Brow Lift Surgery in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Browlift Cost

Have you recently been noticing how your eyebrows and eyelids seem to drop or fall to gravity? This could be because of aging factors. Premature and mature aging may lead to many aesthetic complications. If you are struggling with unideal lines forming on your forehead or around eye areas, it is time to opt for Brow Lift Surgery In Dubai. 

What Is A Brow Lift Surgery?

This is a cosmetic surgery that is put into consideration specifically for candidates who want to reverse aging signs from their forehead and eliminate crow’s feet. Sometimes, this surgery is also infused with Eyelid Surgery. The goal is to tighten any saggy skin and promote a lifted and much more youthful appearance. Furthermore, this procedure can be performed on anyone, regardless of your gender.

Ideal Candidate:

You are required to walk in for a consultation before undergoing this invasive course of action. However, if you can relate to the scenarios mentioned below, you are definitely eligible to opt for this treatment;

  • Eyebrows are dropping from the natural placements.
  • Aggressive formation of wrinkles or crow’s feet.
  • Too much saggy or loose skin around the eyes.
  • The overall facial profile is aesthetically declining.
  • Your eyesight or vision is getting disturbed due to the matter.


The final improvements are revealed after a complete recovery. Although swelling is a natural process, however, this should calm down within a week. The outcome after the surgery is a tighter and much-lifted eyebrow and forehead area. Furthermore, you may also encounter better vision or eyesight after this procedure. 

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Best Clinic of Brow Lift Surgery in Dubai    


Below are a few safety guidelines that you ought to follow in order to prevent any severe mishaps before the appointment;

  • Get a regular check-up done before the big day.
  • Pause self-medications or consult your physician before doing so.
  • Limit your smoking or cut it down for a limited time period. 
  • Refrain from alcohol consumption and other fizzy beverages too.
  • It is ideal to remain fasting before undergoing this procedure.
  • Last, but not least, you may pack a bag with your important necessities for the night because you will be under observation for another 24 hours. 


This is detailed information about what to expect during the process;

  • Endoscopic Brow Lifting: an expert will make a few incisions into the scalp region and insert a microsurgical tool into the skin. There is a built-in camera inside the device, which will help in monitoring the entire course of action. Furthermore, the subcutaneous tissues inside the forehead area will be tightened and shifted to their new location. Hence, the adjustments will reveal a complete transformation of a lifted placement after a full recovery.
  • Temporal Brow Lifting: this technique is only for the outer region of the eyebrows. The surgeon will make tiny holes into the skin and insert a few injections. These injectables contain a special fluid that consists of absorbable threads that will aid to tighten the saggy skin and repair the damage from the inside. New cells are produced due to collagen production, this will fill out the empty spaces and result in tightening the surrounding skin.
  • Coronary Lift: it could be marked as a surgical approach to address the matter. What happens is; two incisions are made on the hairline. The access is gained from the outside and into the dermis. On average, about; 1 to 2 cm deep holes are made to pull tissues into the desired positions. Furthermore, the excess skin from the outside is discarded and sutured to provide a tightening effect. However, this treatment is not recommended for candidates who are currently suffering from bald patches or higher foreheads. 


We have gathered a few safety precautions for you to heal smoothly; 

  • It is very important to go for check-up appointments on time.
  • Take your oral medications and topical medicaments very seriously.
  • Do not sleep on your head tilting towards gravity. Nor apply any pressure on your face. Any external force may lead to bruises or infections.
  • You may take a shower or bath after one week of the surgery. However, you ought to be very gentle with your movements.
  • Furthermore, steer clear of heating tools and chemical-based products as well.
  • It is ideal to not take part in any physical activities for the time being. Pause your gym and other outdoor exercises for a while. 
  • Moreover, avoid heat and sun exposure in general. It is best to refrain from saunas and solariums too.
  • Last, but not least, the medical sutures will be cut off or removed within a month’s time. However, this depends on your wound healing and progress.

Cost Of Brow Lift Surgery In Dubai:

This is a custom-made course of action. The duration and density of the operation depend on your concerns and dermal conditions. Therefore, only an expert is able to highlight the exact value of estimation after the operation. However, the average cost of Brow Lift Surgery In Dubai ranges between AED 3000 to AED 10,000. 

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