No matter how many fashion trends come and go. The fashion of ear piercing will always be trending. Every other individual has their ears pierced and loves to wear jewelry. Women love to flaunt their beautiful outfits, and dresses by wearing traditional, cultural, and statement pieces in their ears. Not only women but most men also love to get their ears pierced. Are you also someone who wants to get a piercing for the first time? Or do you want to add another piercing to your ear? The experts at Ear Piercing in Dubai provide different types of piercing to match your vibe and enhance your appearance.

Upgrade Your Style Game By Ear Piercing:

The traditional method of ear piercing has been used for many centuries. In the past people would only get only a single hole in their ear. But in recent years, the trends have changed. Now you can get about 15 holes in your ear. This simple process of making a hole can provide you with a lifetime of style games. You only have to get your ears pierced once and can wear beautiful earrings for the rest of your life.

Some Trending And Popular Piercings:

In recent years the world of piercings has become much more advanced as compared to the past. There are many different types of ear piercings that people opt for. Some of the most popular are:

  • Tragus.
  • Helix.
  • Industrial.
  • Lobe.
  • Orbital.
  • Rook.
  • Daith.
  • Conch.

Things To Know Before Getting Piercings:

If you’re new to this process, or if you want to add another hole in your ear. Here are some precautionary measures that you should make sure before opting for the process:

  • When you decide to get this practice done. Do your proper research.
  • Make sure that the practitioner you choose has proper experience in this field.
  • You must know what materials can cause your allergy. So always go for jewelry that won’t be harmful to you.
  • Ask your piercer if they have a proper license.
  • Make sure that the clinic is clean, and that the practitioner follows all the hygienic measures.
  • You must know what kind of device the specialist will use.
  • Before the process, you must choose the earrings of your choice.
  • Always choose hypoallergenic metals for wearing.

Individuals Who Must Prevent From Piercings:

While this is an easy method that causes no pain and no serious complications. However there are some individuals who should not opt for this process. These are:

  • If you’re pregnant you should avoid getting this course of action.
  • People who have diabetes.
  • Individuals who suffer from keloid formation.
  • If people suffer from allergies.
  • Patients of heart diseases.
  • If you have a bleeding problem or have a weak immune system.

The Procedural Steps For Piercing Ears:

The process has the following steps:

  • The piercer will first ask you about the ear part you want to get pierced.
  • Then the specialist will mark the area, and then he/she will clean the area with an antibacterial solution.
  • The piercer will show you some dainty jewelry pieces. You will have to choose from these pieces. The pieces that you have to wear in the initial stages are hypoallergenic.
  • Then the practitioner will follow the needle method or gun method to make a hole. 
  • After making a hole, they will place the earring in the hole.
  • In the end, the practitioner will gently clean the area and will provide you with proper aftercare instructions.

After Care For Pierced Ears:

This process is safe and does not involve any serious complications. However, individuals should always make sure to take proper care of their pierced area. You must follow the following instructions that your specialist recommends:

  • Do not take out the earrings in the first few weeks for a long time as it can close the new hole.
  • Clean the area with antiseptics thoroughly to prevent any bacterial infections.
  • Try not to sleep on the sides of your ears, if you feel pain.
  • The individuals might experience slight pain. But do not take an antiperspirant for the pain, as it can lead to bleeding.
  • In the first few weeks do not wear any jewelry that might cause an allergic reaction in the area.
  • You might have a little bleeding, but do not worry as it’s pretty normal in the beginning.

The Cost of Ear Piercing Process At Dynamic!

Dynamic Clinic Dubai provides safe, effective, and affordable methods of piercing. However, we cannot inform you about the final cost details here. Your practitioner will inform you about the final price details after examining your ears first. 

Is The Process Painful?

No, the process is not painful, especially if it is performed by an experienced person. Going to a non-professional person will only lead to undesired outcomes.

Add Bling To Your Life! 

Be bold and add glamor to your ears! At Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic Dubai we have professional certified, and licensed piercers. We use advanced methods and follow all hygienic measures. We provide a comfortable environment for our clients. So they feel comfortable during the process. If you want to avail a free consultation with us, kindly fill out the consultation form given below.