Full Mouth Rehabilitation

This is a cosmetic procedure that helps you get back your lost teeth in the top or lower extremities and may also involve the gums, jaws, and several other facial parts. It especially aids those people who have lost several teeth due to medication or any kind of injury. Anyone who is going through this process is usually suggested by a dentist to get this process.  Full Mouth Rehabilitation in Dubai utilizes several unique methods such as crowns, dental implants, veneers, and a few other processes in order to assist you to regain a pretty and confident smile and also the perfect oral health.

What is the Essence of this Procedure?

In this process, the restoration of the lost teeth, jaws, gums, and several other structures in the mouth and face is performed. The whole process is accompanied by a physician or his team, depending on the condition, requirement, and the kind of method utilized. However, the whole process will require several sessions to be completed

What are the results of the Process?

As this technique is performed in order to repair lost or broken teeth with quite comfortable, reliable, durable teeth which will exactly do the functions of natural teeth. It will also look exactly the same as those of the original teeth. The process also assists in restoring the gums and the bones which have been lost. The method also initiates the growth of new bones in smallpox.

Who is the Suitable Candidate for the Technique?

If you want to get through this process, then are a few essential signs that you should have in order to prove yourself an ideal candidate. There are the following conditions given below which you have to fulfil in order to claim yourself a perfect candidate:

  • Someone who is having serious damage to his teeth, jaws, and gums.
  • Having problems regarding overbites.
  • If you have very less healthy teeth left in your mouth or none.
  • Severely worn-out teeth due to bruxism.
  • There occurs damage to the teeth because of decay or trauma.
  • Having destructed damage to your gums by periodontal disease.

What are the Options for this Procedure?

After examining the candidate completely, the physicians at Enfield Royal Clinic will tell you the most suitable method for you, depending on your condition or goals. This process includes several following methods:

Crowns And Bridges:

These are the ceramic or porcelain caps that are put on broken or damaged teeth. They can take the place of the natural teeth as they 

actually replace the original teeth. 

However, in the case of bridges, they are especially utilized in the case where there occurs broken or removed teeth. They have a new tooth or several teeth shielded by a crown on both teeth.

Gum Surgery:

If you face any damage or harm to your gums by periodontitis, then our physician usually recommends removing the plaque first by rinsing and then applying polish to the roots. If the gum disease increases further, then there is a need for a soft piece of cloth or bone graft in order to recover the lost or destructed roots of the teeth, jaws, and gums. 

Dental Implants:

This method is suggested when you have lost teeth so that there is a placement of an implant in your tooth and then there occurs the replacement of the roots of the tooth. It is protected with a porcelain or ceramic crown which will look exactly the same as that of the natural tooth. In case, you do not have a sufficient mass of the bone in order to provide support to the implant, then you may require a bone graft process.


In this process, the porcelain or composite resin restorations are put on the front of your teeth in order to raise their look and make them attractive. These veneers are a little less intensive process compared to those of the crowns or implants. 

This dental cosmetic procedure will have very little effect on oral health and they will also provide you with help in order to hide all the spots or discoloration of the teeth, close little gaps, and straighten crooked teeth.


Suppose you suffering from the problem of crossbite or there is not a perfect alignment of the upper and lower teeth. In that case, your physician will suggest an orthodontic process such as aligners or braces in order to correct your bite. Ideally, a rehabilitation process starts.

Jaw Surgery:

If there is a serious problem with your malocclusion which cannot be treated well with orthodontics, then your doctor will prescribe you to get jaw surgery. This involves the replacements and remodeling of smallpox, which assist you in dealing with the problems regarding overbite and also with temporomandibular diseases.

How Long Will the Process Take?

It also depends on the initial situation of the client. In Enfield Royal Clinic, our doctors use the most recent and modern technologies in order to do this process in a short time as much as possible. Even the most difficult cases also need the involvement of all clinical professionals, which is most often done within a year.

What is the Cost of this Method?

Th charges of this process change from one person to other another person depending on their needs and desires. There are a few factors that have a great impact on the cost of this process. Some of the common factors include the condition or goals of the patient, the level or location of the candidate, no. the sessions required, the type of method used, and many more. However, the approximate cost for Full mouth rehabilitation in Dubai ranges from AED 2000 to AED 20,000. However, the real cost of the method can only be determined by visiting an expert physician after a thorough examination.

Why Choose Us?

If you want to have this Full Mouth Rehabilitation in Dubai, then it is quite better to come to our Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic by filling out the appointment form given on our website and get a chance to enjoy the best services of our clinic. We have the best and latest techniques in our clinic which helps the candidates to get the results of their desire. All our doctors are highly experienced and qualified. They really know how to make their clients comfortable with the process and also with him. However, you feel no pain during the process, as it is pain-free.