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If you are struggling with stubborn fat in various regions of your body, read and discover how the Best Liposuction In Dubai works. This surgical procedure is also known as Cosmetic surgery, which aims to remove fat cells by converting them into a liquid consistency. What happens is; a draining tube is connected to the area under consideration. This could be your; thighs, abdomen, upper arms, or even shoulders. It is usually performed on obese patients to boost health effects in the body. However, anyone with an hourglass-shaped figure can opt for the treatment. For a consultation or personalized meeting regarding your concerns, you can visit us today at Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic Dubai.

Facts About Liposuction:

  • This is an FDA-approved and safest method for discarding excessive fat. 
  • The duration of the surgery may last for a good 2 to 3 hours.
  • There are no side effects after the treatment. 
  • You are put to sleep during the operation. 
  • The recovery period is short.

Liposuction In Dubai & Abu Dhabi At Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic:

This is one of the most frequently performed procedures at our clinic. We have a team of professional and qualified surgeons who implement special techniques to safeguard your health and instill transformational changes in each candidate. However, we do not recommend this operation for weight loss purposes. Only after a one-on-one meeting with our board-certified expert; we mark you as a qualified candidate to undergo this treatment. 

The Before And After Results:

The new changes will take place within a month or two. This depends on your body’s stamina and capacity to heal inside and out. Therefore, only after a complete recovery, the outcome will shape itself. However, the generated results are not permanent. You are required to track your calorie intake and participate in physical exercises to sustain the maintenance. 

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Are You An Eligible Candidate?

Any adult who is currently struggling with obesity can opt for a consultation. We will perform several regular check-ups to monitor your general health. A few mandatory tests will also be drawn to your attention before signing you up for this surgery. Only after a clearance from your medical report, we will perform this method to discard your concerns. 

What Are The Precautions?

You are required to follow the safety guidelines to prevent any possible mishap;

  • Pause your alcohol consumption. 
  • Avoid sugar-based beverages.
  • Avoid tobacco or cigarettes.
  • Smoking vapes or cigars is also prohibited.
  • It is ideal to refrain from self-medication. However, if you are on prescribed medications, be sure to consult your healthcare provider beforehand.
  • Last, but not least, wear comfortable and baggy clothes to the hospital. It will be easier for you to change back after being dismissed from the hospital.

What Is The Procedure?

This is a step-by-step guide to enlighten you about the procedure;

  • We will take a few photographs to keep a record of your transformational journey. The final results will be shown to you, in the end, to differentiate between your before and after results. 
  • The operation is performed under general anesthesia. This shall eliminate any painful memory for you.
  • Your blood pressure, heart rate, pulse, and oxygen level are continuously monitored throughout the surgery. And even after the operation.
  • The expert will begin the process by marking a few drawings on the region under consideration. He/She will make a few incisions on the skin, this is where the tube is going to be inserted. 
  • A cannula is attached to a tube, which is then joined together with a special machine that will perform the suctioning of the fat cells.
  • The entire duration of the surgery may take 2 to 3 hours approximately. However, this depends on the area and mass under treatment. 
  • In the end, all the incisions are closed. The wound is covered with medicaments. And you are shifted to the recovery room for further assistance. 

Types Of Liposuction:

This surgical method is performed by using different traditional and automatic procedures. But, your safety and comfort level will remain the same. Some of the procedures we are offering in Dubai & Abu Dhabi are;

