Composite Veneers Procedure:

To apply the direct coverings the doctor will apply layers of composite veneers and will apply a laser to them. The veneers will be attached to the enamel after only one visit. The dentist will clean the teeth and then polish the teeth for the final look.

The insertion of indirect masks is a little different from direct ones. The doctors will properly take measures to send them to the laboratory after that they will come back to the clinic and the doctor will apply them to the patient’s enamel. The main difference is in the preparation of both shells but the application method and trick are the same.

What to do After the Treatment?

The fronts when placed in the mouth need to be cared for. The care and the using style will affect the lifetime. A candidate should brush his/her teeth twice after being treated. Do not harshly brush as it can have a bad impact on the color of the veneers 

Avoid lip or tooth biting. Go for professional cleaning as it will help them stay healthy and clean. You can also use mouthguards to protect them from clenching or any kind of grinding. Do flossing on a regular basis. Reduce caffeine, nicotine, and tobacco from your life. 

Risks of the Procedure:

The risk is a companion to the benefit. But the main factor is their intensity but in this remedy, there are no severe risks. The treatment is completely safe. However, the patient may feel sensitivity at the start of therapy. 


The price of the process ranges from AED 900 TO AD 5000.  The price depends on the demands of the doctor, the location of the clinic, and the condition of the doctor. 

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