Body Hair Transplant In Dubai

Hair loss is a very common disease that is widely spread mostly in men. They suffer from it and it ends up with completely baldness. Many men lose their hair due to numerous problems. They want to maintain their look. Due to advancements in technology, every minor to the serious problem has a solution. So don’t worry now your problem has a solution. Your look can be returned with this hair transplant. If you want to get rid of this problem our Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic provides Body Hair Transplant In Dubai. This transplantation will help you a lot and solve your issue. Read some more details about this process and try to avail.

More about Body Hair Transplant:

This body hair transplant is a very useful technique that involves follicle unit extract. In this hair is extracted from any part body or facial hair and then implanted into that specific place where hair is very little in number.  This treatment is given to candidates who have very little and thin hair on their scalp. We give all the needed tips to our patients so that they can easily take care of themselves. This procedure will help to solve all your issues regarding hair loss.

The Procedure of the Treatment:

Its procedure is quite easy. This treatment involves FUE treatment. Its abbreviation is follicle unit extraction. Some steps are followed by dermatologists. Firstly, hair follicles are extracted from any body part or from your legs where hair follicles are thick. You are given anesthesia during this treatment so that you do not feel any pain. When these hairs are extracted they are implanted to the specific area where you face baldness. Finally, you are done with the procedure but you have to go for a regular checkup.

Results of Body Hair Transplant:

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An Ideal Candidate:

If you want the perfect hair then our Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic provides Body Hair Transplant In Dubai & Abu Dhabi. Your problem will be solved if you avail this opportunity. There are some symptoms if you observe any of these then you are a suitable candidate.

  • If you are facing a lot of hair fall.
  • Many people suffer from diseases like alopecia.
  • A candidate who does have not enough hair for a hair transplant.
  • If you want to transform your look.
  • If you need a treatment that is very effective and has a quick recovery then you are a suitable candidate for this opportunity.

Main Aim of this procedure:

In this difficult time, we know that everyone who is suffering from these issues is in search of treatment that may result and solve the issue. There are some main purposes of our clinic. They are given below:

  • People may live a peaceful and stress-free life.
  • To solve the problems and help the people suffering from baldness.
  • They will lead a confident life and will have no more worries about hair.
  • To give them the best tips for their quick recovery.

Benefits you will get after Body Hair Transplant:

Our Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic provides the best Body Hair Transplant In Dubai & Abu Dhabi. We try our best to give our patients the best treatment. If you want to know some of the advantages they are given below:

  • This FUE is a sutureless and painless technique.
  • It can be recovered in a short period.
  • This treatment is affordable.
  • It will give you a natural look and the desired hair you want.
  • You will face no more criticism about your hair.
  • The candidate will enjoy a perfect life without any problem of baldness.
  • Our staff will provide you with the best treatment you deserve.

Major Tips for the Candidate:

We not only give treatment but also provide the patient with some important instructions that are beneficial for their recovery. 

  • Before and after your surgery you should avoid alcohol and all types of these drinks.
  • You should take all the medications that are given by your doctor.
  • Do not take any antibiotic which is not prescribed by the doctor in case of any condition.
  • Only apply those ointments that are provided by the surgeon.
  • Protect your scalp from sun rays after your surgery for some time.
  • If a candidate feels any type of pain or swelling then immediately consult the doctor and discuss with them.
  • Before surgery, make sure to check the doctor all your medical condition.
  • Follow all the tips strictly for your quick recovery.

Recovery time after the Body Hair Transplant:

This body hair transplant involves FUE which can be recovered in 11 to 14 days. This treatment has a very quick recovery. All you need is to show some patience and wait for the wonderful results. You should follow the instructions that will help in your quick recovery. 

The Cost of Body Hair Transplant:

The Cost of Body Hair Transplant In Dubai & Abu Dhabi ranges from 9,999 AED to 14,999 AED. The price of this treatment depends upon your condition and the technique used by the surgeon. Its accurate price can be known if you consult the doctor about your medical condition.

Why prefer us?

If you want your hair back and do not have enough hair on your scalp then you are at the right place. Your issue can be solved by our treatment. You are very lucky to have us in this difficult situation. Our staff provides the patient with the best treatment you need for your problem. Our doctors and surgeons are very expert and experienced in their work. You will be fully satisfied with our work. We provide all possible instructions to the candidate for their quick recovery. If you are interested in this offer then our Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic is providing Body Hair Transplant In Dubai & Abu Dhabi.

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