Dental Veneers in Dubai

Life is worth living so why not fully smile with confidence? If you feel you are hesitating to laugh your heart out just because you do not feel satisfied with your teeth? If this is the reason that is stopping you from expressing your level of happiness we are happy to give you good news about a solution to this issue. Dental Veneers in Dubai is what you are in need of. Visit us at your earliest and we assure you that our team of highly qualified dentists will look after all your concerns. As we care for you that is why we want you to leave our clinic with a big smile and satisfaction. So take a step to wear your best smile.

Most Prominent Outcomes of Dental Veneers:

With this procedure, you can get completely stainless teeth. If you are facing any issues like discoloration, gaps, chips, or cracks, or even if you have lost a part of your tooth in an accident, this course of action can easily deal with all such problems. Dental veneers can work magic to transform your denticles. By adding symmetry and alignment to your teeth, this treatment will definitely improve your smile. 

What Makes You A Suitable Choice For Dental Veneers?

  • Your overall physical health should be good enough to undergo this treatment.
  • For a successful procedure, one must have good oral health as well as hygiene.
  • A person suffering from cosmetic issues regarding denticles can be considered a good choice for the therapy.
  • This course of action requires significant enamel of the teeth of the candidate, which means the number of damaged teeth should not be too many.
  • If you are habitual of clinching your teeth the dentist may not consider you suitable for the action.
  • You can either be a smoker or an eligible candidate for this therapy.
  • Dental treatment often requires huge investments, you must be aware of this fact and should be financially stable for the performance of this action.

Steps To Get Ready For Dental Veneers:

  • You must gather all the required information about this procedure, and the best dentist near you.
  • Visit the practitioner and let them examine your overall oral condition.
  • Before the procedure, you must properly clean your teeth, tongue, and gums.
  • If you are planning for this procedure, so make sure that you don’t undergo any teeth whitening therapies.
  • Make sure not to eat any hard or sticky food items at least 24 hours before the performance.

Step By Step Procedure of Dental Veneers:

  • The very first step of the procedure is to prepare your teeth for dental veneers.
  • The expert will clean your oral cavity and will remove a small amount of enamel.
  • In the next step, the dentist will take your teeth’s impression.
  • They will then make veneers that can be best suitable for your smile. 
  • Till your customized veneers are not prepared, for a few days the practitioner will install temporary ones so as not to let your smile suffer.
  • After when your customized veneers get ready, the doctor then replaces them with the previous ones with the help of a special teeth glue.
  • Moving forward they will adjust the newly installed material to provide you with more aligned and natural-looking teeth as well as to enhance the beauty of your smile.
  • Then the expert will make the bond between the new installation and your own natural teeth strong, reliable, and durable, by using a special light for bonding purposes.
  • After carrying out the whole action, the practitioner allows you to go back home after making sure that the newly installed materials are adjusted properly and the natural overall appearance of teeth.

After-Care Instructions of Dental Veneers:

  • Maintaining oral hygiene is very important after this new installation so brushing and flossing should be made mandatory twice a day.
  • For cleaning, make sure to use the softest available toothbrush and medicated toothpaste to protect the veneers.
  • Until your dentist doesn’t allow you, eating hard or sticky food items should be avoided.
  • Make sure to consider smoking, alcohol consumption, and drinking fizzy drinks and coffee/tea completely prohibited.
  • You must attend all the follow-up sessions for cleanings and maintaining oral health after explaining your current condition.

Most Observed Benefits:

  • These installations can improve the overall look of your teeth by helping you get rid of any of the cosmetic concerns you may have related to denticles.
  • They serve you with a completely natural look.
  • Being resistant to any type of stain makes them the most preferred option for the candidates.
  • The outcomes of these installations are long-lasting, only if taken care of properly.
  • In total, just 3-4 sittings are needed to serve you with your desired goal.
  • The veneers are completely customizable and are prepared to match the alignment of your natural teeth.
  • Through the experience of past candidates, it has been concluded that these are very comfortable and require just 3-4 days for adjustment.
  • Not only smile, but they can enhance your self-confidence as well.

What Risks Do They Carry?

  • Once installed, they cannot be revised.
  • In some cases, the individual might face the issue of sensitivity after this treatment.
  • Patients suffering from tooth decay or any of the gum diseases are not considered eligible for this course of action.
  • They need proper care and maintenance or else they stop protecting the underneath teeth.

Cost of Dental Veneers:

The overall cost of this procedure in Dubai is estimated at AED 800 per tooth. You are required to opt for a consultation to get the final verdict on the billing charges and the required number of cover shells for your teeth.

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