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Sometimes when someone has any such type of accident, in which they meet fire or extreme heat, their skin can get burned and it can be extremely painful. They will need to wait until it gets better before they feel fine too. If it is very serious it may take years for the burnt part to heal. In the past where it was believed there could be no way to hide this type of scar,  today as technology has evolved and with time this concern has become the least thing to worry about. If you are going through this difficulty and want to get rid of it forever, you can think about having Burn Reconstructive therapy. It can fix problems such as having your face burned or having surgery for skin cancer. Burn Reconstructive Surgery in Dubai & Abu Dhabi may safely and permanently conceal this type of mark at an affordable cost with zero side effects. So you can visit us and overcome this issue within a few sessions.

What Is Burn Reconstructive Surgery?

It is a type of procedure that heals your epidermis and tissue that is damaged from severe incidents. The main aim of it is to help the survivors to move better, look good, and feel perfect about themselves. How bad the condition is and how much damage is caused decides how difficult it is going to be to fix the problem. 

Are You An Ideal Candidate For This Procedure?

  •  You can consider yourself a good choice for this treatment if you have started feeling better from the damage caused to you and also if you are healthy enough to have an operation.
  • If you can understand the possibilities in both positive and negative aspects of this treatment.
  • You must be aware of the fact that you shouldn’t expect too much from it.
  • You need to be ready, have courage, and should be mentally prepared to have multiple surgeries.
  • And last but not least, you must be 18 years or plus.

Result of Burn Reconstructive Surgery:

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Things To Be Taken Care Of Before Procedure:

  • You should not take anything (aspirins) that makes your blood less thick for 2 weeks before you undergo the therapy.
  • You need to take some tests before it. The experts will tell you which ones to do.
  • You need to stop drinking alcohol and coffee, and also you should quit smoking.

What Is The Procedure?

  • An expert in it specifically or the one in fixing how someone looks (a plastic surgeon) examines your condition, looks at the area around the wound that isn’t harmed, and then makes a plan for how to deal with it.
  • They treat wounds that have been hurt by cleaning them properly so that they can be fixed properly later.
  • To help the damaged area heal, they move healthy skin from another part of the body onto it.
  • A device called a tissue expander is used in this treatment, by putting it under the healthy part to make it bigger. This creates more area to use for fixing parts of the body that need rebuilding.
  • To cure such wounds, the healthy part is taken from another part of the body, along with blood vessels and sometimes muscle, and moved to cover the affected area.
  • The therapist then covers the wounds after applying the ointments that speed up the healing procedure.
  • The bandages are changed daily, under the supervision of an expert. 
  • Depending on the condition of the patient after the operation, the surgeon then decides how many days they need to stay admitted in the hospital so that they can be taken care of in the proper ways.

What Should Be The Concern After Burn Reconstructive Surgery:

  • You must keep in mind the importance of following the doctor’s instructions for aftercare to ensure proper alleviation.
  • Till the time the wounds are not dried up completely keep the part that has undergone the therapy dry and clean to prevent infection.
  • Avoid going out in sunlight or any other type of extreme temperature.
  • You should keep taking the prescribed medications till the prescribed period to manage any type of problem.
  • Be punctual in attending all follow-up appointments, to let the experts monitor healing and address any concerns.
  • You should be aware of any signs of complications such as; fever, redness, or swelling, in case you experience any such symptoms so immediately contact your surgeon.

What Are The Benefits Of Burn Reconstructive Surgery?

  • It can help improve the damage and restore the natural look, which can boost self-confidence.
  • With this therapy proper functionality of the affected areas is also restored.
  • By repairing nerve damage and reinstating healthy tissues you can witness a reduction in the pain associated with those injuries.
  • It improves mobility by repairing damaged muscles, tendons, and other tissues.
  • It can be proven to help reduce the risk of infection by removing damaged tissues and replacing them with healthy ones.
  • It can improve healing by promoting new tissue growth and reducing scarring.

How Much Can It Cost You?

The Cost of Burn Reconstructive Surgery in Dubai can range from AED 2000 to AED 4500 but the exact cost varies. The overall cost of the surgery may vary, depending on the patient’s condition.

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