Milia Treatment in Dubai

We humans sometimes develop certain skin conditions. They are often not harmful but can have an impact on our appearance. Milia is also one of the common skin conditions that occur in the majority of babies as well as adults around the globe. However, these do not impose a threat to your health. However, individuals often do not like how they appear on their skin. So if you’re also someone facing this issue then you can get help from our experts about the Milia Treatment in Dubai.

A Brief Intro To Milia Treatment:

The tiny yellow cysts that occur on our epidermis when keratin is trapped under our skin are known as milia. These are trapped dead skin cells that occur in clusters. They can occur in different parts of the body. But they mostly occur on the face. This condition is quite common in newborn babies, but sometimes adults also suffer from developing them. Their formation poses no certain threat and the milia can resolve on their own. But if you do not like the way they appear you can get them removed by seeking help from a professional healthcare provider.

Reason For The Formation Of Milia:

Different causes can lead to the formation of these white, yellowish formations. These are:

  • If an injury or sun causes damage to your epidermis.
  • Using steroid creams, and different ointments can also lead to forming them.
  • They can also occur due to genetic reasons.
  • When the dead cells do not go away completely.
  • They can also occur due to a rash.
  • The buildup of makeup, or dirt in the pores can also lead to their formation.
  • When the dead skin cells do not fall off from our body.

Areas These Milk Spots Can Occur In:

They can occur around the areas of our face and in different parts of our body;

  • Around our eyelids.
  • On our chin, and cheeks.
  • Forehead.
  • Genitalia regions.

Result’s Of Milia Treatment:

The clients achieve a more clear skin, that is free from certain flaws and formations. You no longer have to deal with the issue of white milk spots. The treatment helps provide instant outcomes, and you achieve smooth, clear, and firmer skin. Below are some before and after pictures of our clients.

Reasons You Should Opt For Milia Treatment:

These clusters of keratin under our skin are not harmful in any way. And they do not impose further health threats. But people who lie in the following candidacy criteria are the perfect contenders for the treatment:

  • If you do not like the appearance of these formations around your face or your body.
  • You want to remove them to achieve a more firm, and smooth skin.
  • Individuals who want to improve their appearance by opting for a painless method.
  • You should opt for the removal method if these milk spots do not go away on their own.

How Are The Milkspots Diagnosed?

These white, yellowish spots can be diagnosed by certain different methods. Such as:

  • By carrying out a physical examination.
  • By undergoing a skin biopsy.
  • Blood tests.

Techniques For Removing Milinia At Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic:

At our clinic, we use the following methods to help treat the small formations that occur on your face or your body:

  • The Needle Method:

In this method, the expert first cleanses the area. Then by using a clean, and sterilized needle, the expert makes a tiny incision on the cyst. Then the surgeon carefully removes the contents from the area, not harming the surrounding skin.

  • Curretage:

During this process, the surgeon first numbs the area. Cleans it. Remove the milk spots carefully. At the end of the process, they seal the area by applying a hot wire over it.

  • By Using Antibiotics And Ointments:

If you do not require the surgical method then the doctor will prescribe you using certain antibiotics or using ointments on the area.

  • Freezing Method:

The method of cryotherapy applies liquid nitrogen to the area. This cold liquid nitrogen freezes and destroys the unwanted white or yellowish dead cells from our epidermis.

The Recovery Period of Milia Treatment:

Soon after the treatment process, the patients should observe some important guidelines:

  • Redness in the region.
  • Do not wear tight clothes, especially in the treatment region.
  • You might experience soreness.

Preventing The Formation Of Milia:

You cannot remove these spots on your own, but yes you can prevent them from developing. By observing the following precautions you can prevent their formation:

  • Make sure to wash your face with a gentle soap or cleanser. Wash it off with lukewarm water, and then gently pat dry your face.
  • Avoiding excessive exposure to the sun can also help prevent them.
  • You should never pop them, or squeeze them on your own.
  • Always seek help from a professional in the field.
  • Do not rub your skin with harsh methods.
  • Hot shower steam can also help prevent them.
  • Using sun protection daily will help prevent their formation.

Cost Of Milia Treatment:

At Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic Dubai the cost of removing these milk spots ranges from AED 100 to AED 400. But the price may vary due to some reasons. So to learn about the final price you will first have to book a consultation with our dermatologist. After examining your condition, and case they will inform you about the final price details.

Say Bye To Unwanted Formations!

At our clinic, we aim to provide you with skin that has no formations and is smooth. So to learn more about Milia Treatment in Dubai & Abu Dhabi, you can avail of a free consultation with our professional at our clinic.