People wear their smiles with great confidence. Our smile is our most precious and prominent feature. Our unique smile makes us attractive and enhances our appearance. But having spots on our smile can have a negative impact on our physical appearance. Having an unclean smile affects the confidence of people. And they start to hide their smile in a room full of people. They try to hide their teeth in public appearances. But having stains on your teeth should not be a big deal, especially when they can be removed through various different methods. Some people use home remedies to get rid of these stains. But when home remedies do not work, people choose professional dental methods such as Dental Stains Removal in Dubai & Abu Dhabi to achieve a more enhanced smile.

What is Stain Removal?

People often get prominent stains on their teeth. These can occur due to many different reasons. Over time people get busy in their lives and they do not get the time to treat them. But one should never neglect his/her oral hygiene. Our oral hygiene is very important and should be taken seriously. There are different dental procedures that help remove unnecessary spots from your teeth. A proper stain removal process by a professional dentist will help you achieve a more flawless, clean smile, that you may be able you flaunt confidently.


After proper treatment, the patients achieve an enhanced smile. They no longer lack confidence because of their unhygienic smile. Your teeth appear to be more clean, and white. People see a visible difference after the treatment. They gain their confidence back and smile more confidently.

Why Do Stains Occur on Our Teeth?

There are many different reasons that lead to the occurrence of stains on our teeth, making us awkward, and shy about our smile. When we talk about stains, there are two types of stains that occur on our teeth. These are:

  1. Avoidable Stains:

These are the stains that can be avoided and prevented. They are caused due to following reasons:

  • Drinking and eating too many dark-coloured foods. These can be tea, coffee, wine, berries, and soy sauce.
  • Smoking too much stains your teeth over time.
  • Using excessive fluoride. It is necessary that you brush your teeth twice a day. But over, and excessive brushing may damage your enamel, and it will lead to white spots on your teeth.
  • Not removing the plaque on your teeth properly.
  1. Unavoidable Stains:

The spots that cannot be avoided, or prevented with proper hygiene and care are known as unavoidable stains. They occur due to the following reasons:

  • They occur due to genetic reasons.
  • Because of dental trauma.
  • Due to ageing.
  • Because of certain diseases.
  • Because of cancer treatments.

An Eligible Candidate:

People who lie in the following candidacy criteria are eligible for the treatment:

  • Individuals who have proper, visible stains on their teeth.
  • People who want to enhance their smile.
  • Individuals who lack confidence due to it.
  • You hesitate while smiling.
  • Eating certain food items, and smoking have made your teeth appear yellowish, or brownish.

Stain Removal Methods:

At Our Clinic in Dubai, we have the following treatment methods:

  • Whitening or Bleaching Method:

This dental process takes only about 30 minutes. The process involves applying a hydrogen peroxide, or carbamide peroxide whitening agent to break down the stains from the enamel of our teeth. The dentist may also apply a certain gel to your teeth so that the process won’t affect the enamel of your teeth in any way. This method helps achieve whiter, and brighter teeth within just half an hour. However, some people may require more than one session.

  • Tooth Bonding:

In this process the dentist applies a synthetic material on your teeth, to remove the unwanted spots and stains. It is a simple procedure and is completed within one hour.

  • Veneers:

Veneers are thin custom shells that are used to treat different issues. They also help treat the discoloration of teeth. These are bonded to the tooth’s original enamel. They are either made from porcelain or resin material.

Benefits of Dental Stain Removal:

Following are some of the benefits of the procedure:

  • The patient achieves whiter teeth.
  • You achieve instant results.
  • A brighter smile.
  • You no longer have to get embarrassed.
  • Boosts your self-esteem and confidence.
  • No more unclean smile.

Side Effects:

Every procedure has some side effects. In some cases, the patient might experience:

  • Gum irritation.
  • Sensitivity in the tooth.
  • Ineffective results, due to an inexperienced dentist.
  • Soreness in the area.

When Should One Consult a Dentist?

When people see certain discoloration in the colour of their teeth, they should consult a dentist. When you see that these stains cannot be removed by regular brushing, it’s time that you consult a professional dentist.


The cost of this procedure at Dynamic Clinic in Dubai ranges from __AED to __AED. The cost may vary due to several different factors:

  • The experience of the dentist.
  • The reputation of the dental clinic.
  • The severity of the case being treated.

Achieve that Stain-Free Smile!

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