Teeth Grinding Treatment

Anxiety and stress are common these days and lead to different problems that can be mental or physical. Teeth grinding can be a problem due to tension. People grind their teeth when they are sleeping or when going through high stress. This issue is not that popular among people but is present in some. To solve the nuisance, Dynamic Clinic is giving the Teeth Grinding Treatment in Dubai so that you can get relief from the issue.

Know more about the process:

Some people sometimes grind their teeth due to stress and tension but it’s not always the case. People who clench their teeth while sleeping or in other activities are not harmful but it will be good to treat the issue to stop irritation.

The problem can cause various complications. These effects can be in the long run.


The outcomes of the procedure will give you an aesthetic look and will amend the teeth that were broken and chipped due to the grinding process. The results will be enduring and will enhance your chewing ability. Your teeth will become strong.

Benefits of the Technique:

  • Enhanced teeth appearance
  • Improved chewing ability 
  • Relaxed body
  • Strong teeth 
  • No downtime


  • Sometimes these are hearable as they are so loud that they can irritate others sleeping next to you
  • Chipped teeth 
  • Broken teeth
  • Pain in teeth 
  • Sensitive tooth 
  • Jaw soreness
  • Loosed jaw
  • Headache
  • Sleep irritation
  • Pain in neck

Effects of Teeth Clenching:

Teeth Grinding can cause these complications:

  • Loosening of teeth
  • Losing teeth 
  • Tooth damage
  • The fracturing of teeth or jaw
  • Enhanced teeth sensitivity
  • Chipped teeth 

Causes of Teeth Grinding?

Teeth grinding can be due to stress, use of harmful drugs, anxiety, and maybe naturally.

By reducing relaxation and avoiding stress this issue can be eliminated.

Treatment for Teeth Grinding:

There are two ways of Teeth Grinding Treatment in Abu Dhabi by which this problem can be treated.

Dental Treatment:

Mouth guard treatment: This is the treatment of the disorder by the utilization of mouth splints. This is worn by the patients when they are sleeping to avoid the clenching process. Each patient gets the mouth guard according to their teeth measurements. In this way, the enamel will be protected and the clenching of teeth will be stopped. This will avoid the injury chances.

Relaxation therapy: This is the therapy to get relaxed so that the patient can get relief from the pain and irritation. The techniques used in the process are specially designed to relax the jaws and oral muscles. In this way, grinding can be lessened.

Through Crowns: By the Use of crowns, the damaged part will be restored.

Medical Procedures:

Medicines: Certain medicines that are given to the patient are to be utilized while he or she is going to sleep as it will diminish spasms and pain in muscles and will relax the body. For example; spasmolytic and tension blockers.

Botox: A small dose of botulinum toxin gets enters into the jaw bone and then reduces the clenching process.

Tranquilizer: Some medicines tranquilize the mouth muscles and jaw. These are tranquilizers.

Are Clenching and Bruxism Different?

These two are a little bit different from each other. Clenching involves the tightening of teeth together still with force while bruxism is the movement of teeth within a jaw. This causes the loosening of teeth and chipping.

Both these issues are not permanent and can be solved by distinct therapies. The treatment that has been mentioned above will treat the problem and will make the patient live a normal life.

How to Avoid Teeth Grinding?

There are certain ways by which a man can control teeth clenching and these are as follows:

  • Doctors usually prescribe a mouth guard to such patients by which individuals reduce grinding
  • Commence Exercise if you want to solve the problem.
  • Try to relax either by yoga or rest
  • Be aware while you are grinding
  • Do not go for chewy foods
  • Do massage your jaw bones
  • Avoid drinking alcohol
  • Try to avoid clenching your teeth

Is this a Serious Issue?

Bruxism is not a serious disorder until it causes damage to teeth and jaws. This teeth clenching can cause headaches, loosening of teeth, and loss of teeth otherwise it cannot cause other worse conditions.

Cost for the Treatment:

The fee for the teeth Grinding Treatment in Dubai varies from AED 300 TO AED 3000. The fee depends on various elements:

  • The complexity of the treatment
  • Standard of the clinic
  • The demand of the doctor
  • Education and expertise of the doctor
  • sessions to be attended
  • Condition of the patient
  • Experience of the dentists
  • Location of the clinic

The final cost for the procedure will be decided by the doctor after consulting the patient.

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