Brazilian Butt Lift in Dubai Jumeirah & Abu Dhabi Brazilian (BBL) Cost

We are offering you one of the most innovative, effective, and trustworthy therapies in order to enhance the overall look of your butts. If you have tried out the gym and all the different exercises to improve the size of your butts and you are still not satisfied with how they look, so you are in the right place. In the past few years, due to its immensely positive results, this procedure has gained a lot of popularity. If you are looking for the most suitable procedure for you or in case if you have any more queries regarding Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) In Dubai, so continue reading to get satisfying answers to all of your questions.

Most Expected Outcomes:

  • This course of action serves the patients with amazing outcomes. Some of the most commonly seen results of this surgery are given below:
  • lifted, and fuller curves.
  • The natural-looking shape of hips.
  • Long-lasting results.
  • Not only this, but Brazilian butt lift can provide contour to the overall physique of the individual.

Are You Eligible?

  • You must be medically fit to undergo this surgery.
  • Having a suitable weight and BMI is one of the most important points for benign a good choice for this procedure.
  • As it is a fat transfer procedure, to get desired goals you must be having good elasticity in your skin.
  • To make sure that you can undergo this therapy, you must ensure that you have extra fat in some other body parts like thighs, abdomen, etc. from where it can be transferred to your hips.
  • If you have any other medical issues that can behave as a hurdle during the procedure or in the healing process, you might not be eligible for this operation.
  • Your goal should be to enhance the image of your body and not to achieve perfection.

Results of Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL):

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Pre-Surgery Instructions:

  • Before going for Brazilian butt lift surgery, make sure to have done enough research about this procedure, and the qualified practitioners of the field.
  • Achieve and maintain stable overall body weight.
  • Make sure to avoid taking any supplements that can make your blood thin.
  • As you will need to take proper rest after undergoing this operation, so you must take a few days off from your work.
  • Drink more and more water to stay hydrated before this course of action.
  • The night before the surgery day, you must not eat anything after the evening.

Step-Wise Plan:

  • After listening to what your demands are, and examining your condition thoroughly, your practitioner will decide if you are eligible for this plan of action or not.
  • If they find you a suitable candidate, only then you will receive anesthesia.
  • The type of numbing solution depends completely dependent on your demand and what the practitioner finds best for you.
  • The practitioner makes small cuts in the area from where the fat needs to be extracted with the help of a cannula.
  • Moving forward the doctor then extracts extra fat using the liposuction technique from either the thighs or abdomen.
  • They then carefully harvest it to make sure that it is capable of being introduced in the curves.
  •  This fat is then processed to make it free from all types of impurities.
  • Moving forward when it gets ready, the surgeon with the help of a special technique through a thin needle, carefully transfers it to the butts of the individual. 
  • In the end, when the procedure gets completed and the desired shape of the hips is achieved, the doctor then stitches the incisions that they had created.

Post-Surgery Instructions:

  • Carrying out the procedure successfully is the responsibility of your practitioner, but enhancing the healing process totally depends on how better you take care of yourself and the treated area. Some of the general after-care instructions are given below:
  • Make sure to use compression garments, in order to minimize swelling and speed up the healing process.
  • In order to make the newly inserted fat in the hips, make sure to sleep in an elevated posture.
  • Consider any hard and tough exercise or lifting weight prohibited for at least 5-6 weeks after this plan of action.
  • Make sure to eat healthy food items to stimulate the recovery process.
  • To deal with pain or discomfort, you must take the prescribed medicines till the time mentioned by your practitioner.
  • Do not miss any follow-up sessions, because, in each one of them, the surgeon will examine your condition and recovery rate. In this way, they will be able to make necessary amendments to ensure a fast and healthy recovery.
  • If you feel any unusual pain, so immediately consult your doctor.

Positive Impacts:

  • Some of the most common benefits of this course of action are given underneath:
  • It provides you with the benefits of achieving an enhanced overall physique.
  • It serves you with realistic results.
  • The procedure can be tailored according to the needs and the body type of the individual.
  • Least appearance of any type of scars from the procedure.
  • This procedure serves you with the benefits of two techniques: liposuction and fat transferring. In this way, it can improve different body parts.
  • It serves you with long-lasting results if taken care of properly.

Negative Impacts:

  • Overall it is a very safe procedure, but if you become careless about its after-care instructions so it can be risky in the following terms:
  • Like any other surgery, it needs proper care or else there can be possible risks of getting 9infection in the treated region.
  • Due to the cuts made during this surgery, there can be risks of scarring attached to this therapy.
  • In rare cases, individuals may experience numbness in curves. But it gets healed within a week or two.

Total Cost:

The overall cost of this procedure can vary depending on the number of sessions needed to achieve the desired results, the patient’s condition, and the expertise of the doctor. But in general, the cost can be estimated to vary between AED 6,300 to AED 37,300.

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