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Some congenital deformities are not harmful but their existence can make you look and feel weird. Preauricular tags are benign lesions that are formed of loose collagen strands. These growth formations usually occur in babies or children. Both men and women can also suffer from having these skin tags. Usually, these are not harmful but they should immediately be removed if they cause any pain or start to bleed. Some people have single tags while some have multiple tags in the area. Preauricular Tag Removal in Dubai helps remove them with the help of effective methods.

Purpose of Treatment:

These skin formations are not harmful and they usually occur in babies and children. These lesions appear around the ear area. Some people do not get them removed. But when a person feels awkward about their appearance, or they appear to be painful, you should get them treated by a professional. In rare cases, these tags may also become a reason for hearing loss in children. The treatment aims at removing these preauricular tags by either surgical or non-surgical processes. The procedure offers permanent removal of these formations. However, in rare cases, they can appear again on the skin.

Causes of Preauricular Tags:

The skin tags usually occur by themselves. But they can also occur due to some potential issues of the inner ear, facial bones, or kidneys. They usually happen when extra cells grow on the upper layer of our skin. Research shows that these tags occur in 5-10/1000 people.

Results of Preauricular Tag Removal:

The treatment promises permanent and long-lasting results. In most cases, these tags do not come back. They are permanently removed from the surrounding area. However, only in a few cases, do they appear again. This usually happens when people suffer from hereditary issues of having these preauricular growths. 

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When Should You Consult A Doctor?

When you see a certain change in the tags of your child, it may be time that you consult a professional doctor. A change can be some pain, occurrence of puss, or bleeding in the area. If you see that the area has become infected, consult a professional doctor immediately. It usually does not require immediate treatment unless an infection occurs. Since the area is very close to our brain, the treatment should not be neglected.

Pre-Procedure Preparation:

  • Make sure to consult a professional ENT specialist.
  • Your ENT doctor will examine the area carefully. After carefully examining the area he will recommend you your required procedure.
  • Your doctor will examine the puss, pain, and infection in the area.
  • The patient is given general, or local anesthesia before the procedure.

Treatment Methods At Our Clinic:

At Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic in Dubai, we offer the following methods to remove the ear tags of our patients:

  • Surgical Method:

In a surgical method, the doctor first cleans the area and disinfects it. The doctor either uses local or general anesthesia before the surgical process. Then your surgeon proceeds to make small cuts to surgically remove the tag from the skin. The cut is made a few millimeters from the skin, causing no harm or damage to the surrounding area. Removable or dissolvable stitches are then used to close the cut. In the end, a bandage is applied over the area.

  • Non-Surgical Method:

In a non-surgical method, your doctor will put a string around the tag and will staple it. Putting the string will prevent blood flow in the tag. After some time the tag becomes dead and falls off eventually. This method requires a lot of time and may result in a bump on the site.

  • Cryotherapy:

The cryotherapy technique uses liquid nitrogen to freeze skin tags and warts. This is a quick and effective technique. It freezes the cells, the area becomes dead and falls off within a period of one to two weeks.

Other methods of removal include electrocautery, in which an electric probe or needle is used to burn off the unwanted growth area.


The patients must follow certain aftercare instructions:

  • Try to keep the area clean. 
  • Do not use any harsh products that may cause inflammation.
  • Your doctor might provide you with an ointment to apply on the treated site.
  • For children, the doctors provide specific aftercare instructions to their parents.

Cost of Preauricular Tag Removal:

The cost of preauricular tag removal at Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic Dubai ranges from AED 2,999 to AED 4,999. The cost varies due to different environmental factors such as:

  • The location and reputation of the clinic.
  • The complexity of the case.
  • The expertise of the ENT specialist.

Why Choose Our Clinic?

At Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic Dubai, we have a team of professional doctors and surgeons who aim to provide their patients with their desired results. Our surgeons specialize in removing any unwanted growth from your face or body. we aim to provide a very comfortable environment to our patients, so they feel at ease during their visits and appointments.

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