Zirconia Implant

Overview of the Technique:

Nowadays many the individuals are going through the issue of having lost teeth which is very awkward for them. Everyone wants to get rid of this problem. Those persons who are suffering from this problem are searching for a solution that helps them to recover from this loss. But they are not able to find a suitable way. But now you do not need to feel tension regarding this problem as our Clinic is providing you with the best solution to get back your pretty and attractive teeth. Zirconia implant Treatment in Dubai is the best process to recover your lost teeth. If you want to know more about the process, then read the given explanation below!

How to Get Know More about Zirconia Implants?

These implants are also known as zirconium dioxide, which is a chemical substance which is obtained from zircon. It has some certain substances of zirconium and oxygen. Moreover, it is the one of the best materials for implants of teeth, they do not initiate the reaction of chemicals. They are white in tone and are one of the best options for the patients. In addition, they can not be seen by others as they are under the crown and are specially used for the teeth in the front which will be seen when you will smile.

What is the before and After of the technique?

The effects of this method are quite amazing and wonderful. As these zirconium implants are very strong with the benefits of biocompatibility and protection. The best thing about this technique is that you will not observe any side effects or infection. These implants are not visible as they are below the crowns. After you have gone through this process, they will give you quite an attractive and pretty look.

How long will these Implants remain?

This is one of the most recent and modern process and it usually last for a longer time. When the individuals get this process by our Enfield Royal Clinic, and you also take a good care of them, then they will remain for a much longer time. If you keep them quite nicely, then they will last for about fifteen and twenty years or even more than this. In addition to this, this method has gained a great success because of its wonderful and surprising effects.

Are these Zirconia implants Protective or Not?

You do not need to worry about whether these implants if are safe or not.  Because they are obviously very protective and safe. They do not cause any allergic or corrosive effects. So this technique will be quite a wonderland protective for the candidates. However, they will appear very pretty and amazing. They will make your smile much prettier and more attractive. The good thing about them is that they will look quite real just like your original teeth

What are the advantages of the technique?

The process of Zirconia implant Treatment in Dubai has become of of the most popular and effective processes because of its great benefits and effects. Some of these benefits are as follows: 

  • The technique does not cause any certain allergy or infection.
  • These implants are very powerful; and strong.
  • The recovery time for this method is much less and faster.
  • The process has cosmetic benefits.
  • You will notice no discoloration after completing the process.
  • The implants will give you quite a natural and real look.
  • They are accurately biocompatible.
  • Zirconia implants are very strong.

Are there any side effects of the process?

Someone who wants to get this process should read a lot about this method. You must know all the benefits and side effects of the process. As such the process has not too many side effects but you may experience a few side effects after getting the process. But it is not a thing to worry about as they will soon disappear:

  • You may feel a little irritation or discomfort after completing the process.
  • There may occur a mild accumulation after the method.
  • Lack of dental doctors provides them.
  • You can also experience any certain infection after having the technique.

Who is the most Suitable Patient for this technique?

The person who wants to get the process of Zirconia implant Treatment in Dubai must have to show some common signs that an ideal candidate should show in order to prove herself a perfect candidate. Some of these signs are given below:

  • Someone who going through the problem of lost teeth.
  • Having a co,pete growth of the jawbone. 
  • If you have perfectly healthy oral cells.
  • Someone who cannot wear dentures.
  • The person who wants to improve his appearance.
  • If you are a non-smoker.
  • The individual who is not going through any health problems which will influence the recovery of the bone.
  • If you have enough bone to protect the implants.

What are some basic steps to adopt Before going for the process?

Before going for the technique there are some special measures which must have to obey as given by your dentist in order to get the best outcomes. You should follow all the instructions of your physician. Some of these points are as follows:

  • Firstly, the dentist will conduct an X-ray of your teeth and will also get the images of the teeth.
  • You have to quit smoking.
  • You should also stop consuming alcohol for a few days before the process.
  • Do not take any hard food items or colored meals.
  • It is very important to completely tell all your goals and needs to your dentist before starting the process.

What are the Measures to follow after the Technique?

Once you have undergone the process, there are some special steps that you should follow after the process. If you obey all these measures quite perfectly, then you will observe no side effects. Some of these instructions are given below:

  • You should keep your hygienic measures very clean.
  • Also, you should not eat any hard food.
  • Do not smoke or drink alcohol after a few days of the process.
  • It is very necessary to brush your teeth twice times day. 
  • Wash your mouth with that mouthwash which maintains your oral health. 
  • Do not consume any beverage product for some days after the process.
  • Maintain good care of your teeth after the procedure.

Charges of the process:

The cost of Zirconia implant Treatment in Dubai varies from AED 15,99 to AED 34,99. The prices of the process will not exactly the same as it changes from person to person depending on their condition and requirements.

Why Choose Enfield Royal Clinic?

If you want to get the process of Zirconia implant in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah at Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic then book your appointment with our expert physician by filling up the form given on our website and get the best treatment to overcome the problem of lost teeth. And also the process is quite comfortable.