We all want to make our appearance pleasing, and attractive one way or the other. No one likes the saggy, wrinkly skin that becomes visible as we age. While we take care of our face, and do proper skincare. We often neglect our hands in the process. Although they require the same pampering and care as our faces. As they are mostly visible and are not covered by clothing. Are you also someone facing the issue of wrinkly, saggy hands? Worry no more as our clinic provides Hand Rejuvenation with Fat Transfer in Dubai that can let you regain the youthful hands you once had.

What is Hand Rejuvenation with Fat Transfer?

No matter what you do, aging will have an impact on your body one day whether you like it or not. While you age you may experience visible symptoms of wrinkles, droopy skin, and loss of volume in different parts of your body. But this is nothing to be ashamed of. You can now regain the youthful appearance of your hands by using your own fat. The procedure of fat transfer helps rejuvenate your hands by collecting excess fat from one part of your body and transferring it to your hands.

Gaining Positive Results by Autologous Fat Transfer:

The best thing about this treatment is that the results can last for up to several years, so you no longer have to worry about visible aging signs. The results last longer as compared to the filler treatments. The final reveal will amaze you and you will be shocked after gaining youthful-looking hands. It helps get rid of wrinkles and restores the natural skin volume. The surgery also helps improve the quality and texture of your skin.

Qualities of a Good Candidate:

Are you also someone who is not satisfied with their appearance and wants to achieve long-lasting results? Then you can undergo this procedure, but before that, you should first lie in the candidacy criteria:

  • You do not like the appearance of aging signs.
  • You lack volume in the region.
  • Individuals who have wrinkly skin.
  • People who want to improve the quality, and texture of their skin.
  • People who want to gain voluminous skin.
  • If you are in your 50s or your 60s.
  • You must have excess fat in your body.

Preparing for Hand Rejuvenation with Fat Transfer:

The first step is to consult a professional in the field. On initial consultation, your doctor will examine the condition of your skin. Your surgeon will guide you about the treatment method, and the results you will get from it. You will also have to follow certain instructions before your surgery:

  • Inform your doctor about your allergies, and the medication you’re currently taking.
  • The surgeon will take pictures of your hands. The images are to compare the before and after results.
  • Make sure to discuss all your goals with your practitioner.

The Plastic Surgery Procedure for Rejuvenating Hands:

The surgeon will first see the areas that have excess fat. The fatty tissues are mostly taken from the naval, thighs, and buttocks. Here is what happens during Hand Rejuvenation with Fat Transfer in Dubai & Abu Dhabi:

  • Your doctor will first mark the areas by using a marker. Then the patient is given either local or general anesthesia to be under sedation during the process.
  • Then the doctor will start the harvesting procedure. The harvesting of the fat is done by using the liposuction technique.  The procedure to remove fat takes about 15 to 20 minutes.
  • In the next step, the doctor puts this collected fat into a rotating container, known as a centrifuge. This equipment helps separate the components such as oil, water, etc. from the fat.
  • After the purification of the fat, the expert transfers this redefined fat at several entrances on the back of the patient’s hand. 
  • After the injecting process, the target site will look overfilled. Because the fat will take time to absorb properly in the body.

Recovery Period After Autologous Fat Transfer for Hands:

After your surgery, you must follow the doctor’s instructions. These are:

  • Do not neglect to take your medications on time.
  • Avoid any heavy exercises or workouts that may impact your healing.
  • Always make sure to apply sunscreen.
  • The patients are not allowed to have tattoos after this surgery because they can apply pressure on the treatment areas.
  • In case of swelling, use a cold compress in the region.
  • You must cut on your smoking and your drinking habits. Neglect in care can impact your healing journey.

Benefits of Hand Rejuvenation with Fat Transfer:

  • You will notice firmness and elasticity in the region.
  • It will provide you with a more aesthetically pleasing appearance.
  • Individuals feel more confident in their skin.
  • It provides you with effective results for more than a decade.
  • You can flaunt your jewelry with confidence.

Potential Risks Associated with It:

This procedure does not have any major complications. However, the patients might experience:

  • Occurrence of edema in the region.
  • A slight pain.
  • At the injection sights, you may also experience some redness and bruising.

Cost of Hand Rejuvenation at Dynamic Clinic:

Some people require one session, while others require more sessions. However, the average cost of this procedure at our clinic ranges from AED 10,000 to AED 15,000. For final cost details kindly reach out to our experts.

Achieve a Rejuvenated Appearance!

Our clinic offers free consultations for patients. So to learn more about Hand Rejuvenation with Fat Transfer in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah, you can reach out to our professional doctors at Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic.