Female Hair Transplant in Dubai

Earlier, only boys or men used to find several kinds of treatments to get rid of their baldness problems but if we talk about today not only men but also women are searching for the best method to get a hair transplant and overcome the issue of baldness which often make them uncomfortable and hesitate in front of others. But this is not a big deal now as our Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic is providing you with the best Female Hair Transplant in Dubai. this therapy will get you back your lost confidence and pretty look. This therapy is the most preferred method used for hair transplants for both men and women. 

What Are the Methods Used for Female Hair Transplant?

Before getting any method, females must see the doctor carefully to let the doctor know about their health measures and the causes of the loss of their hair. The physician will then check you properly and check the donor area to know the amount of hair bristles that will be removed from that part. This technique utilizes similar methods as those of male transplants. This has Follicular unit transplantation (FUT) and Follicular unit extraction (FUE). Now it is the responsibility of the doctor to choose which one he will gonna use.

Outcomes of Female Hair Transplant:

If you are more conscious about the visibility of the outcomes, then you must be more careful in choosing your physician. If any expert doctor performs the hair transplant, then the outcomes will not be too visible rather they will be more real. The experience and education of the doctor play a vital role so you must be aware to get the perfect physician for your transplant.

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Who is the Most Suitable Patient for this Process?

About ninety-nine percent of the men who are suffering from the problem of baldness also keep in mind this Female Hair Transplant in Dubai as a good choice for the treatment of their hair loss. Some of the signs for the ideal candidate are as follows:

  • This choice of men for opting for female hair transplant made the females think that they can also be a suitable patient but this is not so much convenient as most of the females have thin hair such as the back and the side areas.
  • These side areas serve as a donor part for the patients.
  • Therefore, not all people can get through this process. 
  • Often, men have good donor areas as compared to females.
  • The word “stability of the bristles” means that these follicles are not influenced by the DHT whose work is to make the hair bristles thinner on other parts and cause make baldness pattern.
  • Donor parts are less stable in women’s baldness pattern that is donor’s hair is also as thin as other parts of the scalp.
  • Those females who are more conscious of the density of the hair and the transplant will not provide benefit in this case.

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE):

In this method, there will be no stitches or cuts involved, rather, this utilizes an instrument for the removal of a graft. A good and convenient method to utilize giving more real-looking outcomes. If you have a tight scalp or you are searching for a final solution then this method is the perfect option for you. A few other methods:

  • Rogaine
  • Hair Restorations
  • Cosmetics

Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT):

This method has a very short healing time and has very few difficulties. A small strip of at least five to six mm is taken out from the donor part from where the hair follicles will be removed and injected into the cuts that were before. This is also called the STRIP technique.

Pros of Female Hair Transplant:

The process has become very popular because of its great benefits. Some of these are given below:

  • The female who wants to lower their hairlines. Hairlines will be lowered by the elimination of good hair bristles and injected then on the anterior part to produce famine and appealing hairline.
  • Women can also go through pattern baldness. If you want to get rid of this baldness issue then you must make yourself clear first. 
  • This therapy will assist you to look more young and pretty.
  • The technique will also get you back your lost confidence.

About Three to Five Percent of Females Can Get These Methods.

They are good for the process if:

  • The females have enough hair on the donor part.
  • Women who are suffering from severe baldness can get this therapy.
  • The person who is fit mentally as well as physically.
  • Those females who are suffering from traction and mechanical alopecia.
  • These women who have already done hair transplants an ae iw conscious of the transplants in the harvested areas
  • The females who are going through the issue of alopecia.
  • The women who have baldness similar to those of male baldness.

Cost of Female Hair Transplant:

The Cost of Female Hair Transplant in Dubai ranges from AED 1400 to AED 3000. However, there are some factors which affect the cost of this method. These factors include the condition or goals of the client, the education or qualification of the doctor, the type of method used, the number of sessions required, and some more.

But the actual cost can only be determined y visiting an expert physician who will first examine you and then tell you your exact cost.

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