Adipose Lipolysis Injections in Dubai

Adipose Lipolysis is a modern and non-surgical method that works on stubborn fat cells. Adipose Lipolysis Injection assists you in achieving a sculpted figure and minimizes the excess bulges of the fat around your body. This advanced technique is used to destroy the excess fat cells. You can get your desired body shape without the need to undergo a surgical method. Experience a safe and healthy method to regain your confidence and enhance your overall being. Transform your body today with Adipose Lipolysis Injections in Dubai!

What are Adipose Lipolysis Injections?

The Adipose Lipolysis Injections in Dubai & Abu Dhabi contain ingredients such as phosphatidylcholine and deoxycholate that work as a team and destroy fat cells. This technique is performed by proficient and skilled surgeons who are adept at granting results that exceed the client’s expectations. The solution of the injection works disrupts those fat cell membranes causing them to release their content. The released fat is slowly and gradually discharged from the body through pipes. The technique finishes up in a few sessions and each session is a few weeks apart. 

Aim of Adipose Lipolysis Injections:

The procedure carries the purpose of granting a non-surgical treatment to remove excessive fat around your body. Without any surgical plans, you can achieve a sculpted and contoured body with this method. We offer safe and effective treatments to boost our client’s confidence and general health. Adipose Lipolysis Injections offer the revival of the body shape with minimal downtime and virtual outcomes. If you are concerned about your fat that won’t drip away with strenuous exercises, it’s about time that you book an appointment with us and attain the body shape you’ve been dreaming about.

Results After the Treatment:

  • Targeted fat reduction in precise areas.
  • Enhanced body contour and shape.
  • Reduction of stubborn fat deposits.
  • Improved overall body proportion.
  • Dissolved fat without strenuous exercises.
  • Potential boost in self-confidence.

Adipose Lipolysis Injections Cost in Dubai Adipose Lipolysis Injections Dubai Adipose Lipolysis Injections

Pre Procedure:

  1. Consult a healthcare provider and discuss your goals and expected outcomes of the course.
  2. Disclose your medical history including any health existing conditions such as allergies etc.
  3. Keep yourself hydrated from the days leading up to the treatment day.
  4. Avoid smoking and the consumption of alcohol to prevent vessel blockage.
  5. Arrange transportation for the day of the treatment. 
  6. Wear comfortable and loose clothes that allow access to the targeted area.
  7. Discuss any sort of concerns with your healthcare provider.

The Procedure of Adipose Lipolysis Injection:

  1. On the day of the plan, the surgeons will mark the precise place from where the patient wants a reduction of the fat cells.
  2. The targeted area is cleaned and sanitized. 
  3. Local numbing anesthesia is applied to the area where the injections to minimize any sort of discomfort. 
  4. Into the target fat disposal, a series of small injections are inserted carrying the phosphatidylcholine and deoxycholate solution.
  5. The number of sessions depends on the patient’s desired looks and can be weeks apart from one another.
  6. After the procedure finishes, the patient might experience mild swelling, tenderness, and redness that will go away after a few days.
  7. Over the following weeks, the body gradually metabolizes the fat cells, resulting in improved body contour.

Aftercare Steps to Follow:

After the course, it is crucial to take overall care of your health and the injection sites;

  • Immediate care; after the procedure, there might be mild swelling, redness, and tenderness. If you suffer from any of these, the following steps should be taken in the initial hours;
  1. Apply ice packs or gently massage the injection sites with ice to reduce the discomfort.
  2. Avoid touching or rubbing the areas to prevent irritation.
  3. Keep the injection sites clean and dry.
  • Compression garments; compression garments help minimize swelling. Wear comfortable and loose clothes for the initial hours.
  • Pain management; mild discomfort or pain can persist for days, take the pain relief medication advised by the healthcare provider to minimize the pain.
  • Stay hydrated; drink plenty of water and keep yourself hydrated for the quick healing process.
  • Avoid strenuous activity; a few days post-procedure, avoid performing strenuous exercises and lifting heavy weights.
  • Avoid sun exposure; wear sunscreen whenever you go out and prevent yourself from excessive sun exposure.

Benefits of Adipose Lipolysis Injections:

  • Non-surgical procedure.
  • Targeted fat reduction.
  • Improved body contour.
  • Minimal downtime.
  • Enhanced appearance.
  • Boosted self-confidence.
  • Precise and safe treatment.

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