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We understand how important the role your nose plays in building up your whole facial profile. If you are having any complexity because of this feature, and you are continuously hiding from the camera, that’s when you need to know about Nose Tip Plasty In Dubai & Abu Dhabi. You do not need to be self-conscious every time you look at yourself in the mirror, as we have got you covered. This is one of the most innovative surgeries that is specially designed to help you cope with nasal problems. Of course, by enhancing the shape of your nose you can get a more harmonious facial profile. So without wasting any more time and dropping your self-esteem visit us as soon as you can and let us help you explore this wonderful therapy and its benefits. 

Most Expected Outcomes:

The outcomes of this procedure completely vary among individuals depending upon their condition, goals, and the expertise of the surgeon they chose. But some general, most widely observed results of this surgery are that you can get a more balanced overall facial profile, and in case you are having any breathing issues this course of action has shown very positive results in that regard. And of course who doesn’t feel more confident by correcting the shape of their nose? 

Some General Qualities Of An Ideal Candidate:

  • The candidate must be of 18 years or older in age.
  • They must have a fully developed nose.
  • One of the most important qualities of a suitable patient for this procedure is that one must have a realistic approach toward the goals of this surgery.
  • Has either an aesthetic concern or a medical issue regarding the nose.
  • Or even if an accident has caused some problem with the nasal cavity, that patient can be a good choice for this operation.

Results of  Nose Tip Plasty Surgery:

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Pre-Surgery Directives:

  • It is important to conduct thorough research about this therapy before undergoing it.
  • Immediately stop taking any medicine that can work as a thinning tool for your blood.
  • In case when you have to undergo surgery, it doesn’t matter how safe the procedure is, you must quit smoking to ensure a healthy procedure.
  • Like all other operations where anesthesia is administered, here too you should stop the food intake almost 6 hours prior to the course of action.
  • To have arranged transportation before coming for the surgery might also be instructed to you by the surgeon.

Thorough Plan Of Action:

  • After listening to your goals and examining your condition, your surgeon makes sure if you are fit enough to undergo this procedure.
  • The total time of completion for this surgery is almost 3 hours.
  • At the beginning of the surgery, the expert makes certain markings to highlight the targeted area.
  • The surgeon then administers either local or general anesthesia to the patient, depending on the condition of the candidate.
  • Moving ahead, some necessary cuts are made on the basis of the marking that they had made earlier.
  • Depending on the needs of the patient some tissues will either be added or extracted to provide them with their desired outcomes.
  • After achieving the exact goal, the doctor then stitches all the incisions that they had made at the beginning of the operation.

Post-Surgery Directives:

To ensure healthy recovery you must follow all the after-care instructions directed by your surgeon. Some of the common ones are given below:

  • Do not miss any medications that are prescribed by your doctor.
  • At least for 2-3 weeks try not to bow your head, to avoid swelling and bleeding.
  • You must not touch your nose even if you feel itching or any other discomfort.
  • Keep the treated area elevated even while sleeping.
  • Take a few days off from your work to ensure complete bed rest.
  • Try not to wear glasses or any jewelry like nose pins.
  • To promote the healing process, you must maintain a healthy diet plan.
  • If you feel some extra pain or discomfort then normal, without wasting any time immediately discuss it with your doctor.
  • Make sure to be there at all follow-up appointments.

Benefits Of This Therapy:

This surgery is capable of serving you with a huge number of benefits. Some of them are mentioned underneath:

  • Enhances the overall facial profile.
  • Helps you overcome all medical issues like breathing and other functional issues.
  • Improves the confidence level of the candidate.
  • Looks after and deals with all the errors related to your nasal cavity.
  • In required cases, it can even work as an anti-aging procedure to reduce the aging signs on and around the nose.

Possible Risks:

Overall it is a very safe and effective therapy. But as with all other surgical procedures, it can also carry some risks if not performed or taken care of properly. Some of the possibilities are:

  • If after-care instructions are not followed properly, it may lead to bleeding.
  • The risks of infection are high in this surgery if not looked after keenly.
  • The patient might face skin discoloration on and around the treated region.

How Much Would It Cost You?

The overall cost can vary depending on different factors like the condition and expectations of the patient, surgeon, the hospital, etc. but the general cost can be considered between AED ___to AED ____.

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