FUE Hair Transplant in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

FUE Hair Transplant in Dubai is an enduring solution for hair loss, hair thinning, alopecia, and baldness issues. This is performed by removing the groups of hair bristles from the donor parts and moving them into the thinning regions of the scalp. This method is quite recent and most common which is related to a fast recovery process and mild spots. The process has provided the candidates with the best outcomes for their desires and needs. However, this method can be somewhat not suitable for those persons who do not have sufficient hair in the donor area or if they are going through infections of the scalp. At Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic, we always prefer to do personal checkups of clients to know their eligibility for FUE.

Some Quick Facts about the FUE Hair Transplant Technique:

A few fast facts are given below:

  • The charges of the process are initiated from 6999 AED.
  • It is quite protective, having no side effects.
  • The process is not time-consuming as it is completed in about four to six hours.
  • The therapy has gained huge success in this era.
  • Everyone can get through this process.
  • It is quite comfortable for everyone.

Before and after of FUE Hair Transplant:

The outcomes of this transplant are quite real and provide permanent growth of hair which can be seen after the initial three months of the treatment. Moreover, it can take up to twelve months for the scalp to grow completely.

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Who Should Get this Procedure?

The person who wants to get this therapy of FUE Hair Transplant in Dubai & Abu Dhabi must have to fulfill the following conditions:

  • The person who is in good physical and mental health.
  • An individual who is going through the problem of hair loss.
  • A candidate who has sufficient hair on the donor region.

Our physicians do not often suggest tag methods for those suffering from heart issues, renal failure, and diabetes.

What are the Methods for the FUE Technique?

The following are the techniques for FUE therapy:

  • Automated FUE
  • Manual FUE

Depending on your convenience, health, hair loss, and genetic condition, we can assist you in opting for the perfect FUE hair transplants.

FUE Hair Transplant Therapy:

This method is convenient and time-consuming. It usually has four stages and here we have described every step to provide an obvious idea before you try it out with us. Initially, the physician will check your medical condition to confirm if you are suitable for the process or not. then, the doctor will undergo a thorough overview of your medical history record. After doing this, the surgeon will numb the scalp of the candidate by using general anesthesia.

Then, by using a small-punching instrument, which can be automatic or manual, the hair follicles are removed individually from the donor part. Hair follicles are then prepared for the hair transplant, and resize them as required. In the final step, many small holes are created in the treated part and put in the treatment area, taking into account the natural direction of the hair.

This method is almost painless and takes about five to six hours.

Healing Time for the Therapy:

This method is healed in about seven days. Meanwhile this duration, you have to get ready for a specific time of discomfort. At Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic, we keep in touch with our clients and assist them in getting fast training and exceptional outcomes for this princess.

Rather than medicines, our healing tips usually have:

  • Apply a small piece of ice on the treatment area and do not tilt the head forward.
  • Try to get rid of the use if any skin care products for about fprty0ight hours.
  • Do not use any blood-thinning medicines such as aspirin as it can cause the flow of blood towards the skin and lead to bleeding from the wound.

Benefits of FUE Hair Transplant:

The most common advantages of this method are as follows:

  • The therapy is quite safe and effective for almost everyone.
  • It leaves no scars of extraction because of punching removal.
  • The technique is surely influential and has permanent results in the loss of hair
  • It has a very fast healing process.
  • You do not have to extra visits to the clinic.

Some other Methods for FUE Transplant:

As this method is the only proven technique for baldness issues, no other method can give outcomes f influential as this method. Moreover, you can still try other methods to go for if they might work in your case.

The most modern FUE are given below:

  • PRP injections.
  • Laser Treatment
  • SMP (scalp micro-pigmentation)
  • Har wigs

What is the Cost of FUE Hair Transplant?

The Cost of a FUE Hair Transplant in Dubai is pretty reasonable at our Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic. Furthermore, it is calculated by depending on the amount of hair loss and outcomes needed. The charges initiate from about AED 6999 to AED 16000. There is a chance that the charges may be changed. But if you want to know the exact cost then contact our experts.

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Since Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic has the best FUE Hair Transplant in Dubai & Abu Dhabi, we understand that there is nothing better than getting back the lost hair after you have lost it. We have expert and highly experienced physicians for hair transplants with a ninety-eight percent success rate across the UAE so you do not have to go abroad to get this method. Book your appointments with our physicians to get the best hair transplant services.

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