Crown Hair Transplant in Dubai

Hair Loss no matter what region of the scalp it occurs can be super embarrassing. It not only impacts our appearance, but also affects our inner self-esteem, and confidence. Hair transplants have been super common in reviving hair growth for many decades. However, some parts of the scalp can be tricky to treat, such as the crown region. Are you also experiencing baldness at the vertex point of your scalp? Worry no more because the experts at our clinic are experienced in performing Crown Hair Transplant in Dubai to treat this issue.

Hair Transplant For The Crown Region:

When the majority of men around the globe reach their 40s or 60s they start to experience baldness issues. Most men become the victims of hair loss issues at the crown region. But it’s always better to treat these balding issues at an early age, or they can lead you to have a completely bald head in the future. With the new, advanced technology of crown hair transplant, you can now restore your hair growth at the vertex area of your head. The treatment works by taking your donor follicles and placing them onto the vertex area. 

Reasons To Consider Crown Hair Transplant:

If you are also someone new to this term, or if you have been experiencing bald patches, then here are some reasons why you should choose to undergo this procedure:

  • If the bald spots have become the reason for your lack of confidence.
  • People who have experienced extreme hair loss due to conditions like alopecia.
  • You want to regain your long-lost self-esteem and confidence.
  • Individuals who are facing the issue of thinning of hair.
  • If you are embarrassed because of the bald patch on your scalp.

Results of Crown Hair Transplant:

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Necessary Preparations Before Crown Hair Transplant:

Before the hair transplant procedure, the clients have to follow certain guidelines, that their surgeon recommends to them:

  • The patients will have to stop taking any type of blood thinning medications before the procedure.
  • The patients should avoid the use of any types of drugs, or smoking.
  • Make sure that you do not have any active infections before your treatment.
  • Inform your doctor about the medications that you’re currently taking.
  • Your surgeon will first examine the condition of baldness at your vertex region, and the amount of donor hair you have.

A Step-To-Step Guide on Crown Hair Transplant:

If you’re wondering what happens during this procedure, then let us help guide you about it:

  • In the first step,, the expert will begin the process by sedating the treatment region.
  • For this process, the expert uses the FUE method. By using a perforator, the expert begins the extraction process of donor follicles.
  • After extracting follicles from the donor region, the expert starts to arrange them carefully in the desired length, and size.
  • The next step is to carefully plant these grafts onto the vertex point of the scalp.
  • The surgeon will make sure to plant each graft according to the right angle, and depth, and according to the direction of its growth. If these grafts are not implanted according to the right angle, and direction then the results won’t be as pleasing. 

Post Crown Hair Transplant Instructions:

After the graft implantation process is completed. The patients will have to wear a bandage on their head. The expert will inform you about when you can take this bandage off. The patients will also have to follow other instructions such as:

  • Do not worry if you notice swelling, or redness. These symptoms will reside within a day or two. Hence you can use cold compresses to subside them.
  • Your surgeon will recommend you apply certain tropical medicines to your scalp. So make sure to apply them as recommended.
  • You must avoid taking a bath for 3 to 4 days.
  • The patients should not scratch or massage their heads for a few weeks.

Advantages it Offers:

Let’s take a look at the benefits that this treatment can offer:

  • It helps restore the growth in the balding crown region.
  • The cost is worth the long-lasting results.
  • The patients no longer lack confidence because of balding spots.
  • The process might be tricky, but it helps you enhance natural hair growth according to your desires.

Possible Side Effects:

However, there are no possible, and long-term side-effects of this treatment. Except for experiencing swelling, and bruising for a few days. But if the patients choose to go to an untrained surgeon for their procedure, then they might face the challenges of having scars, or an unnatural-looking hair growth. So it’s always better to consult an experienced person in the field.

Crown Hair Transplant Cost:

The Cost of a Crown Hair Transplant in Dubai is between AED 6999, to AED 15,000. The price may also vary for each client, because of certain factors. Such as:

  • The qualifications, and experience of the surgeon.
  • The number of grafts you require.
  • The clinic’s reputation also plays an important role.
  • The complexity of the treatment.

Consult The Best Experts At Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic:

Hair treatments on the crown part of the head can be super tricky. Dr. Sannia Awais is one of our exceptional hair surgeons at Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic Dubai. She has performed many crown transplant surgeries for her patients skillfully while providing them with their desired outcomes. She aims to perform the best treatments for her clients with great care so that they don’t have to lack confidence in their lives.

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