Bullhorn Lip Lift in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

People keep looking for different procedures just to get the perfect shape of their lips. From fillers to implants, the interested candidates do not leave any single way to get the pout of their own choice. Are you also looking for a way to get rid of a smaller upper lip? So let us tell you that Bullhorn Lip Lift In Dubai is a cosmetic surgery that can be a good choice for you. We perform this course of action with the help of highly qualified experts as well as the latest techniques and instruments to ensure the best results for our clients. Why hesitate to pout for pictures when you can get a fully shaped-one?

What Can You Expect From This Surgery?

If the operation is performed by an expert practitioner and if the candidate follows all the aftercare instructions properly then from fullness of lips to more enhanced shape, symmetry, and cupid’s bow to reduction of aging signs like wrinkles and fine lines can be the most expected outcomes of this action.

Results of Bullhorn Lip Lift:

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Qualities Of Eligible Candidate:

  • The individual must have having large area between the upper lip and the nose.
  • The targetted point should be lacking volume and definition that needs to be enhanced.
  • Having any history of keloid formation can make you ineligible for the procedure.
  • Your skin should have good elasticity to ensure effective reshaping.
  • The overall medical condition of the person should be good enough.
  • Make sure to have a stable body weight before going for this course of action.

Preparing For The Surgery:

  • You must gather all the needed information about this operation.
  • Before you book a consultation try to find out about the expertise of the surgeon that you are planning a visit to.
  • Consumption of alcohol, cigarettes, tobacco, and all such unhealthy items should be avoided for at least 1-2 weeks before the performance of action.
  • Any type of blood thinning supplements should not be taken right after you decide to go for this procedure.
  • Before entering the procedure room, make sure to hand over all of your expensive stuff including jewelry to your family members.
  • Including water, you should not eat or drink anything at least 7-8 hours before the surgery.

Inside The Operation Theather:

  • Depending on your condition your surgeon will decide the type of anesthesia to be administered to you (general or local).
  • This is no more than a 45-50 minute procedure.
  • After making sure that the targetted region is completely numb and the patient would not experience any pain or discomfort the surgeon then make a small cut right below the base of the nose to create a bullhorn shape.
  • The opening will let the doctor examine all the tissues and muscles of the upper lip.
  • By using specialized techniques and instruments the practitioner very expertly extracts a needed amount of tissues for lifting the upper lip.
  • After the doctor notices that the desired outcome has been achieved they move towards closing the cuts that they had made earlier.
  • The surgeon then adjusts the remaining tissues to create a more natural appearance.
  • The procedure comes to an end by stitching the incision.
  • To make sure that the patient returns to their home in medically fit condition, they will be shifted to the recovery room first till they are fully conscious.

After The Surgery:

  • Like any other surgical procedure rest is the most important post-operative instruction for the candidate.
  • In case of normal swelling, you can apply ice packs by gently rubbing them around the operated area.
  • The prescribed medicines should be taken timely to enjoy a fast and painless healing process.
  • Hard exercises may not have any direct effect on the lips but these actions increase the blood flow which can maximize the risk of swelling in the treated region. So such activities must be avoided.
  • Do not touch or rub the lips even by mistake for the first 1 week.
  • Strictly attend all future sessions with your surgeon to let them examine your condition and make any changes in instructions if needed.
  • All abnormal feelings should be conveyed to your practitioner on an urgent basis.

Basic Advantages:

  • This surgery is capable of providing you with lifelong and desired outcomes.
  • It takes a minimum time of yours in the healing process and lets you return to your daily life tasks right after a short rest.
  • Improved appearance of lips and overall facial profile is one of the most notable benefits of this course of action.
  • This operation can work as an anti-aging procedure for dealing with aging signs in the area around your mouth.
  • It can be tailored according to the goals of the candidate by increasing or decreasing the size of the cut.

Possible Threats:

Being a surgical procedure it requires to be performed by a professional in the field or else it can have certain risks attached to it. Some of the most common ones are mentioned below:

  • If the operated site is exposed to moisture, there is a great risk of infection in the wound.
  • In rare cases, the patient may have to witness temporary numbness in the treated area.
  • The chances of visible scarring are high if the operation is performed by a less qualified surgeon.
  • The candidate may have to suffer from allergic reactions only if they do not inform the doctor about all the unsuitable materials for them before the performance of action.

Cost of Bullhorn Lip Lift:

Apart from different factors that can affect the overall expense of the surgery, the estimated Cost of a Bullhorn Lip Lift in Dubai can vary between AED 9,999 to AED 29,999 in Dubai.

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