Zirconia crown

Zirconia crown in Dubai is one of the most well-known and influential cosmetic procedures which is utilized in the field of dentistry for a few years in order to get back your beautiful and perfectly shaped teeth which have been destroyed because of certain causes. In order to get back your pretty and functional teeth, our Clinic is offering you several different and unique kinds of techniques. These zirconium crowns are composed of different types of substances. One of the most effective and popular ones is these crowns.

How to Get Know About Zirconium Crowns?

These crowns are orthopaedic substances which are composed of an effective substance known as zirconia. This substance has taken from a certain mineral, which is pure white in colour and it lasts for a certain good time. However, for the process of prosthetics, the real substance is not consumed. This has always addictive substances. These zirconium crowns require great power, hypoallergenic, and biologically compatible properties, because of naturalistic and real characteristics of base substances.

What are the Outcomes of the Technique?

After you have undergone the process, you will get a quite real look at your teeth because of light transmittance. These crowns look quite beautiful and will protect you from the production or presence of the plaque on your teeth because of some soft and glittery surfaces.

What are the advantages of the Process?

This process has gained a huge popularity in this modern era because of its wonderful benefits and effects. Some of the most common benefits of this technique are as follows:

  • These crowns are much lighter in weight because of their good quality.
  • They are incredible aesthetics and give you a single restoration with these crowns in the previous region.
  • It allows only a little damage to your teeth as the application of these teeth do not need removal of any certain enamel layer from the abutment.
  • The use of these crowns removes exposure of root, gingival retraction, and oral soft cell accumulation.
  • These application of these crowns reaminbs for at least fifteen and twenty years.

Who is the Most Suitable Candidate for the Client?

If you want to get this process of Zirconia Crown in Dubai, then you should expose some certain signs that an ideal candidate should show in order to prove yourself a perfect patient for this process. Some of the common symptoms are as follows:

  • If you are not suffering from any problem of bruxism or bite problems.\
  • If you want to get rid of de-palpation.
  • The one who is going through a disorder of the heart.
  • If your teeth have been broken as a result of some problem.

What are the Stages of Application of these Braces?

The application of these crowns has been done in the following different ways:


The application of these crowns will start with a general check-up by an expert physician. The doctor will first examine you if you are going through any certain problem or infection and then determine if you are suitable for this process or not. These crowns have been made from exact price zirconia Crowns in Dubai.

What Preparation is Needed for this Process?

The application of this method includes the treatment of caries and several other dental problems which are recognised during the appointment with the physician and oral hygiene.

Your tooth will be ready for these zirconium crowns. This method can also be unusual for some certain patients, so in general, most often the physicians perform the process under the action of general anestheisa.

Tooth enamel will be cleaned in accordance with your required volume. The physician will then take a cast from the initially prepared tooth, which will be then sent to the clinic, where the prosthesis will be prepared in accordance with the requirements.

The teeth which were turned before will then show to the outer factors and bacteria so that the random plastic crowns are then put on your teeth. 

Application of The Crowns:

After you have undergone the process, the candidate will then go to the clinic in order to try on the crown. By relying on the expected outcomes, the crowns will be set if there is a need. However, the last final stage of the zirconia crowns is the use of these crowns on your broken or enlarged teeth which will remain for a long time. The crowns will then be permanently applied to your broken and destroyed teeth by making use of a certain cohesive combo. In general, the procedure of composing a zirconium crown normally uses about one hour. One of the most prolonged phases of the process is prosthetics, which normally takes about one to two weeks.

What Steps are Necessary for this Process?

Once you have undergone the process of Zirconia Crown in Dubai, there are some certain steps which you must have to obey if you want to achieve the results of your desire. Some of these are given below:

  • In order to perform preventive check-ups and examinations of the condition of your teeth. 
  • Try o consume that toothpaste which does not cause swelling at least two times a day after some days of the process.
  • Try not to consume any hard food products such as bones, nuts, meat, and seeds. 
  • It is quite important to wash your mouth by using water or a certain solution in order to get rid of the production of harmful bacteria.

Which is the best Option either Ceramic or Zirconium?

The use of these zirconium crowns has been increased to a greater extent. Due to these useful and amazing crowns, the cosmetic field has become so much more popular. There are some properties of these crowns such as:

  • Time Duration:

Zirconium crowns are very effective and safe as compared to the ceramic crowns and are quite stable. They are generally heavyweight so that theory is very perfect for getting back your teeth in a perfect way. 

  • Lightweight and Thin:

When they are getting applied to your teeth, it is not important to crush down the enamel on the abutment teeth.

  • Attractive Look:

Zirconium crowns are much indinguistable from the original teeth, they do have a tone and are transparent as near as possible to the original teeth enamel.

What Are the Charges of the Technique?

The cost of Zirconia Crown in Dubai ranges from AED 2,500 to AEd 3,500. The charges highly depend on the level of the clinic you have chosen and also the physician. Also, the cost of these crowns includes random plastic crowns that will expose your treated teeth unless the permanent teeth are composed.

Why Choose Us?

If you want to get this process of Zirconia Crown in Dubai, then come to our Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic and enjoy the best services of our clinic by our most experienced and qualified physician. However, you will feel no pain or discomfort during or after the process.