Now you can transform your facial appearance with effective dermatology techniques. Often people are not satisfied with the appearance of certain aging signs, or sometimes they don’t like certain features. The field of dermatology has made it possible for people to rejuvenate the look of their face, body, and intimates. A good dermatology procedure performed by an experienced dermatologist can be your one-way solution to achieving the perfect desired appearance. Dr.Juan Carlos is one of the most experienced, and skillful dermatologists in Dubai.

About Dr.Juan Carlos:

Dr.Juan Carlos is a well-known, skillful dermatologist, who has an experience of about 30 years in the field of dermatology. He helps people restore, or rejuvenate their look by performing certain dermatology techniques on them with his artistic hands. He is a compassionate doctor and helps provide confidence to his patients who don’t feel much confidence in their appearance. He is a big lover of beauty and tries to enhance his patient’s appearances. He has great expertise in performing Botox and different laser treatments. 

Dr.Juan Carlos Knowledge And Skills:

A surgeon, an expert, or a doctor is always known for his vast knowledge and the set of skills he offers. Dr.Juan Carlos has gained a very broad education relating to his degree. He also carries a wide range of skills that helps him provide the best treatments to his patients. He performs many different procedures with his amazing skills:

  • Hands-on Rhinoplasty Eyelid Surgery Experience.
  • Facelift With Threads And Fillers for The Face And Body.
  • Breast And Buttock Enlargement treatments.
  • Great expertise in the weightlifting techniques such as liposuction, and sculptra.
  • He is a professional expert in performing different injectable treatments.

Dr.Juan tries to stay up-to-date with all the new and advanced techniques. He only performs the advanced techniques only by using the most dependable implant equipment. He has very diverse knowledge about different body techniques, such as body jet, and J-Plasma. However, the body contouring techniques work for only those clients who have undergone a certain weight loss.

His Memberships:

In his career, Dr.Juan Carlos has been an active member of many different things:

  • He is an active member of American Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.
  • Emirates Plastic Surgery Society Member.
  • Member of the Columbian Society of Plastic Surgery.
  • Ibero-Latin American Association Partner (FILACP).
  • Icoplast member.
  • ISAPS member.
  • A member of the Clinica Artery Cuerpo Medellin, Columbia Team.

His Work Experience, And Career:

Dr.Juan Carlos has had a very active work career. Over the years he has performed many different procedures, in addition to providing his patients with their desired results. His patients have always been satisfied with their treatments:


  • As a professional dermatologist, he has vast experience in diagnosing and treating melanoma, blue nevi, psoriasis, congenital nevi, and many different skin concerns.
  • He always informs his patients about the treatments that are best suitable for them. And when anything is not in his ability to treat then he always makes sure to recommend any other dermatologist to his patients.
  • He has performed many chemical peel procedures in his career that have helped many of his patients.
  • He always makes sure to first properly examine the patient’s condition, and then recommend to them the best treatment that is suitable for their condition.

Physician Assistant:

  • He has also worked with a senior chief dermatologist for tattoo removal procedures and has performed many chemical peel procedures.
  • He always makes sure to obtain consent documents from patients. 
  • He always begins the process by obtaining all the patient health histories, data about their heights, weights, and other essential patient documentation.


Dr.Juan Carlos has affiliations with other highly reputed organizations and aesthetic centers. He collaborated with the following:

  • Envigado Colombia Cosmetic Surgery.
  • Clinica Izka, Bogota, D.O., Colombia.
  • Victoria Advanced Plastic Surgery Center, Bogota, Colombia
  • Clinica Avellaneda Bogota, Colombia
  • El Country Clinic in Bogota
  • Loyola Clinic in Bogota, Colombia
  • San Nicolas Clinic in Bogota, Colombia
  • Circular Medellin
  • Plastic Surgery Clinic in Bogota, Colombia.

An Expert Dermatologist At Dynamic Aesthetic:

Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic is proud to have a highly qualified, professional, and skillful person Dr.Juan Carlos on board with us. We are proud to have such a talented member on our team. Dr.Juan Carlos is currently offering his wonderful services, and treatment to the patients at Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic.