Concentrated Growth Factor

Concentrated Growth Factor Treatment in Dubai is a high volume of platelets encased in its plasma this technique has been successful as it has a variety of advantageous growth factors and minerals that help in the production of collagen and elastin and the texture of the skin is also improved. This method can treat also the fine lines and wrinkles in the treason around the eyes, cheekbones, neck, and chest. The method has become very famous because of its amazing results and effects. You will get back your confidence by this process easily.

CGF Treatment:

This treatment has become so popular these days because of the effective outcomes and the unmatchable benefits. By using the procedure, the recovery is fast and there are no chances for the risks or complications. For the production of growth factors, this process plays a role. The process is simple to carry out and can be used in the areas that are wounded already. 

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By this method, the acne and the wrinkles are removed from the skin permanently. The skin texture improves and the lines on the face decrease. You can say bye to aging for years by this method. The results of the procedure depend on the expertise of the doctor too. 


The advantages that a person receives when gets the cure are the ones that are present below:

  • These growth factors cause the healing of the skin that is damaged and needs repair 
  • It is a natural process and provides outcomes near to the natural body and the risks for the allergies and the infections are low. 
  • This is minimally invasive and does not cause any cuts or incisions 
  • It provides faster healing and enables the natural recovery process 
  • The procedure has long-lasting outcomes 
  • Collagen production increases and the texture of the skin improves 

Ideal Candidate:

Individuals who need to get the Concentrated Growth Factor Treatment in Dubai are the ones who have the following:

  • When you have a realistic approach to the treatment 
  • You are over 18 years 
  • When you are having ulcers and hair loss problems 
  • Due to some dermatological conditions like scars, wrinkles, and fine lines
  • For sorting out the musculoskeletal injury 
  • To get aesthetic enhancements
  • The one with the real and natural expectations about the therapy


To get prepared for the treatment the patient needs to have some preparatory steps. The steps that you need to follow are the ones:

  • When the therapy is required, you need to avoid the alcohol consumption 
  • Eliminate the use of cigarettes and do not smoke 
  • Do not utilize the medicines that are not suggested by the doctor 
  • When there are no skin allergies 
  • Drink plenty of water and keep yourself hydrated 


The procedure for the treatment is described below:

  • Before the process, the doctor will perform some medical and blood tests to check the internal health 
  • The blood that is taken will be inserted into the centrifugal machine 
  • When the CGF is introduced in the body the vital growth factors and the proteins are then injected into the plasma. The solution is then inserted into the skin to provide perfect outcomes 
  • The production of the collagen starts with the method. The factors that cause improvement are the epidermal and keratinocyte growth factors. 
  • By different routes, the solution gets into the targeted area. 


The following are the essential steps to follow before going for the therapy:

  • Undergone a complete medical history to make sure the candidate is good for the therapy or not.
  • Obtain informed consent from the individual, explaining the potential side effects of the therapy and expected results.
  • Ensure a sterile and controlled environment during the s=compete procedure to get rid of any risk.
  • Obey the aseptic method during blood collection, processing, and use to maintain the purity of the CGF product.
  • Continuously check the procedure, documenting each step to track variables and keep quality control.
  • Follow daily measures and standards governing the processing of biological materials to ensure patient safety and efficacy of the CFG process.

After Care:

When the process is carried out, the post-care of the treatment involves the following:

  • As the methodology is simple it does not require any long recovery phase. You can just continue the activities immediately afterward. 
  • Being non-invasive it may cause a little swelling and bruising that can get away with time 
  • After a few days, all the skin deformities or injuries will go away.
  • Try to lessen the consumption of alcohol as it can cause a great disturbance in your healing process.
  • Use  a small ice cube on your face, and give a little massage to the skin it will help to get rid of a certain infection and ensure proper recovery.
  • Try to drink a large amount of water to support our full health and help in the downtime.

How Many Sessions Are Needed?

Generally, to carry out the process. 3 to 4 procedures are required. The collagen is produced the results become visible within some days. As the cure is natural there will be no side effects. 


The cost for the Concentrated Growth Factor Treatment in Dubai ranges from AED 899 to AED 2999. There are many reasons for the fluctuations in the pricing of the treatment. The main factors that can affect are the location of the clinic, the reputation of the clinic, the demands of the doctor, and the condition of the patient. In your consultation, your doctor will tell you about the exact charges. 

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