Tummy Tuck in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Abdominoplasty Cost

If you are looking for an effortless way to tighten and contour the fatty flaws of your body, we have a great option for you. Learn how Tummy Tuck In Dubai & Abu Dhabi works. And find out the medical and long terms benefits of this surgery. It is an external aid to remove all your unwanted and stubborn body fat, that will not budge regardless of your strict diet plan or workout routine. 

Who Is An Ideal Candidate?

Anyone who is medically fit and healthy regardless of their gender is an eligible candidate to undergo this treatment. Whether you have given birth in recent years and pregnancy caused your excessive fat gain. Or timeless overeating has increased your weight and now you are struggling with a pot belly. You can book a one-on-one consultation with our Surgeons and learn more about a custom-made plan just for you. 

What Are The Results Of The Surgery?

Whether it is a minor or major surgery, the effects of the improvements always take place after a complete healing of the internal and external wounds. Therefore, in order to experience a transition, experts talk about being extremely patient with your journey first and foremost. It may take as less as six months or a year to notice an obvious sign of modification. However, there is no guarantee of sustenance. In order to maintain the current results, you are required to practice a healthy lifestyle and work out on a daily basis. 

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What Are The Benefits In-Stored For You?

  • Say goodbye to the long hours at the gym with the constant struggle to lose stubborn fat. With new changes taking place, all you got to do is; eat healthily and practice physical exercises. 
  • Another piece of good news is; it is an FDA-approved method to reduce abdominal fat. This surgery will narrow down your belly and give you an ideal waistline as well.
  • The success rate is above 90 percent, and the road to recovery is not far longer. The wounds will heal in less than a month. This means you will easily be able to walk and sit on your own.
  • Although the body shapes itself within half a year, you will notice early changes in less than two months. The size of your jeans is going to reduce drastically.
  • And finally, it is a boost to your self-esteem, hence your mental health will improve as well. You feel happy in your skin, this is an upgrade to your self-confidence. As a result, you will appear more charming and charismatic. 

How Do We Diagnose Our Patients?

When we call you after the confirmation of your consultation, our Surgeon will meet you and guide you through the entire action plan. The purpose of this meeting is to hear out your concerns about your ideal figure and work up a plan that meets the expected results halfway. Furthermore, we will also inform you about the average cost and procedure of the treatment. And determine if you are an ideal candidate to undergo this surgery. After a final verdict, you will be signed up for the operation date and time. 

How To Prepare For The Surgery?

These are a few safety measures you ought to follow to prepare your body;

  • Cut down on your smoking and alcohol consumption.
  • Do not self-medicate, even if it is a headache. Try to relax and sleep instead.
  • Limit your food consumption after noon. And come to the clinic while fasting.  
  • And lastly, bring a family member or close friend to drive and stay with you at the hospital.

FAQs About The Surgery:

What Is The Cost Of The Surgery?

This is a pre-planned action plan that is designed according to your desired goals and health standards. Therefore, only an expert is able to highlight the exact value of the estimation. But the average cost ranges between AED 19,999 to AED 34,999. 

Is There Any Age Restriction?

Yes, you must be above the age of 20 in order to undergo this surgery. But, only a certified Surgeon can recommend and sign you up for it. However, if you are a woman, only after reaching a certain age or decision not to give further birth can allow opting for this operation.  

What Is The Best Place For Tummy Tuck Surgery?

Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic Dubai is one of the best Clinics in the UAE, which meets the standards of safety and FDA-approved methods to perform this fragile surgery. You get to enjoy the perks of custom-made plans according to your goals and budget. 

How Do You Perform This Surgery? 

We have a team of highly skilled Surgeons who use the latest technology excess the inside of the stomach. The extra fat cells are removed and the skin is stitched together. This will create the effect of a flatter stomach. Furthermore, you are put to sleep during the entire course of action. 

Does It Leave A Scar On The Skin?

There will be scars for the time being, until the area is fully healed. However, in due time, the skin will lose the memory of the stitches. But there are other topical or Laser treatments that are specifically designed to discard the appearance of superficial scars. 

Is It Worth It In The End?

This is one of the most beneficial modification methods to safely cast off all the unwanted fat from your body. The healing process may take some time to produce final results, however, the end results are always the flatter and fully toned tummy and waistline of your dreams. So it is definitely worth it transformation of a lifetime. 

What Are The Different Types Of Tummy Tucks?

The approach to the method is always the same. However, there are certain techniques and detailing that we implement to differentiate one type from another. Below is a brief information about the classified labels f the surgeries;

  • Standard Approach
  • Mini Surgery
  • Extended Operation
  • Reverse Action

What Is The Procedure? 

We gathered insight into the action plan for you. This is what you are exposed to;

  • The nurse will ask you to change into your surgery uniform. And you are transferred to the procedure room.
  • The next step is to put you to sleep. This is done by injecting a few doses of anesthesia into your drip.
  • It takes less than minutes for the medical action to cast you under its spell. After an absolute certainty, the action begins now.
  • The surgeon will use some special surgical tools and innovative technology to instill their expertise. The top layers of the stomach are cut open.
  •  A cannula is connected to the body, this machinery will slurp up the fat cells safely. In the end, the remaining surrounding skin is pulled and stitched together.
  • An artificial belly button is also created to complement the new modification. A few topical medications are applied on top. This shall give you a much faster and smoother recovery of the wounds and stitches. 
  • The last step is to wrap around medical bandaids. And finally, you are shifted to the recovery room. The Doctor will further assist you after you wake up from the Anesthetic Effects.   

When Should You Expect Recovery?

It may take less than 3 weeks to put you on the road to recovery. However, the healing depends on your movement and willpower as well as topical aid toward the wounds. Your surgeon will prescribe a few topical and oral medications in order to recover smoothly. 

What Are Recommended Aftercare Regimens?

We gathered some safety precautions for you. This is what you ought to follow;

  • Make sure the treated area is gently wiped and cleaned.
  • Keep it dry and apply the topical medications as advised.
  • Renew the dressings frequently to prevent any infections.
  • Be very careful while taking showers and changing clothes. 
  • Furthermore, do not lift any weight or carry a child. Any physical activity until you fully recover is not allowed either.  

What Happens If You Do Not Follow The Protocols?

A few possible mishaps are likely to occur if you do not follow the home care properly.

  • Swelling or bleeding from the wounds.
  • Infection or fever.
  • Internal bleeding or clotting.
  • Unsatisfactory results due to poor recovery.

What Is The Billing Method To Payment?

This is not the average or total billing estimation of Tummy Tuck In Dubai. Although the final estimate includes the hospital bills along with the additional and compulsory services to provide safety and faster healing. Not to mention the assistance of the qualified team of Surgeons and Nurses. But to roughly round an average cost of the total bill, you are looking at; AED 17,999 or above. 

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