Zygomatic Implants

If you are considering getting implants, zygomatic implants are the best to get. These are the new forms of implants that a person can receive. Because of their benefits and perfect impacts these Zygomatic Implants in Dubai are getting popular day by day. Candidates with extreme problems with the upper jaw get these implants. If you have issues with the jawbone, cheeks, and dentures then you should also opt for these implants as they can help you a lot with all your complications. 

What are Zygomatic Implants?

These implants are usually put in to support the prosthesis that can not bear the placement of traditional implants. These are made with modern techniques and tactics so they provide extra support and stability to the mouth. The lasting time of these implants is longer. Different problems can be treated by these implants. People suffering from the following used to get these zygomatic implants. 

  • Bone loss in the upper Jaw 
  • To avoid the bone grafting 
  • Have smile issues 
  • Low oral aesthetics


As a result, the zygomatic implants provide dental restorations with better chewing and biting abilities. You will have improved aesthetics and will get immediate outcomes. The results stay there for a lifetime if you take good care of it. 

The Essence of the Technique:

The goals of this method are to:

  • Give a revolutionary solution for the candidates with serious maxillary bone loss who are not candidates for traditional dental implants.
  • These customized implants are planted in the zygomatic bone.
  • Removing the requirement for the grafting method.
  • By bypassing the compromised maxillary bone, the implants provide a good foundation for full-arch dental restorations like bridges or dentures.
  • This effective and safe method most often decreases therapy time and improves the quality of the life for clients.
  • Enabling the patients to regain natural oral function and aesthetics while getting rid of more severe and lengthy invasive methods.

What are the Benefits?

There are a lot of advantages to the treatment. These are the ones:

  • The success rate is high 
  • It provides long-lasting outcomes 
  • Low maintenance is required 
  • You have the freedom to eat anything 
  • Protects you from teeth loss 
  • A safe and secure procedure 
  • It provides an improved aesthetic look 
  • Increase the self-confidence and self-esteem 
  • The process is minimally invasive 
  • Prevents the need for bone grafting 
  • No sinus lifting required 
  • You can enjoy your new teeth look with this 

Who should get this process?

Individuals who have the following, need to get the treatment. The candidacy criteria for the implants are:

  • Individuals who have problems with the dentures 
  • You are facing difficulty in eating and chewing 
  • Have gaps in your teeth and want stability and precision 
  • Do not have sufficient bone jaw
  • Have undergone a failed grafting before 
  • To enhance general oral hygiene 
  • For teeth stability and maintenance 
  • You keep natural and good expectations about the results


Before the treatment, there are some important steps that a patient needs to follow to maintain the outcomes and to receive long-term results. The preparation needed will be told by the doctor. The pre-care is:

  • The patient should keep the mouth clean and clear 
  • Do not eat anything before the process
  • Eliminate drinking alcohol and caffeine 
  • Avoid smoking as the cigarettes contain nicotine in them that can affect the healing procedure 
  • Eat soft food while avoiding all the hard and harsh eatables 


The doctor first numbs the area that is to be treated. For the numbing process, your dentist may use numbing cream or anesthesia depending on your need. After waiting for some time the doctor will start the process. To start the process the implants will be placed inside the mouth. For the implantation, first, the bridges will be fitted inside and then the implants are attached. 

The process can take a little longer time. The results start getting visible after 6 to 8 months. After this time, the doctor will again examine the patient and will see the improvements. Impressions of the gums and the teeth will be taken at this time. After that, the doctor will create the final required bridge. Once the process ends, it looks like natural teeth and gives you a perfect appearance. 


After the process, there are some essential aftercare steps that the individual needs to follow for better results and long-lasting effects as well as a fast recovery. The recommended post-care is as follows:

  • Clean the mouth as frequently as possible 
  • Rinse your oral cavity to keep the bacteria away 
  • Do not eat hard food instead stay on the soft meals 
  • In case of pain, take the painkillers 
  • Avoid smoking and alcohol consumption 
  • You can utilize the ice packs if you desire 
  • Use salty water for rinsing 

Recovery Period:

The rehabilitation time after the process is for some days to weeks after which the patient can continue the daily routine. The recovery period is fast and the patient feels normal. During the treatment at Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic, the patient does not feel anything as the doctor applies anesthesia and the pain is zero at that time.