Vaginal Radiofrequency in Dubai

Experience a transformative journey to intimate well-being with our safe and effective Vaginal Radiofrequency in Dubai. Our process can check different issues, like dryness, elasticity, and laxity problems. Embrace a non-surgical method that initiates the production of collagen, enhancing the rejuvenation of tissue and tightening. At our Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic, our professionals ensure a discreet and convenient process, is tailored to your requirements and goals.  Get your confidence and esteem back by getting our process. This will redefine the standards of self-care. Elevate your intimate wellness in our place with a rejuvenating experience that transcends expectations.


The following are the goals of the process:

  • To rejuvenate the vaginal areas.
  • Makeover to the vagina.
  • Improves the elasticity of the vagina.
  • Arrive at the look of your vagina.
  • Make it softer and bring back its beauty.
  • Give greater well-being.
  • Stimulates the production of collagen and elastin.
  • It aims at tightening your vagina. 

Outcomes of Vaginal Radiofrequency:

The process is very amazing as it gives you wonderful outcomes. An observable change can be seen but as the patients can not see the changes then the good way they observe describe the satisfaction they get from the process, the softer and smooth vagina can be felt as well as the irritation and discomfort of intercourse will be decreased as well.

Who Should Get this Process?

Getting this process can affect your ladylike well-being, and enhance your well-being and satisfaction. Let’s consider you have a child, and you are undergoing after-menopausal side effects such as vaginal dryness, slight involuntary urination, or deadness in your labia or vagina, or generally could do without the ongoing look of your “private parts” our fragile, viable radiofrequency therapy can assist.

  • The best candidate for this process with radiofrequency is a woman going through sexual dissatisfaction due to very less sensation, vaginal dryness, torment with sexual activities, incontinence, or outer labia laxity.
  • Our professional physicians ensure you are agreeable, keep you well-known related to every step of the process, and ensure your experience is free of any stress that could be expected.


You should follow a few certain steps before getting the therapy, as this is a non-invasive method.  A few signs are given below:

  • Make sure to remove the hair from the treatment area before going for the process.
  • You should clean your region.
  • Do not use any bad-quality hair-removing cream n your vagina.
  • Have this process done after getting free from periods.
  • Make sure to get proper rest before starting the process.
  • Try to drink a lot of water a few days before the process.

The Procedure of Vaginal Radiofrequency:

Radiofrequency is used warm up the covering of the vagina and the vulva. It recreates the collagen and elastin, moreover, it creates the bloodstream and makes it expand, the dampness in the vagin apart that leads to fixation of the tissues. This will accelerate the development of more collagen and elastin in the vagina, so the walls of the vagina are more rounded and plumper.

But you will not have the choice to overview the progressions in your vaginal walls, you will have the choice to observe any recovery and change in your vagina. You can also feel the expanded bloodstream that will help in keeping your vagina all around greased up, and the plumper walls will be somewhat ready to assist your bladder which is a piece of very good news for the several women who have undergone urinary wildness. It can likewise be used to adjust the vaginal tissues.


You must have to obey some common after-therapy measures as suggested by your doctor to get the results of your need. A few measures are given below:

  • You should dry your vagina after urination and make it very clean.
  • Use the suggested creams on the area to get a smooth and soft part.
  • Try to to rub the treatment part badly as it can cause irritation and bleeding.
  • Try to get rid of overheating the therapy part or try to get rid of high temperature.
  • Make sure there will be no sweating in the therapy region.

What are the Pros of the Therapy?

This method has a great number of wonderful and amazing advantages. Some of the common benefits are given below:

  • It helps to fulfill your needs and desires.
  • This method does not need any certain healing time.
  • It also helps in decreasing urinary incontinence.
  • It also enhances private solace.
  • You will be able to get back your confidence and esteem.
  • Reclamation of snugness in the vaginal channel.

What are the Costs of Vaginal Radiofrequency?

Approximately, the Cost of Vaginal Radiofrequency in Dubai can vary from AED 2000 to AED 3000 for only an individual session based on the condition of your vagina, the standards or level of the clinic, the experience of the doctor in doing this process, and the cost of the locality.

It is greatly suggested to get an appointment with the doctor to get better information on the process as well as to get charged as per your situation. Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic in Dubai provides good consultations to all to let them get the desired information about the procedure or good as well as provides a package of three sessions which charges about AED 5000.

Why Prefer Us?

Get this Vaginal Radiofrequency in Dubai at our Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic to solve all your insecurities and problems. We have highly qualified physicians at our clinic who know how to deal with their patients and how to make them comfortable with them. Our doctors use highly good pieces of instruments to perform the solution. This will give you desirable outcomes according to your needs. 

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