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The birth defects that occur in a baby at the time of birth are known as congenital anomalies. These issues affect many children worldwide. Research showed that about 6% of babies suffer from congenital anomalies worldwide. Many different reasons cause these structural and functional anomalies in a child. Lack of proper nutrition and exposure to harmful things is a major cause leading to it. Many babies around the world die due to these defects. However, a birth defect cannot be treated entirely but the symptoms can be prevented making the child’s life easier. Congenital Anomalies in Dubai & Abu Dhabi offer different surgical and non-surgical treatments to help treat them and avoid future complications.

Categories of Congenital Anomalies:

About 8 million babies are born with different birth defects around the globe. And there are almost about 4000 categories of birth abnormalities present. There are two major types of congenital anomalies, these are:

  • Structural Anomalies:

As the name suggests, these anomalies occur in the different structures of the body. Structural defects arise due to different reasons. These are:

  • Due to missing chromosomes in a child.
  • The formation of egg or sperm in early stages, etc.

Examples: cleft lift, spina bifida, and heart disease.

  • Functional Birth Defects:

Functional birth defects occur due to an issue in a function of a certain body part. They are usually related to how the body is built and how a specific body part works. The most common examples of these are nervous system problems and brain problems.

Who Should You Consult?

Your gynecologist will help detect these issues when you are pregnant. The pediatric surgeon expert will monitor your baby after birth. The pediatrician will be in charge of treating your child. Other doctors, speech specialists, and psychologists will help diagnose and treat the abnormality.


Different methods help detect these problems. These are:

  • Ultrasound.
  • Blood testing.
  • Chorionic villus sampling.
  • Amniocentesis.

Certain defects cannot be diagnosed until a baby is born. So the doctor will observe them by doing some physical examinations of the child. For this, the doctor may look at the child’s skin, head, neck, lungs, and genitals.


Although the defects that occur in your child at the time of birth do not have permanent remedies or cures. But certain treatments can help treat the disease depending on the condition of your child. The treatment helps treat certain disorders and future complications.

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Types of Congenital Abnormalities:

There are thousands of different birth abnormalities that occur in children. Only a few are discussed below:

  • Hand Deformities:

The defects that occur in the hand are known as hand deformities. Hand deformities differ in occurrence, these may be when a person has an extra finger, or a misaligned finger, has a deformity in the thumb or fingers, or has a total absence of bones.

  • Cloacal Anomaly:

 Our rectum, vagina, and urinary tract are supposed to have three different openings. In a cloacal anomaly, all three are merged as a single channel. There are no specific causes for the cloacal anomaly.

  • Polyspenia:

This abnormality occurs in a person when he has two or more spleens. This occurs before birth. It occurs in about 4% of people out of a million.

  • Renal Anomalies:

Renal anomalies occur when there are defects present in the kidneys of a person. A renal abnormality is when a person is born with either one kidney or has a certain type of defect in the kidney.

  • Heart Diseases:

Heart diseases are associated with a malfunction of valve apparatus, cardiac septa, walls, or damage in the veins of the heart. Heart diseases can vary from mild to severe.

Treatment Methods:

We have different treatment techniques at our Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic Dubai:

  • Gene therapy.
  • Medications.
  • Assistive devices.
  • Speech therapies.
  • Physical therapy.
  • Surgical treatments, etc.


The causes for the occurrence of these abnormalities are unknown, but various reasons can lead to a child having these defects. 

  • Hereditary: these abnormalities can be passed down from the parents to their children. Most children often suffer from these problems because of the reason that the parents had these issues.
  • Nutrition: during pregnancy when a mother does not take a proper nutritional diet, it can have a major impact on the fetus’s development as well as on the health issues of the baby. Having an unhealthy diet or eating uncooked raw meals during pregnancy can negatively impact the health of your child.
  • Infection: being exposed to a certain infection or harmful chemicals at the time of pregnancy can impact your child’s health. When a mother develops a serious infection during pregnancy, there are chances that her child will suffer from birth abnormalities.
  • Radiation Exposure: when a woman is exposed to harmful substances, poison, or harmful air during her pregnancy, it raises the risk of the baby developing a congenital abnormality. However, the severity of the abnormality depends on how long one was exposed to these harmful radiations.

How Can One Prevent These Abnormalities?

Gynecology doctors often recommend certain things to prevent serious abnormalities:

  • Try to avoid drinking alcohol during your pregnancy period.
  • Keep your diabetes under control.
  • Try to eat a balanced, nutritional diet.
  • Avoid exposure to harmful substances, and chemicals.
  • Take your vital vitamins, folic acid, and other supplements.
  • Stay away from nicotine and cigarettes.
  • Refrain from using any type of drugs.

Who are at Higher Risk of Developing these Problems?

Following are the people who are more prone to their child developing these.

  • Women who go through the pregnancy phase in old age.
  • Women who have had many miscarriages.
  • When your other children have abnormalities, then there is a high chance that your future children might also suffer from them.

Are the Results Permanent:

The results are permanent. But a child may need revision surgeries when he/she grows up.

Cost of Congenital Anomalies:

The cost of Congenital Anomalies treatment at Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic in Dubai ranges from __AED to __AED. 

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