Regenera Activa in Dubai

Hair is the most important part of the body which decides the appearance of a person. Hair makes a person beautiful. Hair loss can happen due to several different causes genetic issues, having an unhealthy lifestyle, a large amount of stress, insufficient intake of vital nutrients and minerals, somatic disorders, and a few more factors. Our Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic is offering the most popular and effective Regenera Activa in Dubai that will change your life at once and make you feel very satisfied and confident. Read ahead to learn more about the technique!

What is Regenera Activa?

This therapy helps greatly in the fight against hair loss problems and utilizes micrografting with regenerative cells taken from the candidate’s body. No doubt that hair loss affects numerous people living in different parts of the world, men as well as women. If you are going through the same issue, so do not ignore it as it can reduce your confidence. The therapy involves a cell suspension which contains a good amount of vascular-stromal cells and growth causes. To proceed with the therapy, this is very important to get back all the essential states of the client, identify and solve internal disorders, and also solve the mental background. Also, the process is used to make the skin of the face and neck very smooth and attractive.


The procedure of solving the issue of hair loss will show its initial result after the clinic, hair loss will stop. However, the complete results will be seen after about six months. This assists in increasing the volume of hair and density. The person who has curly hair will feel more smooth and silky hair after receiving the process. This method will be very good for scalp recovery.

Benefits of Regenera Activa:

The procedure has a large number of wonderful and amazing advantages. Some of the common pros are given below:

  • The procedure is completely painless, you do not have to come to the physician many times.
  • The method is quite protective as it involves the use of stem cells from the candidate’s body.
  • There is not such long recovery for the process so you can easily get back to your routine immediately after the process.
  • This is a very fast and influential technique as it has quick tissue preparation and real tissue disintegration.
  • The process is a little surgical process which makes it a protective option as compared to other methods.

How is the Procedure Performed?

While performing the process, our doctor will take a tiny piece of tissue from a region on your scalp where the hair is still thick and not 8influenced by the hair loss. Generally, the donor area will be mostly the region behind the head, near the neck. By having this ample, the physician can get regenerative cells and then inject them into the regions that are deficient in hair. 

This method activates hair follicles that are gonna fall out very soon, mostly that very tiny hair, fine hairs you see or you can not see – in case of thinning. The technique also increases the growth of new hair bristles. Any previously dying bristles can once again become strong and over time start forming thick and goo volume hair as your hair cycle gets back to normal.

Perfect Patient for the Method:

If you want to get Regenera Activa in Dubai then you have to show some certain signs as given below:

For men and women in the initial stages of alopecia.

  • Men up to stages 3-4 3-4 on the Norwood-Hamilton scale (addressed by a doctor).
  • Females up to stage two on the Ludwig scale (checked by a physician)
  • Preparation for hair transplantation.

The process is not convenient for individuals for candidates having the following signs:

  • Females go through the period of pregnancy and lactation.
  • Having epilepsy, and autoimmune disorders.
  • The one who is a diabetic patient or has oncological disorders.
  • Having blood disease and other heart issues.
  • Tendency to the formation of keloid scars.


The process needs a complete checkup of the client and his preparation. To perform this process, it is essential to undergo a blood analysis, such as hemogram, TSH, and T4, general biochemical check-up, coagulation, serology, and for females, PSA and Fe indicators.

  • Make sure you are healthy when you are getting the process.
  • Your anxiety level should be less, less than five points on a scale from zero to ten.
  • Also, there must not be swelling procedures and infectious disorders on the hairline.

Downtime and After-Process:

During the downtime, the following are some measles which should be followed by you to get good results:

  • Do not show yourself directly to the sunlight for about two weeks after the process.
  • Do not undergo a hair dye for at least two weeks after getting the process.
  • You should not go to sauna, baths, or swimming pools for about three days after the therapy.
  • Get rid of any physical exercise for about two to three days.
  • For about twelve hours of the procedure, this is not good to wash your hair, and also do not use any hair spray.

Cost of Regenera Activa:

The Cost of Regenera Activa in Dubai ranges from AED 7500 to AED 9500. The charges change depending on different factors like the condition or goals of the patient, the qualification of the doctor, and more. 

However, the real cost will be determined by visiting an expert physician.

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