Facial Pain in Dubai

You might be feeling pain in your mouth or facial area including your eyes and surroundings. This is usually due to an accident or injury that happened to you but that’s not always the case. Any sort of medical condition can be the reason too. You need to go to a doctor in order to have proper analysis and to get treated. Professionals are here to first examine and then properly guide you for your perfect treatment. Get your treatment for facial pain in the form of Facial Pain Treatment in Dubai Know about the treatment more by scrolling down!

What Is Facial Pain?

Facial pain is felt in the face and mouth usually due to brushing, injuries or headaches. These may be due to other dental problems too. Causes for facial pain are many and these are usually not harmful. If you have facial pain and the cause is not known then you should go to a doctor. The doctor will conduct a proper analysis. Trigeminal nerve irritation and pain can cause these face complications. 

Causes For Facial Pain:

There are many reasons for facial pain. Infections or any damage to the nerve can cause facial pain. The main causes of the problem are the ones present below:

  • Infection of the oral cavity
  • Ulcers
  • Open sore
  • Headache 
  • Toothache

Other medical conditions that can be the source of the problem are herpes, sinusitis, and cold sores. Facial pain feels like a cramp and ache. You may feel irritation in the ears and head. 

Types Of Facial Pain Treatment in Dubai

Different kinds of Facial Pain Treatment in Dubai & Abu Dhabi are there. These can be 

Mouth Pain:

When you feel some sort of pain on one side of the face or in your mouth this may be due to mouth problems, tooth pain, cavity issues, and obsessions. 


The patient feels pressure & aches in the cheekbones or around the eyes due to sinusitis. Abscesses and Ulcers occur at the location of the problem. In this condition, the headaches and injuries feel like stabbing pain. 

Trigeminal Neuralgia:

The patient feels compression in the trigeminal nerve present in the facial area. The nerves occur due to facial injury, stroke, or other facial surgeries. Sclerosis or any other medical condition can cause neuralgia. 

How Is Diagnosis Done?

When starting with the diagnosis of Facial Pain Treatment your doctor do X-rays or MRI scans. These will show the problems if any with the bones, muscles & tissues. Sometimes, blood tests are done to check for any type of infection. 

In the analysis, the patient may feel some sort of pain because the blood is withdrawn from the arm of the patient. Heart problems can be a source of any eye condition which is also diagnosed by the tests. 

Symptoms of the Problem:

When the patient feels the following signs or issues he/she might have the issue. The symptoms are as follows:

  • Your face get hurts from one side
  • May feel electric shocks 
  • Chewing and talking can cause pain
  • The ache does not get relieved and gets intense with time
  • Headaches and injuries occur
  • Dental & nerve disorders 

Treatments For Facial Pain:

There are treatment types to solve these issues. These are the ones present below:

Radiofrequency Thermolysis:

In this treatment, the doctor uses a specific technique of needle. The needle is inserted into the neck region that passes to ovale and then reaches the roots of the ganglion. The overall system acts as an electrode. 

Laser Therapy:

This therapy checks the cause of pain and that will keep it under control. The patient needs some sessions to get complete. Three to four sessions are generally needed to receive the proper treatment. 


Botulinum toxin is used to treat the affected area. This treatment requires 10 to 20 days to tackle the pain. After some days the pain will completely get vanish. Because of its perfect results, it is a popular treatment among people.  


Sometimes, the doctor uses this type of treatment to treat the patient. This treatment type is not common among people as the effectiveness of the medicines go away after a certain time.

Is there any Aftercare?

When the patient is done with the Facial Pain Treatment in Abu Dhabi, there is some aftercare may be needed depending on the type of treatment done.  The patient may need to 

  • Limit the movement of the jaw and mouth
  • Avoid any painkillers not recommended by the doctors.

You do not need any extra care as the treatment is not surgical. 


The cost of Facial Pain Treatment in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah ranges from 500 AED to 5000 AED. There are many factors that decide the final rate including the standard of the clinic, demand of the doctor, and services at the clinic. 

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