Having unusual growths on the surface of the skin can be worrisome. They can also influence our physical appearance. It is always essential that you immediately consult a professional about it if you experience such growth. Benign and malignant skin lesions are very common. Although not all of them are harmful getting them checked at the right time can help make an early diagnosis. If you are struggling with the appearance of these skin growths and want a permanent solution, then you can avail of Skin Lesion Removal in Dubai.

Understanding Skin Lesions:

When a part of our skin appears to be different from the rest of the skin, or when there is an unusual, abnormal growth on the surface of the epidermis then this is known as a skin lesion. These can occur due to many different reasons. Most of the time they are harmless, and do not cause any serious problems. But it is always better to get them checked on time because sometimes they have the potential to be cancerous growths.

Why Do They Occur?

There are many reasons that can lead to their occurrence. Let’s dive into the main causes:

  • Due to the result of an injury or trauma.
  • Because of an underlying infection, or disease.
  • Due to sunburn.
  • Allergic reactions.
  • They can also occur due to the side effects of certain medicines that are used during the chemotherapy treatment.
  • Poor blood circulation.
  • Due to insect bites.

Outcomes from Skin Lesion Removal in Dubai:

After undergoing the Skin Lesion Removal in Dubai & Abu Dhabi people see visible results. In the first few days, you may see some change in the color of your skin. You may also notice some swelling. But do not worry as it occurs due to the removal of the outgrowth. However, the treatment helps completely eliminate the abnormal growths that appear on the outer layer of our epidermis. Below are some of the before and after pictures of our clients.

Diagnosis before Skin Lesion Removal in Dubai:

To diagnose these skin tags, the doctor will first take a closer look at them with his eyes, or with the help of a magnifying glass. They’ll closely look at the color, size, and shape of them. Your doctor might also ask you to undergo certain tests. These can be:

  • Blood tests.
  • A biopsy.
  • Microbial swab.

Skin Lesion Removal in Dubai Treatment Options:

At Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic, we offer viable methods that can help eliminate this issue. Let’s take a look at them one by one: 

  • Excision Skin Lesion Removal in Dubai:

At the beginning of this procedure, the doctor will first apply anesthesia to the area. When the doctor numbs the area, he/she then uses a scalpel to cut off the lesion from the skin. You do not need stitches at the end of the procedure. Either the doctor will apply an ointment or will perform the cautery technique at the end of the process.

  • Cryoablation:

During this process, a very cold, freezing liquid nitrogen is used. It helps freeze and destroy unwanted cells. this method is often used to treat viral warts and seborrhoeic warts.

  • Curettage Skin Lesion Removal in Dubai:

During this method, the surgeon uses a spoon-shaped instrument to scrape off the parts of the unwanted growth that appears on an individual’s epidermis.

  • Laser Removal:

The laser method is considered the most safe, and easy method. It easily removes the lesions in single or multiple sessions by just applying the laser light to it.

  • Electrocautery Skin Lesion Removal in Dubai:

This involves applying electric current to the unwanted growths. This helps burn and destroy them.

Aftercare of Skin Lesion Removal in Dubai:

  • Keep your wound area dry.
  • After 48 hours dry to clean your wound with alcohol septics.
  • Do not use hydrogen peroxide, as it may slow the healing process.
  • The patients will experience soreness and redness in the area.

Preventing the Risk of Developing Them:

It is usually not possible to prevent the benign formations that occur on our skin. But you can follow some things to prevent them from developing:

  • Always make sure to wash insect bites, wounds, and injuries right away.
  • Do not share your hygienic items such as razors, or bar soap with anyone else.
  • Do not make direct contact with someone who has skin infections.

Where Do These Unwanted Growths Occur?

Talking about skin lesions can occur in any part of the body. The most common place they occur is the chest, back, and face.

Estimate Cost of Skin Lesion Removal in Dubai:

At Dynamic Clinic Dubai the average cost of this procedure may vary between AED__ to AED__. The price may vary due to certain different factors, such as:

  • The type of treatment you choose.
  • The number of sessions a person requires.
  • The expertise of the surgeon performing.

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