Eyelash Hair Transplant in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Life is too short to apply fake lashes to your eyes! People who are not born with long lashes often opt for ways to improve their appearance by applying different makeup products or fake lashes. But applying and taking out the fake lashes can be a big task, which can often become the reason that can damage your natural lashes. Now you no longer have to enhance your appearance with fake things. Because we offer the best Eyelash Hair Transplant in Dubai, that uses your natural hair to provide you with longer lashes.

Understanding An Eyelash Transplant:

Eyes are our most important and prominent features. They are one of the first things that people notice about us. We see everything in the world through them. So how about you pamper your eyes by providing them with the longer lashes you dream of having? This has now become possible through the eyelash transplant. In this process, the specialist takes hair from the donor region and carefully transfers it to your upper or lower lids. The results are natural and you no longer have to wear fake things to enhance your appearance.

Achieving Lasting Outcomes From Eye Lash Transplant:

If you’re worried about the results, then let us tell you that this procedure helps you achieve long-lasting results. Because your own natural hair is being used in the process rather than any other foreign material. So the lashes you achieve grow and fall out like the natural ones you have. Our clients have always been super happy and satisfied with their results because this process offers permanent results.

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Reasons You Should Consider An Eyelash Transplant:

Everyone wants to achieve natural beauty in one way or the other. People who lie in the following candidacy criteria should opt for this process:

  • Individuals who have lost their natural eyelashes because of an injury, accident, or trauma.
  • You don’t like small lashes and want to have longer lashes.
  • You want prominent and permanent results.
  • People who have suffered from hair loss issues due to any health condition, and want to restore their look.
  • People who do not have any disorders or active infections in the eye area are suitable candidates.
  • People who want to improve, and enhance the look of their eyes.

Measures To Take Before Eye Lash Transplant:

Before going for your appointment the clients should follow the following necessary precautions:

  • Make sure that you do not wear any type of makeup in the region. Avoid wearing mascara, an eyeshadow, or liner at all costs.
  • You must avoid medicines that can impact your blood flow.
  • Smoking may impact your blood flow, healing, as well as your blood vessels. So make sure you avoid smoking a few weeks prior to your appointment.
  • If you develop any cold, or seasonal flu then you should inform your expert before the procedure. Any active cold, flu, or infection will result in the delay of the process.

Step-To-Step Guide To Eye Lash Hair Transplant:

The procedure is simple, and there is nothing to be worried about. Let us guide you through the entire process:

  • In the initial step, the expert will first examine the condition of your lashes, and the donor region of your head.
  • The surgeon will begin to apply anesthesia to both the region. The expert will apply local anesthesia to both the donor and the eyelid region.
  • By using the FUE method, the expert will extract each graft from the donor region with proper care. 
  • These hair follicles are then prepared carefully. They are cut, and shaped according to the desired size.
  • After preparing the hair follicles, the hair expert proceeds to apply the anesthesia on the upper and lower eyelids.
  • This anesthesia application makes the area numb so the client feels no pain at all during the procedure.
  • The expert then precisely continues to place each graft onto the upper and lower eyelids. This method has to be done with great precision following certain angles, or it won’t provide you with the desired outcomes.

Precautionary Measures To Follow In the Recovery Period:

  • You must avoid the action of getting your eyelashes wet or applying mascara on the eyes during the first few weeks of your recovery period.
  • Your doctor will provide you with certain ointments, so make sure to use them as prescribed.
  • The area might become itchy after the treatment but do not touch, rub, or itch the eye region.
  • The clients must wear sunglasses when they go out in the sun.
  • Make sure that no dirt or pollution reaches your eye area.
  • The clients should not make up in this region for one week.

Benefits It Offers:

  • It helps people achieve longer, beautiful lashes that last a lifetime.
  • Your eyes become more prominent, and beautiful.
  • People who had lost their natural lashes, due to a certain injury, or trauma can gain back their look and confidence.

Eyelash Hair Transplant Price At Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic:

The average cost of this procedure at our clinic ranges between AED 4000 to AED 7000. The price of this aesthetic and cosmetic procedure also depends on certain factors. Our expert hair specialist will inform you about the final cost details after the initial consultation with the client.

Lashes That Make You Gorgeous!

Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic Dubai aims to provide its clients with the best methods of different cosmetic or aesthetic procedures. We use high-quality technology and provide you with a comfortable environment.  The eyes are one of the most delicate parts of our body and should be handled with care and precision. Our experts perform this procedure with great precision. To gain more information about EyeLash Hair Transplant in Dubai & Abu Dhbai, you can reach out to us by filling out the consultation form.