Gum Recession Treatment

If you are facing an issue in any body part then absolutely it will affect your body. Oral health is the most important and needs great care. Most people are facing oral diseases such as tooth decay. Not brushing your teeth after eating hard food can lead to many gum diseases. But you don’t have to take any stress about this problem. There are many solutions to this issue. For this purpose, our Clinic is offering Gum Recession Treatment In Dubai for those facing such problems. You can get pimples and tooth loss with gum disease. With this treatment, all your problems can be solved. Read some more details given below.

The main purpose of the treatment: 

There are some major aims of this treatment to solve. Read them given below:

  • A candidate will attain a beautiful smile.
  • Your health will be improved with this treatment.
  • A candidate’s self-confidence will be enhanced.

What is Gum Recession Treatment?

The disease is harmful to the tooth as it affects the soft tissues as well as bone structure. If this problem is not resolved on time then it can lead to tooth decay or bleeding gums. There are many ways to solve these issues. 

  • Guided Tissue Regeneration

If a patient is facing damaged bone then this tissue and bone are replaced by this treatment. The microorganisms will be removed by the dentist. A gum material is used which connects the roots of the teeth. Graft tissue and protein-stimulating tissue are used in this procedure.

  • Bone Grafting 

Due to an infection, if the bone that surrounds the root of the tooth is affected then this treatment is recommended by the doctors. In this procedure, the tooth is corrected and bone braces are placed which protect the tooth loss. This treatment is very helpful in bone rebuilding. 

  • Bone Tissue Grafting

This treatment is the secure and most recommended technique by dentists. In this technique, the tissue is taken from another place and then placed to root up to the gum tissue. On your condition, the doctor will choose the most suitable procedure for you.

  • Flap Surgery

This is a surgical treatment. In it, a hole is formed into the gum so that some of the gum is obtained. This procedure is also performed to clean the roots more properly. 

Mouthwashes are also used for this purpose. All the bacteria will be killed with these washers. These treatments are most effective and suitable for a patient. You will be prescribed the best technique for you. 

Expected Results?

The results will amazing beyond your expectations. With the help of this treatment, all bacteria and tarter will be removed. A candidate’s oral health will also be improved. No pain. Bleeding gums or infection will be faced by you anymore. The results are long-lasting. The treatment can be resolved by pink and healthy gums. 

Advantages of Gum Recession Treatment:

There are many benefits of Gum Recession Treatment In Dubai. We are providing you with some of the advantages below:

  • This treatment is most secure and effective for a patient.
  • All rotten food and bacteria will be removed that is placed behind the gums and no bad breath anymore.
  • Any other problem related to oral health will be revealed to you.
  • Not only your problem is solved but your smile will start looking beautiful.
  • Your confidence will boosted.
  • Tarter will be removed from your teeth which is effective for you.

Before and aftercare:

There are some important guidelines that help the patient to recover and avoid the things for their perfect health. Give a brief reading to them given below.

  • You should eat soft food which is at room temperature after the treatment.
  • A candidate should use antibacterial mouthwash for the surgical area.
  • Avoid brushing into the treated area which can cause damage to it.
  • It’s a must for you to leave smoking and drinking alcohol before the treatment.
  • Inform the doctor about your medical history so that you can be treated properly.
  • Do not take antibiotics that can increase bleeding.
  • Follow all the important instructions prescribed by the doctor.

Recovery Time:

The recovery time depends on the patient’s condition. How many teeth are treated and which type of treatment is done on you are the major factors for recovery. Most people can recover within 2 weeks. All you have to do is to take care of yourself properly. 

Who is a Perfect Candidate? 

A perfect candidate for Gum Recession Treatment In Dubai & Abu Dhabi is the one who:

  • If you have lost your tooth then you are not suitable for this treatment.
  • You should be in good health.
  • You should not have any severe gum disease.
  • If you are not taking any medication.
  • Your teeth must be in good condition.


The cost for Gum Recession Treatment In Dubai & Abu Dhabi ranges from 399 AED up to 799 AED. The price is affordable. The exact price depends on the condition of the patient, the type of technique you choose, and the experience of the doctor. Contact us to get to know about your exact price.

Why Choose Us?

Health is wealth. You should not compromise on your health. You are very lucky to have us in this situation. For this purpose, our Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic is offering Gum Recession Treatment In Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah for those who are facing gum problems. Our dentists are experts and have a complete experience in their work. The staff is also very cooperative with the patients. We assure you that you will be completely satisfied with the results you achieve. You should avail this offer and get yourself free from all the dental problems.

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