  • Traditional Liposuction: This is a manual approach, therefore, a vacuum-like device is drawn to attention, to further process the operation. To begin with, a few tiny incisions are made into the exterior of the fat wall. A cannula is inserted inside to gain access to the internal fat cells. With the help of the tube, the fat is extracted from the area under consideration. However, you are always put to sleep while performing this operation. 
  • Laser Liposuction: This technique is also known as a Smart Lipo because a Laser rod is used to discard unwanted fat. Moreover, it also multiplies the benefits within the body by increasing collagen cells which will effectively shape your body. However, only a certified surgeon can perform this surgery because of the intensity of the laser beams that are activated as a basic requirement to perform this operation. Furthermore, due to laser energy being in charge here, there is no suctioning method involved in this process. Hence, the fat cells are broken down with the help of intense heat.
  • Power-Assisted Liposuction: a special cannula is used that extracts the fat and other tough tissues that are not easy to break down otherwise. The best part about this procedure is the short amount of time it takes to complete the entire process. As well as, the faster recovery activation that takes place afterward. It is one of the safest and simplest methods to discard unwanted fat from anywhere inside the body. 
  • Ultrasound-Assisted: ultrasound energy is used to create waves like vibration to penetrate the fat. These continuous movements will intrigue the unwanted bulky cells to move from their places. As a result, the disposed elements will exit the body. In due time, the entire area will heal to sculpt itself to appear well-contoured and toned down. 
  • Vaser Liposuction: this is an innovative and latest technique that works somehow similarly to the treatment mentioned above. However, the energy level used to target the problematic areas of the body is much more intense. This is only drawn on specific regions for specific candidates. Therefore, only an expert can highlight a suitable candidate for this specific treatment. However, the outcome will result in an evenly smoother dimension after a complete recovery.
  • RadioFrequency Liposuction: it is also known as Body Tite, which aims to stimulate collagen as well as burn fat with the help of a unique device. Consequently, it will also tighten any loose or saggy skin from various parts of the body. This will also result in reversing aging signs and promoting elasticity in the skin. 
  • BodyJet Liposuction: This is a non-invasive approach to discarding unwanted fatty tissues. Several injections are inserted into the concerned regions of your body. These will gently perform elimination within without causing any pain, bruising or even swelling. It is the ultimate opposite technique of fat removal as compared to other traditional methods of treatment. 

FAQs about Liposuction Surgery In Dubai:

How Much Is Stomach Liposuction In Dubai?

This is one of the most demanded surgery at this time. There are various options available for the reduction of the abdomen specifically. However, the starting price for traditional surgery is priced at AED 6000 to AED 8000. 

What Are The Risks Of These Surgeries?

There is nothing fearful about surgical procedures. Similarly, all the surgeries mentioned above are safe and reliable methods for upgrading your health and lifestyle. However, a few common mishaps that may occur are; infection of the wound, excessive bleeding, or less productive results. 

How Does The Body Reshape Itself To The Adjustments?

The goal of this surgery is to reduce additional or excessive fat from anywhere in the body. Although the final reveal will shape itself after a complete recovery. However, the results will generate productive results in less than 3 or 4 months. This is truly dependable on your own capacity and stamina. However, the changes are not a permanent fix to the problem. You are advised to adopt a healthier diet or lifestyle in general.

Recovery And Aftercare:

Below are a few safety guidelines for you to follow to heal swiftly;

  • We will keep you under observation for a night or two. Your health is monitored at all times to safeguard your security.
  • Even after getting the green signal to go home. We will be expecting you to visit back for your check-up appointments. 
  • It is important to frequently change or get your bandages renewed to prevent any possible infection or swelling. 
  • Wear loose or baggy clothes to comfortably move around. 
  • Do not carry anything heavy because any external pressure may interfere with the healing progress.
  • Start consuming meals from semi-liquids and upgrading to calculated amounts of calories in-take to lock healthy changes.
  • After a good 6 months, you will be able to resume your physical activities such as; working out, cycling in the park, or even swimming to keep yourself fit and healthy.

What Are The Pros?

  • An impressive transformation will take place within a few months.
  • This is also an upgrade to your aesthetic appearance.
  • You are being able to wear your old clothes with ease.
  • Even opting for a reduced size of garment is not a problem anymore.
  • It is only a day procedure without any follow-up sessions.
  • It will improve your overall health and other conditions.
  • And finally, your faith and confidence in yourself are going to level up as well.

What Are The Cons?

  • It will not necessarily improve the texture or quality of your skin.
  • The results are not a permanent solution to fat loss.
  • If the case is handled by a non-professional practitioner, possibly infection or even bleeding can take place during or after the surgery.
  • You can not move on your own for some time. Therefore, a helping hand is required to help you go through your basic tasks for the time being.
  • Some discomfort may arise due to the anesthetic effects wearing off in due time.

What Is The Cost Of Liposuction In Dubai?

There are a variety of methods mentioned that are effectively discarding excessive fat from different areas of the body. Each surgery is estimated at a comparatively different value. Therefore, only after a complete consultation or surgery, the surgeon in charge will highlight the exact Cost of Liposuction In Dubai, which ranges between AED 8000 to AED 18,000. 

Best Surgeons In Dubai, UAE:

This is a very technical surgery, therefore, only an authorized and well-qualified surgeon is eligible to perform this task. This is why, we are offering a safe and reliable operational method with various types to help you get back in shape. Our team of professional experts is board-certified surgeons. One of our experienced practitioners: Dr. Majeed Makkiya is a specialist in his field. His expertise is in Cosmetic Surgery. You can walk in for a free consultation, and we will arrange a personalized meeting for you to talk your heart out with one of the best surgeons in Dubai. 

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