Silhouette Facelift offers a less-invasive treatment! Specially designed to uplift and enhance the features. This method provides immediate lifting results. It dissolves threads with bi-directional. It stimulates collagen production. Provides long-term improvement. The treatment is minimally invasive. It offers very minimal downtime. This course is a popular choice to hunt for a youthful appearance. There is no need to undergo traditional facelift surgeries. Experience lifting and tightening your skin with a Silhouette Facelift In Dubai!

Aim of the Procedure

People favor this approach for a number of reasons. The surgical risk factors are lessened by this strategy. The procedure produces quick results. It lifts drooping skin and shapes the face. Third, the bi-directional cones of the dissolvable threads promote collagen production, resulting in long-term regeneration. Its less invasive nature is an additional advantage. It results in an outcome that appears natural. It increases one’s attractiveness and provides them subtly refreshed appearance without dramatically altering.

Treatment details

During the procedure, the surgeon places bi-directional cones. It dissolves threads in certain locations on the face. Threads that are positioned improve face features. The bi-directional cones, which also encourage collagen synthesis, serve as anchors for the wires. The procedure takes 30 to 60 minutes to complete. It is done while receiving local anesthesia. It is a tempting choice for face rejuvenation since patients may expect immediate, significant results with minimum downtime.


  • Immediate tightening of sagging skin
  • Improved face contours and definition
  • Decrease in jowls and nasolabial folds
  • improved elevation of the brow and cheeks
  • Collagen formation is encouraged.
  • Less invasive, quickly recovering.
  • Natural-looking without altering face characteristics.

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Pre Procedure

  • Discussions with a licensed medical expert
  • Tell the doctor about ailments or drugs you are taking.
  • Eliminate blood-thinning medications.
  • Follow any pre-treatment instructions given by the practitioner.
  • Attend with clean skin that is free of lotions and makeup.
  • Avoid smoking and alcohol use.
  • For less skin sensitivity, stay hydrated. 
  • Resist too much sun or tanning booths.
  • Tell the doctor about any allergies you may have.


  1. To guarantee your comfort, the doctor will apply a local anesthetic to the treatment areas.
  2. The doctor will mark the areas on your face. These marks serve as a guide for accurately positioning the threads.
  3. Carefully inserted under the skin are the dissolvable threads. The cables are positioned with care.
  4. Skin manipulation will be used by the doctor. To enhance the face characteristics, the underlying tissues are raised and rearranged.
  5. The bi-directional cones of the threads hold the skin. They aid in the production of collagen.
  6. Once the threads are in the correct place, the procedure is complete. 
  7. Typically, the entire process takes between 30 and 60 minutes.
  8. You could have adverse effects, which are frequently mild and short-lived. 


  • Keep your hands off the treated areas.
  • To reduce swelling and bruising, apply cold packs.
  • Sleep with your head up to lessen swelling.
  • Avoid vigorous exercise and physical activity for a few days.
  • Limit your time in the sun. Use sunscreen to protect your skin.


  • The instant tightening and lifting of sagging skin.
  • Face contours and definition are enhanced.
  • Collagen production was encouraged.
  • The process is less intrusive, scarring is minimized.
  • Short disruptive treatments
  • Natural-looking outcomes.

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