Monsplasty in Dubai

Get on a journey of self-renewal in the vibrant city of Dubai in our Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic where you can get Monsplasty in Dubai a rejuvenating treatment made to redefine and contpur the mons pubis region. This is specially made for those who want attractive and effective refinement and improved comfort, this method provides a discreet and personalized experience. Our professional doctors have great experience and efficiency in every aspect of the process, making sure of natural-looking and attractive outcomes. If aiming to get back the lost confidence, get a more attractive look, or improve intimate wellness. Monoplasty stands as a beacon of beauty and empowerment, calling the candidates to get a new sense of self in the heart of Dubai’s luxurious aesthetic landscape.

What is Monsplasty in Dubai?

Most women will know that the method will help them get rid of all the issues and enhance their confidence, regardless of the size of the mons. Our doctors at our clinic will perform the process, eliminating the flap or bulge to provide the troublesome lower abdomen area with a soft, definite look. This method may be selected by a female who finds it not good to have a bulge in their private area. This process also called the public lift or pubic mound process, is used to solve the problem of having extra fat and saggy skin on the lower belly that a belly tuck cannot treat. Both aesthetic and practical aims are provided by aiding in tightening and constricting the mons pubis.

Pros of the Process:

The process has the following given advantages:

  • You can get a more sculpted and defined look of the mons pubis part.
  • This will eliminate any discomfort or irritation because of extra tissues in that area.
  • This method gives personalized method catering to the needs of the patient.
  • It helps you to get back your confidence and esteem,
  • As it is done by qualified and expert doctors, it will give the best results.
  • This is done with great privacy, respecting the individual’s safety.
  • It has a very fast recovery, there is no long downtime.
  • It provides you with permanent outcomes.


Depending on the severity of the process, monoplasty can be done under the action of local anesthesia with sedation. Only general sedation is essential if the process is paired with more surgical procedures, such as stomach tuck. The physician will make a horizontal cut at the front corner of the pubic area. To make the pubic region definite and firmer, the core muscles will be tightened. Following the elimination of the excess skin, the cuts made are stitched up and skin glue is applied to cover it.

How Does this Monsplasty Method Perform?

Before getting this process or other cosmetic process, you will discuss with your doctor to know the best methods for getting the outcomes you desire. It is very important to keep natural expectations about the process. Remember that the aim is to get enhancement, not perfection and the appearance you desire may not be received. This method performs best if you have perfect weight and you are in overall good health condition. 


The following are the steps to follow before going for the process:

  • Get someone there for you who will take you home after the process as you cannot drive your own.
  • Do not drink alcohol for about two days before the process.
  • Quit consuming medicines that increase your chance of bleeding like aspirin, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, and any other herbals.
  • Do not smoke for at least two weeks before or after the process.
  • Drink a lot of water to keep yourself well-hydrated.

Meanwhile the Procedure:

  • For this method, your physician will first determine your health if you are not having any medical issues. he will make sure if you are suitable for the process or not. 
  • Then he will use general anesthesia on your skin and the tissues in your lower abdomen and mons pubis, to make it numb.
  • In the region of your lower belly that can be hidden by a bikini, the physician will create a small incision.
  • All the extra fat will be removed and skin will be eliminated by using a scalpel.
  • The underlying tissue and muscle may be pulled up and tightened by using some sutures and this will make your pubis area sculpted.
  • The cut is then closed with the help of sutures and a few adhesive strips.


You will be checked by your doctor after the removal of sedation. This will happen for a short time to make sure you do not have any difficulties and then you will be allowed to go home. But there must be someone who will drive you home as you cannot go home on your own.

After the process, you may have some pain in your pubic region but this will go away after some time it won’t take much time. You will observe slight bruising and inflammation just after getting the process which will remain for about two to three weeks.

Possible Complications from Mentoplasty:

This process is a protective method with very few side effects. But, in some conditions, the following difficulties can be occurred:

  • There may occur an infection in the treatment site.
  • You may observe too much bleeding.
  • A scar can appear that may be larger.

Cost of Monsplasty:

The Cost of Monsplasty in Dubai ranges from AED 2999 to AED 5000. Some factors affect the cost of the process like the location of the clinic, the condition of the patient, and some more. 

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