Women often ignore their health because of their busy, hectic routines. Women usually take care of everyone and everything in their surrounding environment, and they often neglect their own health. The majority of women around the globe don’t consider it important to visit a gynecologist until or unless they are pregnant. Let’s change this norm and make our health our priority, whether it be our general health or the health of our genital organs. Ignoring the conditions or issues of our reproductive organs may only cause more problems. General Gynecology in Dubai offers various different treatments relating to the reproductive organs of women and the issues related to their menstrual organs.

What is General Gynecology?

General gynecology is the department of medicine that deals with all the issues and problems related to the female genital organs. General gynecologists are doctors who help resolve your menstrual issues and the problems you face in your genital organs. Women often feel shy and uncomfortable while visiting a gynecologist. But keep in mind that your genital health is as important as your overall health. Hence, the health of reproductive organs should never be ignored. 

What Issues Does General Gynecology Address?

The field of gynecology deals with the following problems:

  • Infertility issues.
  • Ovarian cysts.
  • Endometriosis.
  • Uterine fibroids.
  • Pain in the pelvic area.
  • Reproductive cancers.
  • Menopause.
  • Contraception.
  • Fallopian tubes, ovaries.
  • Uterus and vagina issues.
  • Menstrual problems, etc.

When Should One Consult A Gynecologist?

Women often hesitate while visiting a gynecologist. But you should never put off your gynecological appointments, especially if a certain pain occurs. Here are some reasons why you might consider visiting a professional gyno doctor:

  • When you suffer from irregular periods.
  • Experiencing pain during intercourse.
  • Burning sensation in the genital area.
  • Your discharge has an unpleasant odor, smell, and color.
  • Having constant mood swings and headaches.
  • Blood during intercourse., etc.

Examination Techniques:

Below are several examination techniques that we use at our clinic:

  • Hysteroscopy:

This exam is performed to check the uterus and the inside of the cervix to check the root cause of the disease. The process of hysteroscopy uses a thin, light, flexible tube which is known as a hysteroscope. This process is used to detect unusual periods, delayed periods, heavy bleeding, and many other causes.

  • Laparoscopy:

The laparoscopy process involves making small cuts to see the inside of the abdomen area. The process makes it possible to see the internal organs without having to make large cuts. A thin laparoscopic instrument is used for this process.

  • Colposcopy:

The examination of the cervix, wall of the vagina, and vulva is known as colposcopy. It uses a colposcope to check the cervix and the vagina.

  • Pap Smear:

A pap smear method uses a brush to remove some cells from the surface of the cervix area, in order to check them under the microscope. This is done to detect the occurrence of cervical cancer with the help of a microscope. It is also useful in detecting any kind of infections and inflammations.

  • Vulvar Biopsy:

A vulvar biopsy includes removing a sample from your vulva area to detect if you have any infection or vulval cancer. It also examines any type of abnormal skin cells in the genital part of women.


Before a Gyno examination:

  • The doctor will ask you if you are on your menstrual days or not. It is not advised to undergo this examination if you are on your menstrual days or have heavy bleeding. But if are experiencing extreme pain during your periods then the scenario will be different.
  • Make sure to go to the toilet before your pelvic examination.
  • If you experience any pain in your genital region, do not hesitate and inform your doctor about the details, so that the cause can be detected.

How Are Gynecology Tests Performed?

A gynecology test has the following steps:

  • All the personal information is kept private between you and your doctor.
  • The patient has to lie on the examination bed for this procedure.
  • You will have to open up your legs and place each leg on the pillows present on the right and left sides of the bed.
  • The patient has to be naked from the waist down. But you should not feel uncomfortable, as the doctor will place a cloth on your body.
  • You will have to push your hips forward towards the gynecologist, so the examination can be carried out.
  • The doctor will examine your vulva, vagina, cervix, ovaries, and fallopian tubes. Some of these are examined through an ultrasound. Sometimes, they might even examine your breast to see the root cause of the problem. The breasts are usually observed for any kind of lumps and abnormalities.
  • The procedure is painless and quick.
  • The doctor might use the hand or fingers to examine the vagina and pelvic area.


The cost of General Gynecology at Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic Dubai ranges from __AED to __AED. Your doctor will inform you about the final cost after proper consultation.

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