Belly Fat Removal in Dubai

Having extra weight on our tummy often makes us lack confidence. It impacts our appearance and we often feel shy while wearing our favorite tight dresses. This stubborn fat can often get super impossible for some people to get rid of. No matter what exercises or diets you do, stubborn fat can be hard to deal with. If you have tried different solutions for this issue and haven’t achieved the desired results. Then Belly Fat Removal in Dubai is the answer. We will provide you with a guide on How to Lose Belly Fat in Dubai through different methods. 

Aim of Our Belly Fat Removal:

Our belly is one of the parts of the body that easily gains fat. Having a flat tummy is what everyone dreams of. You can always gain some weight on your tummy due to different reasons. But your main focus should be on how to reduce, and control that. Our clinic offers a range of invasive, as well as non-invasive procedures to help you deal with this stubborn fat. Your goal should never be to be skinny, but rather to lose excess weight through effective treatments.

What Kind of Results Do You Achieve?

The results will vary for each individual. The outcomes also depend on the type of treatment you choose to undergo. But the treatments we offer for getting rid of this fat will help achieve positive and satisfactory results. Patients get rid of the excess fats in their belly area. They achieve a flat tummy, that makes their appearance more pleasing. The results are permanent and long-lasting but they differ for each individual.

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Are You Eligible for Belly Fat Removal?

Everyone wants to cut the excess skin that occurs on their tummy and impacts their appearance. By attaining the right treatments you can achieve good results. But first, you should know if you are an ideal candidate or not:

  • An individual should be medically fit to undergo these processes.
  • Being over the age of 18 makes you an eligible candidate for this process.
  • Being diabetic and having heart disease makes you a non-ideal candidate.
  • People who have tried and tested different diet plans, and workouts, and nothing has worked for them.
  • You want to gain back your self-esteem that you have lost because of it.

Different Techniques That Help Lose the Tummy Fat:

Maintaining and controlling the weight of the midsection is very difficult. Because you always somehow achieve weight in this area one way or the other. This excess weight often becomes the reason for your lack of confidence. Let’s discuss the different invasive and non-invasive Belly Fat Removal in Dubai & Abu Dhabi that our clinic offers:

Non-Invasive Belly Fat Removal:

What’s better than getting rid of excess weight without the pressure of undergoing a surgical treatment? Here are some of the popular non-invasive methods dynamic clinic offers:

  • Freezing the Fat With Cryoliposis:

The non-surgical FDA-approved method of cool sculpting targets the fatty cells in the midsection by cooling them. These cells are resistant to cold temperatures. Hence, applying a sudden cold temperature to the cells kills them. Our body then removes these cells from our lymphatic system.

  • Melting the Fat by Injections:

The non-invasive method of fat-melting injections uses bile acid. It breaks down the extra weight in the specific part of the midsection. The results remain permanent as long as you don’t gain weight, and maintain a healthy diet.

  • The Cavi-Lipo Method:

This process is the alternative method of traditional liposuction. It utilizes radio frequencies and the low-ultrasonic waves. The waves form bubbles around the fatty cells. The bursting of bubbles results in the breaking down of the fatty deposits. These excess deposits are then removed by the body through the lymphatic system.

Invasive Belly Fat Removal:

Often surgery is the right option for your problem. The surgical options we offer, help you achieve your desired weight goals.

  • The Minimally Invasive Laser Liposuction:

This is a minimally invasive procedure. After numbing the area the surgeon creates tiny incisions in the abdomen. The tiny incisions help enter the laser through them. This laser vibrates and breaks the excess cell deposits. However, this process does not involve the suctioning technique. So the excess fat is removed through your lymphatic system.

  • Tummy Tuck:

By making a horizontal curved incision, the surgeon removes the extra hanging skin and tightens the loose muscles. This surgical procedure of tummy tuck is mostly recommended to people who have more obesity issues.

Getting the Right Treatment!

It is often difficult to decide to undergo both the surgical and the non-surgical processes. If you are confused about what Belly Fat Treatment in Dubai is right for you? Then you should not worry, as our experts will thoroughly guide you about every treatment. After having an initial consultation with you, and discussing your goals. Your doctor will recommend the right procedure that will be beneficial for you.

Cost of Belly Fat Removal:

Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic offers quite affordable methods. The cost depends on several factors. But, you must know that the cost of invasive, and non-invasive techniques will be different.  Here is an average cost list:
Cost of Tummy Tuck: AED 9,000.

Cost Of Ultrasonic Cavitation: AED 900.

Average Price of Laser Liposuction: AED 6,000.

But, the clients must keep in mind that the price can vary due to some factors. To know about the final price of Belly Fat Removal in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah, you must first have a proper consultation with our experts.

Avail of a Free Consultation!

To learn further instructions about How To Lose Belly Fat in Dubai, you can consult our professional surgeons at Dynamic Clinic Dubai.