Eye Bag Removal in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

You should only be carrying handbags and not the undereye bags that make your appearance dull. Our eyes are one of the most prominent features on our face. Perhaps the most important one is that they help us see the world through them. But with age, and due to genetic reasons mild swelling and puffiness can occur under them. The bags that occur under our eyes are not medical concerns, but if you do not like them you can get Eye Bag Removal in Dubai to improve your aesthetic look.

Under Eye Bag Removal in Dubai:

As we age our body goes through several different changes. Age becomes the major reason for the change in our appearance and our weakness. It also leads to prominent wrinkles, puffiness, and swelling under our eyes. Although this is not a major medical concern. But people who do not like the appearance of these can get the treatment to gain their youthful look back.

Results of Under Eye Bag Removal:

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Major Causes That Lead to UnderEye Puffiness:

Many reasons can cause you to develop them. Let’s dive into some of the common reasons:

  • The weakening of tissues in the area.
  • The weakness that occurs in the muscles.
  • Due to aging.
  • Not getting a sufficient amount of sleep.
  • It can be due to genetic factors.
  • Because of an allergic reaction.
  • Eating more salty foods can also lead you to develop them.

Preparing for Eye Bag Removal Procedure:

Before Eye Bag Removal in Dubai & Abu Dhabi, your doctor will guide you with some instructions. These may include:

  • Refraining from eating or drinking anything before the midnight of your surgery.
  • You might also have to add eye drops to your eyes before the procedure.
  • Make sure to prepare yourself with comfortable clothes and a cold compress that will come into use after the surgery.
  • Try to ask your family and friends who can help you with transport.
  • If you’re using any type of prescription drugs for your health conditions. Inform the surgeon about them during your initial consultation.
  • The surgeon will first examine your treatment area, they will take before and after pictures. And then they will guide you about the treatment that is right for you.

Non-Invasive Techniques for Eye Bag Removal:

At our clinic, we offer viable procedures that can effectively remove the baggy, saggy skin that lies under your eyes. Let us help you guide about them one by one:

  • By Using Fillers:

This is one of the most effective processes. It involves injecting hyaluronic acid serums into the eye areas. It helps get rid of the undereye bags. And also helps remove the tear troughs. This treatment makes sure to get rid of the eyebags, as well as the dark circles. It also helps provide a more smoother, and enhanced appearance.

  • The Process of Chemical Peeling:

Chemical peeling applies a chemical solution to the treatment area. This chemical then helps remove the top layers of the skin that have a dull appearance. This method also makes the skin tight, and the results can last for a few years. However, the results can be affected due to severe sun damage.

Surgical Procedure of Blepharoplasty:

This issue can also be dealt with with the help of a surgical process. The surgery begins by sedating the patient by either using local, or general anesthesia. Then the surgeon begins to make incisions on the lower eyelid area. After making the incisions, the expert then tightens the muscles, and tissues in the area. After removing the excess fat, the expert then closes the incisions and puts a bandage on the treatment area.

The AfterCare You Should Follow:

After undergoing either the invasive or non-invasive techniques you should follow the important guidelines that your doctor provides you. Following them will help you recover quickly:

  • For handling the swelling gently apply a cold compress.
  • Your surgeon will provide you with drops that you should use according to their prescription.
  • If you intend to go out, do wear sunglasses. 
  • You will be able to resume your daily life activities within a week.
  • If you notice any unusual symptoms or an occurrence of infection you must consult your doctor.

How Can I Prevent the UnderEye Puffiness:

If you often experience puffiness, and sagginess under your eyes, then you can try some remedies that might or might not work. Although you must make sure that if these remedies do not work then you should consult a professional about your condition. These remedies usually work for mild cases.

  • Using a cold compress, or putting anything cold on your swelling will help lessen the inflammation, and swelling in the area. So you can use ice bags, refrigerated spoons, and chilled vegetables.
  • Sometimes doctors recommend certain ointments and creams when the condition is in mild cases.
  • Using tea bags or caffeine can also help reduce puffiness. Most cosmetic brands sell products that include coffee in it.

Cost of Eye Bag Removal in Dubai:

The Cost of Eye Bag Removal in Dubai can range from AED 9,999 to AED 20,000. Our experts will inform you about the final cost details after they examine your condition. The cost will be different for the surgical and the non-surgical methods. It can also depend on the following factors:

  • The treatment method you require.
  • The experience of the doctor performing.

To know more about the final cost details, kindly contact our team at our clinic.

Recover from the Puffy Appearance!

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