Mammogram Screening in Dubai

Cancer cells no matter what part of the body they may be in, are a serious and major crisis most people suffer from. The detection of these cancerous growths and tumors helps start the treatment as early as possible. While at later stages the treatment becomes difficult and unbearable. Mammogram Screening in Dubai is an examination that informs if a woman suffers from breast cancer or not while also detecting other problems in the breast region. If done at early stages it may prevent you from serious future complications.

A Brief Intro to a Mammogram Screening:

Mammography is an x-ray screening process that helps check if a woman has signs of breast cancer or not. It also detects other problems such as lumps, pain in the breast, nipple discharge, or unusual appearance of any growth in the area. Having a mammogram at the right time may save the patient from dying an unusual death from breast cancer. Women who are above the age of 40 should consider getting these examinations done once a year, so that they may know if their health is good, or not. Even if you do not have any cancerous signs you should still opt for a mammogram screening.

Are Mammogram Screening Results Accurate?

Over the years screening machines have made a lot of progress and they provide 100% efficient results. At Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic, we use the best, high-quality X-ray machines. The results from our clinic are highly accurate and reliable. However, in some severe cases, the results might be delayed. Early diagnosis helps patients receive early treatment. The early detection of cancer can help save a lot of patients from untimely death. The results are visible after 1 to 2 weeks.

Candidacy Criteria To Undergo A Mammogram Screening:

The following people should undergo this screening process:

  • Women who are 40 years or older. Women under the age of 40 should consult their doctor if they should undergo the examination tests or not.
  • Female transgenders can also undergo the testing process.
  • Women who are experiencing an unusual growth, tumor, pain, or lump in their breast area.
  • If someone in your family has suffered from this disease then you are at a higher risk of getting this disease in the future.
  • Individuals who want to check their overall health.

Preparing For A Mammogram:

This screening process can be risky and scary for many. However, there is no specific preparation before the examination.

  • The patient will have to take their clothes off for the screening process. 
  • Also, make sure to take off your jewelry and other items before the process 
  • As the breast region can be tender during and before your menstrual cycle, make sure that you book your appointment after your monthly menstrual cycle ends. 
  • Your doctor may ask you to avoid wearing any deodorant, powder, perfume, or lotion on your body.
  • A pregnant or breastfeeding mother first makes sure with their doctor that they are safe to undergo this process.
  • The patients are made comfortable before the process.
  • Try to wear loose clothing on your appointment day that can easily be taken off for the x-ray.

Step-By-Step Guide To A Mammogram Screening:

Below is a step-by-step guide to screening tests.

  • The doctor will make you stand in front of a special X-ray machine.
  • Then the doctor will place one of your boobs on a plastic plate.
  • Another plate will be placed above your boob, which will put gentle pressure on this region.
  • This will flatten your breast and hold it in a single place for examination.
  • The doctor will repeat these steps, to achieve the side view as well.
  • Then the doctor will place your second boob onto the plate and will repeat the same steps.
  • If after the whole process, the X-ray pictures turn out to be not clear. Then the expert will repeat the whole process to get better quality pictures.
  • This screening process only takes a few minutes but some women find it painful while some feel discomfort during it.

When Will I Receive My Mammogram Results?

The patients receive their results within a few weeks. Some people achieve normal results, while some achieve abnormal mammograms. But an abnormal result does not mean that you have cancer. Your doctor will ask you to undergo several other tests to make sure what problem you have. 

Are Cancer X-Ray Screenings Safe?

These X-ray examinations are safe and provide effective results. They do expose women to little radiation during the process, but they do not cause any harm or danger to you. If a person is repeated to have screening tests, then there might be some danger.

Benefits Of Undergoing A Mammogram Screening:

Here are several benefits of the process:

  • Pre-knowing the existence of tumors or lumps.
  • The patient might be able to get timely treatment.
  • This examination has saved many patients from early death.
  • The radioactivity level is low.
  • If an early diagnosis detects the problem, you can get an early treatment. And this helps you save an ample amount of money on later stages of treatments.
  • Provides you with an improved quality of life.

How Much Does Mammogram Screening Cost In Dubai?

The Cost of Mammogram Screening at Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic Dubai ranges from AED 699 to AED 999. However, this cost is not fixed and varies for each patient. The cost may vary due to the following reasons:

  • The quality and reliability of the machine.
  • The experience of the radiologist.
  • Reputation of the chosen clinic.
  • How much severe the patient’s case is?

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