Surgical Scar Revision in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah Surgical Scar Cost

When any part of our body recovers, or heals from a wound a scar appears on the area. Scars are part of the healing process. They occur in our bodies after we go through certain accidents or incidents. When a person suffers from an injury, accident, or trauma, the wound marks are left behind on the body. Certain marks do not look good on our bodies and make us uncomfortable about our physical appearance. These can be treated with either surgical or non-surgical treatments. Surgical Scar Revision in Dubai & Abu Dhabi helps remove and reduce the marks that make you feel awkward about your appearance. It completely blends them onto the skin of our bodies, making them less visible than before.

A Brief Intro:

Although scars cannot be completely removed, their appearance can be made less noticeable. The majority of people do not opt for surgical removal of these scars. Not all scars need to be removed. But if a person does not like their appearance, or the scar appears to be painful or itchy then one must opt for the revision surgery. The treatment helps make their appearance less and makes the person feel more confident about their body.


Scars usually occur after a wound or injury is healed. The scars that occur from minor accidents, and injuries usually heal but ones that occur due to major accidents do not completely vanish. Below are several causes that lead a person to have scars:

  • An injury, or an accident.
  • A surgical treatment.
  • A burning accident.
  • Acne.
  • Certain illnesses.

Types of Scars:

Below are different types of scars:

  • Normal fine-line scars.
  • Keloid scars.
  • Hypertrophic scars.
  • Pitted or sunken scars.
  • Post pregnancy, stretch marks.

Results Achieved:

One should know that scars cannot be permanently removed. The surgery helps in making their appearance less visible. The skin becomes more smooth and fine. There are different methods that help achieve the desired results. The patients become more confident in their skin and their physical appearance. The procedure is slow, but it offers long-lasting results. You may be scars free for the rest of your life.

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Ideal Candidate:

One must lie in the following candidacy criteria before choosing to undergo this process:

  • People who do not suffer from acne.
  • You must have good physical and mental health to undergo this treatment.
  • Non-smokers.
  • You do not suffer from any active diseases.
  • You must know that these cannot be permanently removed, and you should have realistic expectations about the procedure.
  • People who do not like the appearance of these marks.
  • Individuals who do not suffer from skin infections.
  • You suffered from a traumatic experience, or a burning accident.

How Should One Prepare For Procedure?

Here are certain pre-procedural guidelines that you must follow. These are:

  • The surgeon will examine your wound area properly and then will suggest your required treatment.
  • Try to avoid direct sun exposure, especially in the area which is to be treated.
  • The patient must avoid smoking, as smoking may cause complications during and after the procedure.
  • Try to eat a healthy, and balanced diet.
  • Your doctor may ask you to undergo certain tests prior to the procedure.
  • Do not worry too much. Relax and do not overthink the surgery.
  • People with diabetes must take proper precautions and should avoid taking immunosuppressants. 

Treatment Techniques We Use at Our Clinic:

Here are the different treatment methods that we use at Dynamic Clinic Dubai:

  • Surgical Excision:

Surgical excision is a widely used process that helps remove the excessive marks of a wound that cannot be removed by creams and ointments. The process involves making certain incisions and removing the damaged tissue area. It removes the damaged area and then closes it with stitches. It helps achieve a smoother appearance. Sometimes, the process is carried out in several stages and is known as “serial excision”.

  • Flaps, Grafts, and Artificial Skin:

The process involves taking excess skin from one part of the body and then grating it into the affected area. It takes the skin from the donor part and grafts it into the required area. It is usually used to treat severe marks that occur due to burning or contractures. The grafts are usually taken from the thigh area.

  • Z-plasty and W-plasty:

Z-plasty: the Z-plasty technique changes the direction of the scar making it less visible. The process removes the old scar and makes new incisions, by making a z-pattern in the area. It decreases the scar length and helps reposition the malpositioned tissues.

W-plasty: this procedure breaks up the scar into small triangular components. It is easy and effective to perform. It has minimal risks.

  • Dermabrasions and Laser Techniques:

Dermabrasion: This technique involves using a rotating device on the skin. This sands the outer layer of skin. The skin appears to be red and swollen. The new skin that grows back is more smoother in appearance. It helps remove fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, etc.

Laser Techniques:

The laser technique provides quite effective results. It uses carbon laser beams. It also enhances collagen production in the skin, which helps create a more fine and smoother skin. The scar becomes light and less noticeable.


The patient must follow certain aftercare instructions for proper healing:

  • The treated area may appear to be itchy, or red. But do not touch or scratch it.
  • If any sutures are applied in the area, do not touch them the doctor will remove them when required.
  • It takes about 2 weeks to fully recover.
  • Apply SPF sunscreen on the area, and avoid direct sun exposure.
  • Do not stretch or it will stretch the scar.

Are the Results Permanent?

It may take time for the final results to appear, but the results are long-lasting and permanent.


The cost of Surgical Scar Revision at Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic Dubai is __AED to __AED. The cost may contradict due to several different factors.

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