Dental Crown and Bridges

When your teeth get broken because of any injury or other issue then the Dental Crown and Bridges in Abu Dhabi help you restore the original appearance by using fake tools and devices. Bridges restore the damaged teeth and then the crowns are applied on them to protect them from further damage and infectious effects. Crowns usually give impact on a single damaged tooth while bridges are the solution to missing teeth. You can get to know about the procedure in detail by reading the webpage given below!

Know More About the Therapy:

Dental Crowns:

A dental crown is a covering that is applied on teeth & covers teeth that are broken and damaged. One tooth can be treated by this procedure. Ceramic crowns are the most popular crowns in Abu Dhabi. These crowns give an appearance similar to natural teeth. They remain there for a long time. 

Dental Bridges:

A treatment that is used to restore several missing teeth by filling the gaps to give a full natural smile. It is the most popular method of restoring teeth as it’s an inexpensive treatment that gives permanent results. Frontal teeth can be treated by this method.

Results of the Treatment:

Dental crowns and bridges provide improved aesthetics, get back functionally, and durability. These customized therapies enhance confidence, get rid of dental problems, and give a natural appearance and feel. With good-quality materials and personalized care, these methods provide permanent outcomes, making sure a good and attractive smile for candidates getting dental restorations.


The benefits of the Dental Crown and Bridges in Dubai  are multifarious which are mentioned below:

  • The crowns are comfortable to wear and resemble the natural teeth
  • They both restore the natural appearance
  • These last longer than other treatments
  • Teeth will preserve for a long
  • The treatment is a painless one
  • The recovery time is negligible
  • Procedure time is short
  • Fractured teeth get restored
  • Solves the discoloration issues

Who is the Ideal Candidate for the Procedure?

The ideal candidate for the procedure has the following:

  • When one or more teeth are missing 
  • Have gaps among normal teeth 
  • Individuals who have healthy and strong teeth around the missing teeth 
  • If you have no medical history
  • Have a realistic approach to the treatment
  • People who have biting issues

Types of Crowns and Bridges:

The types of crowns and bridges available at the Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic are mentioned below. You can get an idea by reading them below;


Ceramic: The type of crown is highly aesthetic and perfect for people who are receiving the treatment to get an aesthetic look. They are the most popular choice among people.

Porcelain: The porcelain crowns give a teeth color close to the natural one. They are more durable than others.

Metal: Gold, palladium, and nickel crowns are the perfect choices as they do not break down and chip down. 


Traditional fixed bridge: These are the most common bridges made up of porcelain and other metals. It consists of two crowns and a bridge between them. These are placed in such a way that the missing tooth gets recovered.

Cantilever bridge: This bridge is attached to only one tooth present at the side. People having one supporting tooth around the missing teeth can avail of the procedure

Implant-supported bridge: The bridge is connected by the teeth with the help of implants instead of cement.


To get the treatment the doctor will first do proper checkups. In the first consultation, the doctor examines the teeth’ condition and takes proper impressions of the teeth, and will give temporary bridges until the original bridges are formed in the laboratory. Then the temporary bridges are removed on the day of treatment to apply the original one.

What is the Procedure for Dental Crowns and Bridges?

On the day of the Dental Crown and Bridges in Dubai, the Esthetic bridge prepared in the laboratory will be applied to the teeth. The doctor will first clean your teeth and then fix these specially-made bridges with crowns on the teeth with the help of cement. After the application, the doctor polishes the crowns. 

In case you are feeling any irritation and the bridges are not properly fit in you can visit back to the doctor. The doctor will again send these bridges for formation. But this usually does not happen. 

Pre-Procedure Steps:

Following are the steps that should be followed before going for the therapy:

  • Firstly, book your appointment with a good doctor.
  • X-rays and imaging assist in detailed planning, permitting the physician to know the structure of the teeth and plan the crown or bridge placement.
  • Depending on the check-up and imaging, a personalized therapy plan is devised to check the certain requirements of the individual.
  • Exact impressions of the teeth are taken to produce customized crowns and bridges that exactly fit the patient’s oral anatomy.
  • For good results, the color of the dental crown is matched to the real shade of the teeth of the candidate.
  • Temporary crowns or bridges may be put in to protect the prepared teeth from any damage while the permanent restoration is being crafted.
  • In the end, candidates are given with instructions on post-procedure and what to expect during the healing time.

After Care:

When the treatment is done the patient needs to do the following aftercare:

  • Brush your teeth properly twice a day 
  • Eliminate all the food residues after eating
  • Do visit the doctor if you are feeling any sort of problem

Dental Crown and Bridges Cost:

The cost of Dental crowns and Bridges in Abu Dhabi ranges from 400 AED  to 4000 AED.. There are a lot of factors that decide the cost of the treatment. These are the standard of the clinic, the reputation of the clinic, and the demand of the doctor. Any additional factor will add up to the final price. 

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