Aqualyx Injections in Dubai

Have you ever tried numerous exercises but got tired of still having the same body shape? It is very normal. At times, our efforts don’t work on our bodies. The cause can be excessive fat. Too much fat is very challenging to combat. Therefore, we have Aqualyx Injections in Dubai & Abu Dhabi for you. This plan fights off fat and helps you achieve a more sculpted and contoured appearance. This method is completely non-invasive. Over the past years, this treatment has gained immense popularity among individuals.  It helps contour the body to enhance your curves and proportions.

What are Aqualyx Injections?

Specially formulated shots are injected into your skin. It contains deoxycholic acid. This acid is a substance naturally found in the body. It addresses and fights off dietary fats. When injected into the targeted areas, the solution breaks down the fat cells. which causes them to be naturally eliminated from the body over time. Aqualyx Injections in Dubai & Abu Dhabi is suitable for various areas. Those areas are the chin, abdomen, thighs, hips, and flanks This plan provides you with the flexibility to address specific areas of concern. Aqualyx Injections offers a quick and straightforward plan. The minimal downtime allows you to return to your daily activity after the method.   

Aim of Aqualyx Injections:

There are various reasons why folks want this treatment. It can combat excessive fat. There is no need for you to go through a diet plan or exercise. Even though you are living a healthy lifestyle, you still suffer from fat around your body. Which typically affects your overall confidence. If you seek quick and convenient fat reduction, then this plan is for you. The treatment offers completely minimal downtime. It permits you to resume your activities shortly after the plan. If you struggle with stubborn fat that hangs from specific parts of your body, ponder no more and benefit yourself with Aqualyx!

Results of Aqualyx Injections:

  • Aqualyx dose effectively targets areas of fat. It reduces localized fat deposits in specific areas. 
  • The cure helps enhance the contouring and proportion of the body.
  • Aqualyx Injections in Dubai & Abu Dhabi can boost overall body confidence and self-esteem
  • Aqualyx is injected in small doses. It is minimally invasive.
  • It is a versatile treatment. That can address various areas of the body.
  • Fat reduction can lead to enhanced overall wardrobe options.
  • Visible results motivate your healthy lifestyle.

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Pre Procedure:

To ensure the safety of the procedure, the preparation steps are beneficial and essential; 

  • Schedule a meeting with a professional surgeon at the Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic Dubai.
  • The surgeon will perform an overall medical test on you. It is to consider if you’re eligible for the therapy. 
  • Based on your concerns, the practitioner will plan a tailored method. This will meet your needs and requirements.
  • Keep yourself hydrated in the days leading up to the care day. Hydration helps in the healing process.
  • Avoid medicines that can thin the blood. Avoid aspirin, ibuprofen, or fish oil as they can increase the risk of bruising.  
  • Quit smoking and consumption of alcohol. It can lead to the body’s immune response and healing power.
  • Follow any skincare routine recommended by the healthcare provider.
  • Adhere to fasting guidelines if recommended by the practitioner. It enhances the effectiveness of Aqualyx.

The Procedure of Aqualyx Injections:

  1. The course begins with the practitioner examining the area where you desire to witness changes.
  2. Doctors will outline the targeted area and examine the type of Aqualyx Injections in Dubai & Abu Dhabi to use.
  3. The precise area or skin will be sanitized. The skin is cleaned to prevent infections
  4. A local topical numbing cream would be applied. It is applied to the area to reduce discomfort during the procedure.
  5. A series of small doses will be used to inject the gel into your skin.
  6. The duration typically lasts 30 minutes. However, it can depend on the desired area.
  7. Once the injecting process is done, the used needles are disposed of.
  8. The practitioner will gently massage the targeted area. It is to prevent swelling and bruising.
  9. Your doctor will plan follow-up schedules and will ask you to go home. 

Aftercare Steps to Follow:

  • The healthcare provider will recommend you wear compression clothes. It is to prevent changes in further swelling and redness. 
  • Avoid touching or massaging the targeted area for at least 48 hours.
  • Avoid extreme temperatures, saunas, hot baths, and very cold environments.  Extreme temperatures can increase swelling.
  • If you experience discomfort after the procedure, take the painkillers advised by the healthcare provider.
  • Drink plenty of water. It helps your body flush out the treated fat cells.
  • Maintain a healthy diet to support your recovery.
  • Avoid caffeine and alcohol. They can dehydrate your body and negatively affect the healing process.
  • Follow-up appointments should be attended to monitor your progress in healing. 

Benefits of Aqualyx Injections:

  1. Targeted fat reduction.
  2. Non-surgical approach.
  3. Natural fat elimination.
  4. Quick treatment sessions.
  5. Permanent fat removal.
  6. Minimal discomfort.
  7. Improved body contours. 
  8. Safe and FDA-approved.
  9. Suitable for various body areas.
  10. Boost self-confidence.

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