Fillers For Vaginal Enhancement in Dubai

Women are strong, wonderful beings who have to undergo various body changes due to different life phases. Life phases such as childbirth, menopause, and pregnancy impact the bodies of women. Childbirth is a beautiful, and miraculous experience for many women out there, but it brings many challenges, and changes along with it. One of the main challenges women experience is the laxity in the vaginal muscles. This laxity becomes the reason for their unsatisfied sexual life. So if you’re also one of the many women out there facing this issue then you can opt for the non-invasive Fillers For Vaginal Enhancement in Dubai.

Fillers For Enhancing The Vaginal Laxity:

Surgical treatments for improving the loose muscles of the vagina are pretty common. But most of the women often become afraid and hesitate when they hear the name of surgery. But how about we tell you that your vaginal issues can now be treated with effective non-invasive fillers. Yes! You heard it right, a filler can help improve and enhance your vaginal area. The Vaginal Rejuvenation with Fillers provides hydration, and fullness in the genital region that cannot be achieved with various exercises.

Achieving The Outcomes Of Enhanced Vagina:

The treatment helps provide instant results. The clients can notice the visible results. It improves the hydration in the area, stimulates your G-spot, and tightens the intimate muscles. Patients experience more sexual satisfaction after the treatment. It increases the vulvar region sensitivity, in addition to enhancing the tone of your gentle area. After the treatment, both you and your partner will notice more intimacy satisfaction.

Why Choose Vaginal Enhancement Fillers?

If you’re also wondering how to enhance your genital region after the process of childbirth. Then here are some reasons that might make you an ideal candidate for this procedure.

  • If you lack sexual satisfaction because of loose vagina.
  • You fulfill the two requirements of not being pregnant, or breastfeeding.
  • The dryness of the genitals causes discomfort during sexual intercourse.
  • To undergo this treatment you should be above the age of 18.
  • If there is some defect in the vaginal walls due to childbirth.
  • If the tissues in your genital region have become loose.

Preparations Before Undergoing Vaginal Fillers:

Before going for the procedure, your gynecologist will recommend you some instructions that you have to follow:

  • Do not smoke or use any other nicotine products as they can impact your blood flow.
  • You should inform your doctor if you’re on your menstrual cycle. Because this technique can only be performed before or after your menstrual cycle.
  • If you have an infection or inflammation in the genital region. Then make sure that you treat that first.
  • Eat a healthy diet before coming for the appointment. As well as keep your hydration levels maintained.

Procedural Steps:

This non-invasive technique has the following steps:

  • Your gynecologist will first clean your genital region by using a mild antiseptic.
  • The next step is the application of the local anesthesia. The expert will either use certain gels, or sprays to numb the area.
  • Then the gynecologist starts to inject the hyaluronic fillers into the interior or posterior walls of the vagina. While the insertion of fillers in the genital region may be a scary thought for many, due to anesthesia the patients feel no pain at all.
  • After the insertion process, your doctor will wait sometime to check in case the patient has any allergic reaction.
  • Your gynecologist will provide you with the necessary precautions, and you can go home the same day.

Post Vaginal Filler Guidelines:

The patients do not have to worry because our expert doctors will guide you through the entire process, and they will provide you with post-procedural guidelines that you have to follow:

  • The patients might experience some discomfort in the treatment region, during the first few days.
  • You may experience swelling, itching, or hematomas in the treatment region. But you shouldn’t scratch the region, as these symptoms will subside within a few days.
  • Try to avoid any heavy physical activities that might put pressure on the region, such as cycling.
  • Avoiding intimacy for the first few days will be best for you.
  • Maintain good hygiene in your intimate region.

The Pros Of Undergoing Fillers Treatment For Vagina:

Let’s look at the positive impacts this treatment offers:

  • The patients feel a better sexual pleasure.
  • There is no more unsatisfied intimacy.
  • The technique creates thickness, and firmness in the walls of the genital region.
  • It resolves the low libido problems.
  • This is a safe method and causes no allergic reactions.
  • Not only you but your partner will also notice the visible outcomes.
  • You can return to your activities the same day, as it does not require hospital stays.
  • The HA solutions do not cause you to have any allergic reactions.

How Much Do Vaginal Injections Cost?

The Cost of these Vaginal Fillers in Dubai can range between AED 2999 to AED 7999. At Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic in Dubai, our expert gynecologist will inform you about the cost details after having a brief consultation with you.

Are The Results Permanent?

This treatment provides long-term effects and effective results. Women who undergo this technique can enjoy the results for about 5 years. However older women might not receive such good results, and they may also require hormone replacement therapy with it.

Here’s To An Enhanced Intimate Life!

Your genital areas require the same care as the rest of your body. So if your intimate region has suffered due to childbirth, or other reasons then we’re here to help you. To avail of the Fillers For Vaginal Enhancement in Dubai & Abu Dhabi, you can consult us at our clinic. To reach out to our professional doctor, you can fill out the form at our website.