Vascular Surgery in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

The cardiovascular system contains several organs that regulate blood circulation also of lymph, two essential liquids to give vital nutrients and oxygen to the tissues of the overall body. There has been observed a significant increase in cardiovascular disorders, out of which varicose veins hold an important place. These pathologies of peripheral vessels efficiently worsen health and cause bad effects on health. But now you do not have to worry as our Dynamic Clinic in Dubai is providing the most effective and beneficial Vascular Surgery in Dubai to solve all your health issues. Step ahead into the new world of cosmetic methods to gain great confidence and a good healthy life!

What is Vascular Surgery?

This method comprises a lot of open procedures and few methods including blood vessels. Your blood vessels contain veins, arteries, and capillaries which take blood towards and away from the heart and clean your organs and tissues. Several different vascular disorders can cause harm to your blood vessels and enhance the chances of difficulties. Vascular physicians diagnose and treat vascular disorders. For a few times, life conditions change and intake of different medicines can perfectly manage your condition. But other than this, you can also have to undergo surgery to get rid of the diseases from getting dangerous.

Vascular surgeries include mediations that:

  • Treat blood vessels that are harmed because of vascular diseases.
  • Decreases the chance of having any difficulty from these disorders.
  • Get access to your blood vessels for medical treatments such as dialysis.

Suitable Candidate for Vascular Surgery:

The suitable patient for this method is the one who is at least forty years old and has any sign as mentioned above. The physician examines the problem and its cure after the first appointment.

Results of Vascular Surgery:

Vascular Surgery Clinic in Dubai Vascular Surgery Cost in Dubai Vascular Surgery in Dubai

When Should You Go for This Treatment?

You should get this treatment when you have any of the following problems:

  1. Aortic aneurysm
  2. Carotid artery disorder
  3. Blood clots
  4. Fibromuscular dysplasia (FMD)
  5. Deep vein thrombosis (DVT)
  6. Mesenteric artery ischemia.
  7. Varicose veins
  8. Mesenteric artery ischemia.
  9. Peripheral artery disease (PAD).
  10. Popliteal artery entrapment syndrome (PAES).
  11. Renal artery stenosis
  12. Thoracic outlet syndrome
  13. Visceral and peripheral arterial aneurysms

The doctor examines your overall condition and then selects the best method for you. A few individuals have to get surgery or treatment along with medicines.

What is the main Goal of the Technique?

The method is particularly performed when a person has a disease-harming circulatory system. The essence is to treat veins and arteries issues. The surgeon utilizes repair, elimination, renewal, and derivation methods in this context.

The common vascular conditions are given below:

  • Cerebrovascular insufficiency
  • Peripheral arterial disease
  • Varicose veins
  • Abdominal aortic aneurysms

What are some Common Signs?

Having an appointment with an expert doctor is very important while having the following signs:

  • Feeling pain in the calf muscles or lower leg while walking.
  • If you feel heavy legs, mainly in the evening.
  • Have weak arms, feeling cold, and lack of sensation in the legs.
  • Having a lot of pain in your foot part.
  • Getting dark fingers, discoloration of dermis mainly on hands or feet.
  • Having a lot of vibration and pain in the lumbar part, area, discomfort in the legs, and buttocks.

What Should Be Done Before the Process?

Before the process, the candidate has to do a vascular surgery, which holds great significance before performing the procedure:

  • The physician will undergo certain check-ups which are used to prepare the candidate for the treatment that decreases, as far as possible, anxiety and invasive methods and to reduce the use of drugs until removal, if possible, or on the candidate’s request thoroughly.
  • Usually, the vascular check-up is important to get an indication, the preparation of before-process check-ups, the duration, and modalities of the process, for the candidate having a vascular disorder for which the treatment is very necessary.
  • The required information is gathered during the consultation and some diagnostic tests are performed like blood check-ups, radiological check-ups, angiography, and MRIs.

What are Some Different kinds of Methods?

There are several kinds of therapy methods. The physician will choose the best method for the candidate:


This is one of the procedures of the endovascular process to get back the flow of blood in case of narrowing or great blockage of the arteries. In this method, the physician will open the damaged artery by injecting a small catheter with a flexible balloon at the end. A stent is a metal mesh instrument that is injected into the artery to assist in maintaining its lumen so that there is a good and proper flow of blood.

Venous Stripping:

Vein’s valves maintain the flow of blood to the heart so that the blood does not gather in only one part. The valves are either damaged or missing in the case of varicose veins, and they get filled with blood.

This technique is used to eliminate a large vein in the leg, which is in treating varicose veins. Two small incisions are made in the leg area. One cut for injecting the wire into the leg and the other one takes the wire out and the damaged vein along with it.

Laser Technique:

Some common problems like spider veins, leg veins, and other visible benign vascular lesions for which the individuals have to undergo the best therapy for medical and cosmetic reasons.

The laser method efficiently treats leg veins and vascular lesions by injecting vessel collapse through coagulation without any damage to the surrounding parts. This laser may selectively target the hemoglobin that perfuses the blood vessels you have to remove, creating a targeted effect.


This one is the most influential process for treating varicose veins and capillaries by inserting sclerosant medicines, and then compressing with the use of flexible bandages. The aim is to damaged veins from circulation, for this, a certain medicine is inserted into the damaged veins, sclerosant.

Post-Therapy Steps:

You should obey certain signs to receive the best results in accordance with your desires. Some steps are given below:

  • In the initial few days of the process, you may observe little scarring or bruises. But you do not have to worry about this as they will go away very soon.
  • Try not to perform any strenuous physical activity as it will not be good for fast healing.
  • You should not sit or stand for a long time and keep your legs uplifted while lying down.
  • Full recovery will happen in about two months.
  • You should eat carefully. Do not eat junk food after surgery.

Cost of Vascular Surgery:

The Cost for Vascular Surgery in Dubai ranges from AED 599 to AED 2999. The cost varies depending on several factors like the condition of the patient, the education of the doctor, the type of method used, and a few more.

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