Esthetic Bridge

Experience the pinnacle Esthetic Dentistry in Dubai with our attractive and effective Esthetic Bridge Treatment in Dubai. Crafted for both beauty and function, our bridges replace lost teeth, improving your smile’s natural charm. Starting with a comprehensive check-up our professional doctor made personalized therapy ideas that prioritize both aesthetics and oral health. By using state-of-the-art materials, our esthetic bridges are specially made to match the tone and shape of your real teeth. Get a confident and attractive smile as our Dynamic Clinic provides precision and artistry, providing transformative outcomes in esthetic bridge therapies for harmonious and lasting dental improvement.

Who can avail Esthetic Bridge?

A perfect candidate for Esthetic Bridge Treatment In Dubai & Abu Dhabi has the following conditions:

  • If your missing teeth cause your smile to look ugly and you feel discomfort in it.
  •  A candidate has the worst chewing functioning.
  • If your phonetic function is disturbed.

Preparation Steps:

It consists of several steps to perform. The first love is the preparation of abutment. The dentist will remove the nerve if needed. The canal is refilled with the help of special equipment. The surgeon will fill the areas where needed. The device is placed into the jaws after the implantation. The second main step is the fixation of the device. The dentist will carefully fit the device according to the shape of the jaws. It will be checked by the doctor whether you are comfortable with it or not. At first temporary prothesis is placed for confirmation that it is fixed properly or not. Lastly, the permanent prosthesis will be placed which is perfectly fit to the patient’s jaws. Some instructions will given by the doctor which you have to follow to get the best results.

The main purpose of Esthetic Bridge:

There are main purposes for this treatment to perform. They are as follows:

  • With the help of this treatment, your beautiful smile is restored.
  • You will able to bite the food easily.
  • It will become easy for the teeth to chew the food more easily.
  • Your self-confidence will be boosted in front of others.


There are numerous advantages of Esthetic Bridge Treatment In Dubai & Abu Dhabi. We are providing you with some of the benefits. Read them given below:

  • A candidate will get comfortable with it in a very short time.
  • These bridges provide long service guarantees for life.
  • You will achieve a youthful smile of your desired dream.
  • The price is very affordable as compared to the implantation method.
  • This treatment helps you to speak and chew the food easily.
  • The candidate’s facial face will be improved with these bridges.
  • This bridge fills the space of missing one or more than one tooth.
  • The effectiveness of your bite also improves.
  • You will lead a peaceful life without any problems.

Outcomes of Esthetic Bridge:

This method gives effective and best outcomes seamlessly replacing the lost teeth, getting both function and beauty. Crafted with precision and using modern materials, these bridges give quite a real-looking smile, improving confidence and oral well-being. Get the harmonious blend of beauty and functionality with our esthetic bridge treatments.

Esthetic Bridge Treatment In Dubai Best Esthetic Bridge Treatment In Abu Dhabi Best Esthetic Bridge Treatment In Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Best Esthetic Bridge Treatment In Dubai & Abu Dhabi Esthetic Bridge Treatment In Abu Dhabi Esthetic Bridge Treatment In Dubai & Abu Dhabi

More about Esthetic Bridge Treatment:

Aesthetic bridge is a dental bridge that works to cover the space between your teeth. If you have one or more then a missing tooth doesn’t matter. The space will be filled with this bridge treatment. This device is an alternative to dental implants. These bridges provide support to the teeth. You will gain a perfect smile for your desired dreams. There are 3 different types of bridges. They are as follows:

  • Metal ceramic
  • Ceramic
  • Zirconium ceramic 

The dentist will choose the best type of bridge for a patient. The patient will choose it according to the cost and condition of the teeth. 

Expiry time for Dental Esthetic Bridge:

These dental bridges can be changed within 5 to 15 years. It depends on the patients and how they take care of their oral hygiene. If you take care of them carefully and plan a routine diet then the chances of expiry time may be extended for them. However, abutment teeth play a very important role in the right functioning and positioning. You have to take care of your oral health strictly. In this way, your youthful smile will be restored.

Tips to acknowledge:

If you want these bridges long-term then there are some useful instructions to follow. Before undergoing this treatment give a brief reading to the tips given below:

  • You should rinse your mouth after every meal with antiseptic mouthwash.
  • It’s a must for you to brush your teeth correctly twice a day.
  • You should visit your dentist at regular intervals for a deep cleaning of the teeth.
  • Avoid those food items that lead to tooth decay.
  • Take care of your oral hygiene properly. 


The price of Esthetic Bridge Treatment In Dubai & Abu Dhabi ranges from 19,999 AED up to 11,999 AED. There are some factors which affect the cost. The type of bridge chosen, the experience of the doctor, the location, and the level of the clinic. Get to know about the actual price after consultation.

Why Choose Us?

You should never compromise on your health. Health is wealth. If you are among those people who want to make their teeth and smile perfect then you are very lucky to have us. Our Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic offers Esthetic Bridge Treatment In Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah for you people. Our Doctors are experts and have complete experience in their work. The staff is also very cooperative with patients. We assure you that you will be fully satisfied with the treatment and the results you achieve. This is a very good opportunity for you people to avail. If you are interested then book an appointment by filling out the form.