Good sexual intimacy is one of the essential things that helps maintain a good relationship. Not feeling a sexual desire can bore you or your partner during intimacy. Women often have to go through certain different changes in their lives. The phases of childbirth, pregnancy, and menopause often bring different changes and complications along with them. This often leads to feeling low, or no sexual desire. Not feeling the urge for sex can make your sexual relationship complicated. But do not worry as we offer the non-invasive Orgasmic Shot Treatment in Dubai to help you overcome this problem.

Using O-Injections For Increased Sexual Desire:

How about we tell you that increasing your sexual arousal, or achieving a orgasm is now possible with the help of your own platelets? Age and other factors can bring a lot of changes in a woman’s body, as well as her intimate life. Not feeling enough excitement during sex, can impact your intimacy. This problem often makes women lack confidence, and feel like they are not enough. But by using the orgasmic injections that are made up of your own platelets you can revive the highs of your intimate life.

Reasons That Lead To Low Sexual Desire:

There are many reasons that can become the root cause of this problem. Let’s take a look at a few of them.

  • Having relationship problems.
  • Having stress, anxiety, or depression.
  • Vaginal dryness.
  • Hormones.
  • Age factor.
  • Menopause.

Achieving Positive Results From O-Shots:

This simple and effective process helps you achieve positive and satisfactory results. By getting these injections the patients can finally achieve orgasms. They have high sexual arousal. The treatment also enhances collagen production in the vaginal area. The results can vary for each individual. But you achieve more pleasure, and sensation in your intimate life.

Who Should Get The O-Shots?

The candidacy criteria for this treatment are:

  • The women over 40 years of age. However, if you suffer from intimate issues, then you can also get these shots when you’re 18 or above.
  • Women who have difficulty in achieving an orgasm.
  • Those who face pain during sex.
  • Individuals who suffer from urinary stress incontinence.

Preparations To Follow Before Getting An O-shot:

However, the process is completely non-invasive. The patients have to follow certain instructions before they go for their treatment. These instructions include:

  • You must inform your gynecologist about all the symptoms you have been facing.
  • Prior to your treatment you should clean and shave the vaginal area. Make sure to remove the pubic hair from the area.
  • Your gynecologist will ask you to undergo certain tests. These tests are performed to make sure that you do not suffer from any acute infections and inflammations.
  • When you pass these tests your doctor will inform you about further treatment methods, symptoms, and results.
  • You should be hydrated before the treatment.
  • As the process involves drawing out your blood, you should avoid eating any fats.

How Is An O-Shot Given?

Let’s dive into the steps of this non-invasive orgasmic technique:

  • Since the procedure requires the patient’s own platelets. So the doctor first lies you down in a comfortable position. In the next step, they draw blood from the patient’s body. The doctors collect about 15 to 20 ml of blood in a tube.
  • Then the doctor injects this blood into the centrifuge. This device separates the blood from other materials. Such as oil, and water when the device completely separates these materials. 
  • The doctor then separates the platelets. 
  • The gynecologist will numb your vaginal area by applying an effective numbing cream.
  • Due to the application of numbing cream, the patients don’t feel any pain.
  • Then the expert will proceed to inject these growth factors into different vagina, and clitoral areas. This will help stimulate new cell growth.

The Recovery Period After Getting Orgasmic Shots:

The patients might experience the following during their healing period:

  • You might notice minor blood spotting in your vagina. This is normal to occur as it occurs after any injection.
  • The swelling in the vaginal area may cause disruptions in your urine stream. But do not worry as this will settle down once the swelling subsides.
  • It is essential that the patients avoid engaging in any type of sexual activity during the first few days of recovery.
  • Do not consume blood-thinning medications during this time, as it may affect your healing, as well as lead to bleeding.
  • For a week you should avoid visiting hot baths, saunas, and swimming pools.

Positive Impacts O-Shots Offer:

This non-invasive technique offers various advantages and helps improve your quality of life. Let’s dig into the benefits it offers:

  • You revive your long-lost sexual arousal.
  • No more low libido problems.
  • Reduces, and improves your urinary stress incontinence.
  • The enhancement of clitoral stimulation leads to a rise in sexual desire.
  • A painless procedure, with effective results.

Side Effects Associated To It:

Every method and procedure has some degree of side effects. 

  • You may experience a bit of bleeding.
  • Individuals might experience short-term pain and discomfort in the treatment region.

The Price Of Orgasmic Shot Treatment At Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic:

At our clinic, the cost of this non-invasive O-shot process ranges from AED 2999 to AED 3999.

There might be slight changes in the final cost due to certain factors, however, your doctor will inform you about the final price after a proper consultation.

Achieve A More Satisfied Intimate Life!

Life is too short to stress about your intimate problems when you can get the right treatment for them. Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic Dubai has a team of professional surgeons, gynecologists, and urologists who can guide you more about Orgasmic Shot Treatment in Dubai & Abu Dhabi. Contact our experts and avail the opportunity of free consultation from our experts.