Women often get busy playing different important roles in their lives. With their usual hectic routines, they often do not give much importance to their health. Negligence in health can bring many complications in your life. Women should always know about the general condition of their bodies and the health of their organs. It is essential for women to always detect any unusual changes that occur in their boobs. Early detection can help save your life! Avail the Breast Cancer Screening in Dubai so you can learn if you do or do not have cancerous cells.

Understanding Breast Cancer Screening:

Screenings are a series of examinations that are carried out on healthy people to check whether they do or do not have cancerous cells. Breast cancer is one of the rising health concerns around the globe. It affects millions of women around the globe each year. Most women die because they do not get a diagnosis at an early stage. An early diagnosis can save you from untimely death. A breast cancer screening cannot prevent you from developing cancer but it can definitely save you from a painful death.

Reasons You Should Undergo A Breast Cancer Screening:

You can save your life and live a healthy life if you decide to get a screening done at the right time. Here are some reasons why one should opt for this examination:

  • If you have a family history of this disease, then you should undergo this procedure once every few months.
  • If you notice any type of lumps on your boobs, or on your underarms.
  • Having irritation or dimpling in the boobs.
  • Experiencing any change in the shape and size of your boobs.
  • Women who experience an unusual nipple discharge, or bleeding from the nipples.
  • Having pain in the nipple, or any other area of your breast.
  • Your skin appears to be flaky, or red.

What To Do Before Your Breast Cancer Screening:

Before going for the tests, the patients have to follow some necessary preparations. These include:

  • You must not go for your mammogram a week before your menstrual cycle.
  • The patients must not apply any type of deodorant, lotions, or antiseptics on their bosom region.
  • You should consider wearing clothes that are easy to remove before the procedure.
  • Inform your doctor about your medical history, Also make sure to take your previous medical test results with you when you go.
  • Always make sure to go to the clinics, or hospitals that use the best, advanced, high-quality machines.
  • You must inform your radiologist if you are pregnant.
  • If you suffer from any allergic reactions or are claustrophobic, inform your doctor about it.

Identifying Breast Cancer At Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic:

Our clinic offers effective methods that can help detect your issue at an early stage while providing you with the right treatment that you require. We offer 3 methods that can help prevent further complications if an early diagnosis is made:

1- The Common Mammography Method:

This method uses a special device called a mammogram. For this process, you will have to take off your clothes and bra. Then you will have to place your boobs on the plastic plate of the mammogram. A technologist will guide you throughout the process. Then another plate at the top will press your breasts. The boobs are to be held still, for the machine to take prosper x-rays. The process is not at all painful, however, you might feel a slight pressure. The technologist will repeat the process 2 to 3 times to take the X-rays from different angles.

2- Magnetic Resonance Imaging:

This test helps provide clear pictures of your breasts. During this method, the computer develops large images of the results by using a large magnet, and radiowaves. For this process:

  • You must first remove any jewelry or metal items that you have on your body.
  • The patient will have to lie face down on a table. The healthcare provider will insert an IV line into your arm.
  • The technologist will then move this table further into the MRI machine.
  • The patient has to remain still while the machine takes images.
  • You will have to wait while the technologist checks the images. They might want to get the test again if the images are not clear. 
  • At the end, they will remove your IV line. 

3- Biopsy Method:

During the biopsy method, the doctor takes several core samples of breast tissues to examine them properly in a lab. The process is not painful, as it is performed while the patient is under the sedation of either general or local anesthesia. The different types of biopsies we offer at Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic Dubai are:

  • Thick Needle Biopsy.
  • Needle Biopsy.
  • Vacuum Biopsy.

Other Techniques We Use:

Some of the other methods we use at our clinic are:

  • Digital infrared thermal imaging DITI.
  • A physical breast exam is carried out by a healthcare provider, or a professional surgeon.
  • Tissue sampling.

Advantages Of Getting A Breast Cancer Screening Test:

Although these tests cannot help prevent the illness. But the following are the advantages of undergoing these tests:

  • An early examination can help start the treatment process at an early stage.
  • Your chances of dying from it become lower.
  • Early detection can also prevent you from undergoing the difficulty of chemotherapy.
  • Detection of cancerous cells at an early stage.
  • The examination can help detect tumors as small as 0.5cm.

Breast Cancer Screening Cost in Dubai:

The cost of these examinations at our clinic can range from AED 5,99 to AED 9,99. The cost may vary due to several factors, such as the location and reputation of the clinic, and the type of test you undergo.

Prevention With Early Detection!

Get in touch with our experts at Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic in Dubai, and they will guide you about Breast Cancer Screening in Dubai & Abu Dhabi. It’s better to take preventive measures before the problem gets complicated.