Septoplasty & Turbinate Reduction in Dubai

It’s not always that people need to undergo surgeries related to the nose just for the sake of cosmetic purposes. Many people suffer from severe chronic problems that can become an obstacle to breathing freely. If you are one of those patients, continue reading as we are about to disclose two of the best treatments to deal with chronic nasal congestion or difficulty breathing. Septoplasty And Turbinate Reduction In Dubai can be the solutions that you might have been looking for. These treatments are most widely used to deal with nasal obstruction. So without wasting any time, visit and give us a chance to help you get rid of these problems. Our experts will provide you with the necessary information that you need to make better decisions regarding your health.

Most Common Out-Turns:

Both these procedures serve you with the common result of helping improve nasal airflow and minimize the symptoms of any blockage inside your nose. These surgeries can also reduce the problem of sinuses and other such infections. If you are having any complaints of headaches because of nasal problems, so this course of action can provide you with very positive results in this regard.

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A Guide To The Good Candidate For This Plan Of Action:

  • To be eligible for this operation make sure that you are 18 years or older.
  • If you are having any problems in breathing, or snoring, or case if you often get headaches due to any congestion inside your nose, you are suitable for this procedure.
  • The individual who has a problem of structural abnormalities so can consider themselves a good option to undergo this surgery.
  • Your overall health condition should be good enough to bear the pain and discomfort caused by this treatment.
  • Your nose should be in a fully developed phase at the time of operation.

Setting Yourself Up for Success

  • Do proper research about the procedure and also the most qualified surgeon in this particular field.
  • If you want to have a healthy procedure and faster recovery so make sure to follow all the pre-treatment instructions given by your surgeon.
  • Generally, you should avoid taking any such medicines that can make your blood thin.
  • Either active or passive smoking can harm healthy procedures, so make sure to avoid this activity at least 2 weeks before the surgery.
  • Make sure that you have arranged transportation for yourself before entering the operation theater.
  • Intake of food should be prohibited at least 6-7 hours before the surgeon administers anesthesia to you.

Behind The Scenes:

  • In both procedures, the first thing is to have a proper discussion with the doctor.
  • After examining your condition the surgeon decides which methodology is suitable for you.
  • If you have a problem with the deviated septum, septoplasty surgery will be recommended to you because it is specifically designed for this purpose.  
  • If you are facing the issue of having bony structures in the nose, so turbinate reduction would be performed in your case. In this procedure, the surgeon reduces the size of the turbinates.
  • Both of them are performed in the presence of anesthesia.
  • After when they find complete numbness in the targetted area, the doctor makes necessary incisions.
  • After performing the required methodology i.e. either septoplasty or turbinate reduction, the practitioner then closes all the created cuts with the help of dissolvable stitches.

Let’s Understand The Road to Recovery:

  • To ensure painless recovery, you must take all the prescribed medicines, especially painkillers or nasal sprays, as the expert guides you.
  • Strictly avoid bowing down your head for at least 2 weeks after the performance of this action.
  • You should take as much rest as possible to promote the healing process.
  • Consider all such exercises prohibited that could cause pressure to the operated area.
  • Keep your head elevated, in this way, you can avoid complications like swelling, bruising, and headaches.
  • In case you want to sneeze so carry out this natural act with an open mouth, to cause the least pressure to your nasal cavity.
  • If you witness any infection or unusual discomfort, you should immediately discuss it with your practitioner.
  • You must attend all future meetings regarding the procedure with your doctor.

How Can It Make Breathing Easy?

These surgeries can serve you with several benefits, some of the most common ones are discussed below:

  • These provide you with enhanced breathing.
  • People often suffer from snoring because of obstruction in their nose, this surgery can minimize this issue.
  • Having perfect breath can improve the quality of your sleep. This benefit can also be attached to both of these operations.
  • If you have lost your sense of smell, it might be because of sinuses or other related medical issues. With the help of these procedures, you can get rid of the problem of a reduced sense of smell.
  • These plans of action can work as a magic for dealing with the issue of pain in different areas of the face due to nasal congestion.
  • The risks attached to asthma and other such severe breathing issues can also be dealt with through these methodologies.

Understanding The Risks Of These Procedures:

In their respective fields, both these techniques are very beneficial but if you do not choose a qualified surgeon or if you take the aftercare instructions lightly so there can be certain risks that you could expect from these surgeries. Some of them are mentioned beneath:

  • In rare cases, you may witness bleeding if you bow down your head.
  • If you do not take antibiotics timely or if you do not keep the operated region clean and dry you may observe some infection in the wounds.
  • If the procedure is not performed correctly, so you might face numbness on and around the area of your nose.

How Much Does It Cost To Breathe Easily?

The overall cost can vary depending on different factors like the condition and expectations of the patient, surgeon, the hospital, etc. but the general Cost of Septoplasty & Turbinate Reduction in Dubai can be estimated to start from AED 19,999.

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