Alopecia Areata Treatment in Dubai

Nowadays most of individuals are having the issue of the occurrence of tiny bald marks and this can be a warning for you to get over this by getting the procedure that will remove all these spots. Prior, this loss of hair was somewhat complicated to treat but now you do not need to worry as our Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic is providing you with one of the best and most effective Alopecia Areata Treatment in Dubai & Abu Dhabi so you do not need to worry about this problem anymore. 

Let us take a deep look at what this baldness problem is and how it can be improved at our clinic.

How to Know More About the Technology?

This therapy is an autoimmune disorder that causes a hair bristle to fall out from one certain region and causes bald marks on the head. This is usually observed in young kids a d also n adults whose families have genetic baldness. About one-forty million candidates around the world get this problem of hair loss and spend the rest of life with over-thinking that there is no other way to get rid of this issue and do not even know that this hair loss can be further moved on to the eyebrow region, eyelashes, or any other region of the body.

Medical evidence no further helps the idea that there is no treatment for this issue. This problem can be treated and we provide one of the most safe and influential treatments in our clinic.

What Causes this Problem?

Excess loss of hair is considered to be related to stress in most of the cases. But, the major cause of alopecia is still not known but can be somewhat different for every individual. The major causes of this issue are given below:

  • Heredity hair loss issue.
  • Too much fast or slow immune system.
  • Hormonal alterations after the pregnancy period.

What are the Outcomes of the Technology?

The outcomes of this method are not quite fas. However, the results consume at least two to three days on the head to expose the growth of hair. Consuming medicines after having the procedure as suggested by your physician can assist in showing the outcomes.

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Which Signs Show that you are an Alopecia Areata Patient?

Sudden and too much hair loss is a major sign of this problem. Some of the most major signs and symptoms of the problem that mustn’t be neglected are mentioned below:

  • Tiny circular bald marks.
  • Patches become larger.
  • Too much spread of hair loss.
  • Having hair loss of eyelashes.
  • Having red nails.

Treatment of Alopecia Areata:

There are several causes of hair loss but the diagnosis has to occur to ensure that alopecia is the cause of hair loss. This check-up permits the physicians to get a deep look at your hair to know how much your hair is losing. The pattern of hair loss depends on your history of immunity or hormonal issues and family inheritor alopecia. Taking this knowledge into account, they will consider a customized plan that will be best for your problem.

What Treatment Methods Are Offered by Our Doctors?

Following the given methods are the FDA-approved treatments for this problem. You may have to undergo these methods more than a single time to observe the difference before and after the process. From traditional ointments to injections, one should expect even a comfortable and pain-free process. Know more about the treatment methods and get to know which of the processes is most comfortable for you and then select the one method.

  • Laser Process:

This method is a somewhat new laser process that ensures the growth of hair even in some cases of severe issues of alopecia. A low-level laser removes photons into the scalp cell, which are ten dissolved into the hair bristles and allow the bald marks to be filled.

  • Steroid Injections:

These types of injections are the most popular method for less to moderate baldness to assist the hair to grow again on the bald area. The steroid substance when inserted directly into the treatment region initiates the growth of hair. Furthermore, the procedure should be performed every one to two months after the therapy.

  • Mesotherapy:

This method includes the insertion of real herbal substances, vitamins, and hair loss medicines for example finasteride or minoxidil into your scalp.

  • Topical Immunotherapy:

Thai process is suggested for serious cases of baldness. A certain formulated chemical solution is used on the scalp to provide a new push tp the roots of hair and shafts.

  • Other Topical and oral substances:

Medications or ointments like finasteride, corticosteroids, and minoxidil can assist in the issue of alopecia but these medications must only be utilized with the permission of your doctor.

What are the Advantages of the Method?

The therapy has gained great success because of its wonderful and amazing benefits. Some of these advantages are given below:

  • Enhance the growth of hair.
  • Provides a healthy and growing hair.
  • The therapy does not cause any infection or disease.
  • Provides necessary nutrients and minerals for the growth of hair.

Some Side Effects:

Candidates sometimes go through some side effects after completing the process. However, treating this problem with harmful medicines can lead to liver and blood issues or some other problems. But in most of the cases, there occurs only mild redness, inflammation, or possibly itching on the treatment region, which is common and will get corrected after one to two days. So this is not a big problem for which you have to worry.

Some Fast Things to Get rid of this Issue Other Than this Process:

Other than in-office treatment from the doctor, some alternatives depend on real products that you can try for this issue. These are as follows:

  1. Regularly massaging your scalp.
  2. Appy herbal products on your scalp.
  3. Apply onion juice to your hair.
  4. Zinc and biotin.
  5. Use of certain oils such as coconut oil, olive oil, and castor oil.

What are the Charges of the Therapy?

The cost of this process can vary from one person to another [erson depending on their needs and requirements. Some common factors highly impact the overall chances of the therapy. Some of these factors include the condition or goals of the candidate, the standard or situation of the hospital or clinic, the education or experience of the physician, the kind of process used, the total number of sessions needed, and more.

However, the approximate Cost of  Alopecia Areata Treatment in Dubai can range from AED 500 to AED 3000. But the actual process can only be told to you by visiting an expert doctor.

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